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How to Do Pivot Footwork — Advanced Footwork

Hey, what’s up? I’ve talked about the basic footwork side by side from left to right right to left In my previous video. So in the following two videos, I will talk about two more advanced footwork One is called pivot footwork the other one is called crossover footwork Today, we will start with the easier one pivot foot work first. So let’s jump into it The first question we are going to solve in this video is When or in what kind of situation do we use this pivot footwork? Most of the time we use pivot footwork at backhand side with a forehand topspin loop or forehand smash which means when the ball comes to your backhand side around here and the bar is a little bit high and easy to kill so we wanted to use forehand because Forehand has higher accuracy and has more power to most of the players So we wanted to turn our body and get a position to use a forehand stroke The second question is why do we have to use pivot foot work? But why not just use this the basic side by side footwork? that’s because when we use forehand at backhand corner There is no nothing block us Unlike the center part we can’t do pivot footwork because if we do it the table is here that block us Here see that’s nothing blocking us Besides the pivot footwork to get us in the perfect position to use a forehand topspin loop or smash and easy for us to recover The last and the most important question is how do we do this the pivot foot work? Don’t worry. I will give you only three steps to teach you how to do it step one stand at backhand side and Do the ready position step number two move over both of your feet At the back hand corner and your body turns to the table The key point is to put your left leg if you are right-handed player, put your left leg Inside the bottom line of the table and your right leg outside of the bottom line of the table So try not to put up your both feet inside of the bottom line Because that would be too hard for you to move over to your forehand so move over at backhand corner Third move back and recover to the ready position So the whole process looks like this Ready at backhand moves over backhand corner face to the table move back recover That’s it isn’t that easy, okay, let’s check out my demonstration Sweet that’s all for today’s lesson Please leave your comments let me know if I made this video easy for you to understand if you like this video Please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe my youtube channel There has the more table tennis tutorials waiting for you to explore Alright, I wish you have a wonderful day. See you guys in my next video. Bye. Bye

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