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How To Get Started In Dirt Track Racing!

How To Get Started In Dirt Track Racing!

so what is going on guys welcome to today's video where I'm going to be addressing a comment that I get pretty frequently on my videos and that is Andrew do you have any advice for getting started into dirt track racing now in this video I'm gonna be talking about things we learned when we got into the sport and hopefully you can take some of this advice and avoid some of the big mistakes that we made when we first got started now that being said go ahead and jump right into it so one of the hottest topics in racing right now is how expensive the sport can be if you've been around racing you know that this board is not cheap I did make a video however breaking down all the costs that it took me to get started in the dirt racing which I'll leave up in the corner up here but I broke down every little thing it took for me to get started into racing that I need to purchase my management now most people try to race within a budget but I'm going to tell you whatever you think your budget is multiply it by about 30 and that's really what you need now speaking of budgets you don't want to raise pasture means because you can't start to put strains on personal relationships if you're married if you have kids and you don't want to take away from them to go find your Racing addiction because it doesn't come in the diction trust me I know but you can't just go spend every time you have on racing you know you've got to take care of stuff at home and a lot of guys forget that and they need to put themselves in a bad place they're taking out loans to go race and that's just not what you want to do so have a good reserve of cash laying around because you don't want to have a crappy life so you can have a nice race car now also keep in mind to get up front to compete with the big boys you are once and he'd pour over some money or good parts more horsepower stuff like that so you can build over time you don't have to spend it all at once but be smart with your money don't don't be doors tend to take up a lot of your time during the week a lot of people don't really realize that's expensive they're coming from the stands they see you know the time it takes at the racetrack to make adjustments between races and whatnot but a lot of people who are involved in sport don't see the hours it takes during the week to not only wash the car but make sure all the bolts are good on the car make sure nothing's falling apart make repairs and setup work now luckily with the way my works go to work sometimes I have a good amount or a good chunk of time during the week that I could get everything done on the racecar so I get it all wash Bowl check everything in maybe four or five hours and be totally done with it for the week unless I have to make repairs but a lot of people don't see that behind the scenes stuff so when you start off racing especially you're building the car you're going to put in a lot of hours on it you know not only during the week during race season building the car as well so be prepared to spend that amount of time on the car to make sure it's right make sure everything's safe on it but also keep in mind you do have a life outside of racing so it's just like the money do it in moderation don't strain your relationships work on it when you can and a lot of people end up getting out of the racing because of how much time it takes here in a week so just be prepared for that if you've never worked on a race car see if you can go talk to a race team and let them or see if they'll let you come work on their car there and we help them wash it and you'll get some pretty good a pretty good experience with how much time it takes hearing a we can work on it so for my first two points we've talked about the money and the time if you are ready to spend lots of money and lots of time on a race car you're pretty much ready to get it another later question I could ask sometimes is what class should I run now there's two factors in this there are at least two factors that I think are on is what class do you enjoy the race again versus what is your budget so if you want to go right super late models but you can only afford a pure stock you're going to have to make some compromises you may not get into the class that you want to right away it's a goal to strive for especially if it's one of those really expensive classes I know a lot of guys who have started from go-karts and just work their way up I'm grant Koch or some kind very expensive as well but they work their way up into late models sprint cars you name it but they've progressed their career and they've gotten the race much different classes personally I love stock cars and dad has been my favorite class or type of car their car since I was a kid I do love late models don't get me wrong and I would love to go race one but honestly my favorite class or the stock car classes now I've bounced around in between stock car classes because we have like a great class a limited class and then something that's a little bit faster than a pure stock or a factory stock and I love the classes granted it's a little bit rougher but I enjoy I truly enjoy it and I'm lucky that I get to race in the class but I want to racer but if you're not sure ask some drivers from different classes what they think about the class what do they think is the best class in that area a lot of people in our area now are going to the Thunder bomber class or the 602 modified class and those classes are really big and it's in a way they're saving money and they still get to be really competitive versus going into something like a of a motor class where it's like a run with your wrong kind of thing so go go ask around ask the tech people what they think ask other drivers what they think is the best class and take that into consideration you know they may say this class is the best but you want to go race this class again you want to play within your budget but go do something you are going to enjoy and it turns out you may want to go try something different after you race the same class for a couple of years over maybe even first couple of races you don't want to race the clients anymore and you want to move to a different one that's all part of the experience is safety believe it or not there are people out there who have the nicest race cars they have the best toters everything but they have the crappiest safety gear my thought has always been if you're going to spend the amount of money on a racecar that you're already going to spend go ahead take another extra five hundred six hundred dollars and spend it on good safety gear now this does mean go out and buy 40 year old fire suit that's been in somebody's attic where rats have made nest on it and buy it for forty dollars and call it good and