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I tried indoor orienteering for the first time and I thought it was quite difficult and I thought that I´d give 5 tips on how to do a good indoor-o performance I ran with my GoPro so I can show you a model example on how you should do it first tip fluency especially when you start it´s important to start easy and actually read the map and not just run because if you don´t you´ll have to stop and that will take time next up is stop the bleeding which means that you calmly and quickly re-locate yourself during a mistake so you don´t just stand there third is agility which is important when you are running indoors because there are a lot of tight places where you need to be fast and agile fourth is decisiveness which is linked to routechoises when you´ve done your routechoise you stick to it so you are not hesitant on where you should go fifth, the final and maybe the most important one is positivity even if you have no idea where you are and where you should go keep a positive attitude and don´t think negatively wtf

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