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  1. I really fail to see what a person's ethnicity has to do with their academic accomplishments. That should not even be a consideration. It's subjective nonsense like that which is destroying the reputation of Ivy League schools.

  2. All for the privilege of paying $50,000 a year in tuition. If Harvard had the reputation it had in the past, it might be worth it.

  3. My concern is my school doesn’t use a GPA, it’s all about LC prep. I worry as like most students I put all my energy into peeping for the LC because in Irish college admissions that is essentially all that matters

  4. Ok but what if Melanie took way harder classes than the other students?? Clearly, it would be harder to be at the top of her class if she uk, did what the PURPOSE of school is.. to challenge yourself and learn. I think rigor should have been mentioned.

  5. Isn’t Georgia tech a stem related school? I plan on studying math and I was wondering if my verbal score still has to be greater

  6. All of this is nonsense. It's a stupid game. Don't allow anyone to lead you to believe that Yale Stanford or Harvard are relevant or necessary. Do you want to be another cog in the wheel? Or do you want to be true to yourself? I have been to college 4 separate times for 4 different careers. I'm 54 and I'm working in a Science/Tech/Medical field that I never would have been interested at 18. Find out what makes you happy, what you are interested in. Follow that path with gusto and see where it leads you. You will take many paths in life. It's a journey, enjoy it.

  7. I'd like to say that after watching this video, I feel as if many of these points are inaccurate or out-of-date. Yes, once upon a time a 'well-rounded' student who played sports, a musical instrument, did debating and had good grades was guaranteed admission into a mass of great colleges but things have changed. My cousin was recently offered admission at Stanford University and she did not abide to the majority of the essential 'standards' outlined in this video. She was an excellent academic student for sure but her SAT score wasn't at the top and neither were her ACT scores. She was not well-rounded at all, she didn't play sport or any musical instrument. Instead, she focused all her energy on scientific research and managed to get into RSI and Intel ISEF. She spent her summers hanging out with her friends and she even wrote her common app essay about it. The craziest thing she did was to tutor kids in her free time to earn money.

    So, no one has to spend every waking moment trying to be well-rounded bc it doesn't work. This video shouldn't be trusted. Instead go watch videos about people who were actually admitted to places like Stanford and Harvard and here what they have to say.

  8. I'm watching this years after it would have been at all relevant for me. I appreciate it now that I've learned how understanding yourself is your first job. No college can determine your worth. You do that. Don't stress. Dream. Big. Be who you were born to be. Just think: college is not even kindergarten compared to life's challenges and realities. Nobody "deserves" an education. It is all fortunate (or misfortunate) accident or divine sovereignty. Well I spent my summers watching TV thank you very much (even I don't understand why I put myself through years of the same).


  10. Help!
    I'm in 11th grade, I moved to Mexico after 8th grade. Here, schools don't have AP classes or anything like that. We also don't have SAT tests. In most schools including mine have 9 classes.
    I will be returning to the US for senior year. I've been checking college requirements and I'm scared that me being in Mexico won't fulfill those requirements and I won't get into a good college. What do I do?!

    ps. I have very good grades.

  11. Wow…Steve's former professor BLACK[BALLED him from getting accepted at a university. Why did he choose that professor to give him a recommendation letter anyway? LESSON LEARNED KIDDOS.

  12. I took a DNA test and discovered that I am 2% North African, can I put on my college transcripts that I'm African American to increase my chances?

  13. Hello, I am a high school student from the Netherlands, in two weeks I will be going to 9th grade. I go to an ib school. My dream is when I graduate from high school to attend a university in the USA. The only problem is, I have no clue how. It would mean the world to me if you would explain how I could do this an how all of this would work. Thank you so so much in advance. I hope for an answer/ explanation. 🙂

  14. So I work my ass off, get into the top 5% of my class, am an IB Diploma candidate, have a 4.0 GPA, member of Model UN, Mock Trial, Science Olympiad, and National Honor Society, but I have as much a chance of getting into a good college as a kid who plays 5 varsity sports and has a 2.0 GPA? Makes sense America. (/^-^)/

  15.  Hello! I am actually a senior at IMSA right now, and have applied to a few top schools such as Columbia and Stanford. My GPA isn't too good (about 3.45-3.5 unweighted), but I took more classes than most of my peers and have had a very rigorous curriculum. I was wondering how much being an IMSA student with this GPA will help me. If this GPA was at a normal school, I would be toast, but does being an IMSA student give me a chance?

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