expect it to protect you when something happens in the race car also don't go to Walmart and buy a motorcycle helmet you need to have a true race helmet now most tracks will require your equipment to either mean an SFI rating or an essay writing or maybe that means the helmets need to be in day they need to be tested stuff like that because that is designed to keep you safe now some tracks even require you to have a head and neck restraints such as icon suffice other tracks will give you a weight brake for having one and then there's some tracks that don't have any rules so spend the money I'm good safety equipment take care of yourself please because things can't go wrong at the racetrack you can flip over you can catch on fire somewhat so for that you just that's not something blue in the face and I personally think it depends on your budget when I got started I bought a user race car I wanted to make sure I was gonna like the sport so I didn't want to take the new car route because I didn't have the money or really the time to put it all together so I could go racing the upcoming season so I think it's gonna come down to what your budget is now with a new car granted everything's a new moment it's not bit you know stuffs pretty much going to be in working order unless you there's just a manufacture defect or whatever with the used car you may end up having to fix somebody else's mess up when we buy our car luckily everything was pretty good and I didn't really have to do much I replace wheel bearings and built the car from the hair I just need a seen the motor but anyway with the used car there are dangers such as people just trying to sell car make a quick buck it could have been sitting in the woods for 20 years and they're trying to sell it to you for a couple grand if you know what to look for in a race car such as like a good cage make sure the frames all messed up if you know what to look for with that I would go the used car route and just shop around see what you can find and make sure it's safe make sure it's not gonna cost a stupid amount of money to go and fix all of this stuff that's wrong with it because at that point you might as well build a new car and if you're not sure find somebody that does know these cars and just can give you like the best advice on it I have a chassis builder pretty much on speed dial if I have questions I call him and ask him about the not so he helps me out with that I feel pretty confident in my decisions on buying a used car but I'll still ask him questions and if I'm not sure because you don't want to get stuck with a race car that's completely unsafe you're all having to chop all the cage off of it and put a new one in so keep that in mind if you're gonna buy a used car you will save some money but also in the long run you're gonna have to replace horn sooner so it kind of balances out but if you have the money in time to start a new car making sure you understand race procedures now this may seem like a really small thing when you get into their racing but trust me there's a reason there's procedures in place one is to keep the show moving and two is to keep you safe now you may know what the checkered flag means you may know what the green flag means but you want to make sure you understand the flags together so the white had checkered out together on the side main two to go stuff like that make sure you understand all that because they're not always going to tell you on your receiver and assuming everybody's running receivers but they're not always going to tell you to to go or even fight ago five to go half way stuff like that so you need to understand what the fly flag bans doing and you need to be paying attention to it on the track as well because there's some final information than that and not only understanding the flying them but understanding the traffic light system as well now I know it kind of varies between tracks but they're pretty much all the same such as the caution when the lights go out we're going grain and they flies the grain that can either mean you're getting ready to go green or you're about to get lapped so pay attention to that stuff if you're not sure either ask somebody ask a driver or ask an official because you don't want to be that guy who keeps racing under caution and blow went into another car and getting somebody harder to hurting yourself make sure you understand that stuff because it can keep you safe but it also make sure you're not that guy that guy who's holding up the show little bit of setup knowledge goes a long way so this is something I wish I had spent a little bit more time on before I got into the sport of racing when I first started we never set the car up we just went and drove it and then I drove however I needed to to compensate for how bad the setup was if you already know how from suede and all that other good stuff plays Factory in the racecar great you can go ahead set it up where you go to the racetrack by yourself if not I would recommend finding somebody even paying them to set your car up where your help you set your car up and learn from most people will help you out if you ask nicely ask nicely keep in mind this support is supposed to be fine a lot of people lose sight of that they take it way too serious they turn it into a job and it's not fun anymore so remember you're here to have fun this sport can be your best friend or your worst nightmare and unfortunately I would let it go both ways – it's been my worst nightmare but it's also I've been my best friend and that's just because I've made that mistake so keep it flying enjoy who you're working with and enjoy the journey you're about to take because this board is a lot of fun you're not going to get to do it anywhere else I mean we're LG's gonna race 90 miles an hour sideways with other cars like it's just freaking awesome so enjoy it have fun don't take it so serious to the point where you're not meeting new friends you're just being a jackass at the track just don't be that guy go have fun make friends it's gonna be a lot of fun I promise guys that's pretty much all the points I have or at least a little bit of advice I have to give for getting into the sport of dirt racing if you have a question leave it in the comments below but also if you're at dirt track racing when did you start and what were some rookie mistakes that you made when you first started if you have any advice to give the new newcomers leave it in the comments below I'd love to see you so with bad guys I want to say a quick shout out to our patreon supporters think you got so much for what you do I'll leave a link to that video if you want to go check that out check out our patreon page and support us if you would like it's much appreciated but with that guys I'm going to go ahead in the video here thank you so much for watching the video and as always we will see you in the next video

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  1. This is a great fucking video, man. Great advice on not straining relationships. Its not worth ruining marriages and relationships with your kids just to go racing. Doing it in moderation is definitely the best idea, especially just getting started. If the fam joins right in and loves it as much as you do, you can push the pedal down a little harder, but if they don't then keep it in moderation. Thanks for this video, once again, great advice 🙂

  2. From an old dirt racer, I agree with this man. But would like to add 2 things.. VERY IMPORTANT.. You can’t drive a race car to the track!! NEED TRUCK, TRAILER OR SOMETHING TO HAUL IT!! 2nd, if you don’t have money to throw away? You won’t get far.. it sucks that it takes this much money to race! It can be such a great sport and family sport at that.. I wish I could still be doing it, was the best years in my life! Been 25 years and I still watch my race videos..

  3. It's a good thing I don't have any personal relationships. I spend 100's of hours every year working on the car especially on the off season. I build my own chassis, engines and bodies to make sure every penny has it's greatest impact. Just keep a goal for improvement every year and you will eventually get there. I have been racing for four years and I can finally make the A main every night this year and are currently running 11th in points at Oakshade Raceway. Good luck guys!

  4. Great advice. Talk to a chassis builder. Verify what you are buying. They usually have or know of used cars for sale.

  5. I started out in go karts at the age of 7, ran them till the age of 12 or 13 then got in my first street stock car. Ran go karts & street stocks till about 15 years old, quit the go karts & focused on the cars. Finished the plain street stocks at the age of 18 moved on up to what we called super bombers. Which looked like street stocks but had open motors & a lot better suspension. Then at the age of 21 or 22 went on up to open wheel modified, ran open motor class they didn’t have the 602 crate class then. Then later on life happened lol. You do a great job on your videos & love watching the work on the car. Keep her digging.

  6. Great explanation Andrew when i got started in racin i bought a used street stock that had a great cage in it that was only a year old just needed a new body so i striped it down and focused most my money into my safety the first year, Then built a cheap 355 and away we went i wasn't fast but i had fun ran that motor 3 years till i saved up to build my 434 stroker then i had a lot of fun lol

  7. I love the bluntness of this video. Great job sir. I enjoy you breaking everything down for us. One day…hopefully…

  8. Just remember the only people that make money are the race track and the parts vendors. And the pit passes are going up. And fuel is 10,00 a gal , good luck. In racing it's all about the money.

  9. Another great explanation been at the dirt track for years just bought my first street stock last fall and been working on it and the budget its very hard to race outta pocket sponsors help tremendously if u got them 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  10. 😂I want a thunder bomber but my pocket is screaming fwd my mom and dad ran 4cyl at the good old Riverside

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