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How to Bowl on Kegel Broadway/BeatenPath: Learn the Lanes

How to Bowl on Kegel Broadway/BeatenPath: Learn the Lanes

alright guys welcome back to the channel thanks for tuning in today we're gonna do some little bit different we're gonna have a learn the lane or learn the pattern kind of a video series or maybe not even a serious we've got two patterns out here this weekend we're gonna have a bunch of people in here different styles left-handed right-handed Rev rate bowling on these two shots and then we're gonna get their review or their outlook or how they played it how they have they broke it down help you guys play these patterns so Broadway is a 45 37 the first two numbers is four or five that's a 4.5 ratio so everything inside of the second arrow is going to be 4.5 times greater than everything to the outside of the second down so that makes more sense a regular house shots are about twelve or fourteen or even like eighteen to one so there's 18 times more oil in the middle of the lane compared to the outside of the lane which makes it a lot easier to kind of make those mistakes in or miss a little bit right and you have more friction to kind of get the ball back to the pocket and then the other pattern we got is the it's called beaten path and that's also a 45 but it's a forty one so that second number is the overall length of the pattern so Broadway is 37 being past 41 the next footage you see is going to be from Sunday and we're going to get everyone's response to the patterns and how they how they they liked them they didn't like them but they're comfortable they're not comfortable and what balls that were using we have hopefully have a bunch of guys showing up and gals possibly to with different styles and small speeds and Rev rates and all that good stuff so I will I'll throw some maybe maybe right now I'm gonna put something on the screen to show the pattern graphs and all that good stuff so I'm rambling feel like do you want to get a couple yeah off the rails broke and right now we have mark and shriek here these two guys can't seem lives mark and then tricks over there so they're throwing some shots on these two sooo we just programmed those instant plane machine and we're running them for the first time and marks a very good dancer that's very important I'm going to be balanced with some good dancing dancing moves not a bad turnout right now for a Sunday at 9:00 ham forget some interviews going and the shots are Broadway beampath like we said in the opening so enjoy how you doing this morning buddy sleepy shirt off is a big widow yep super crunchy gotta get it out you got to play like six seven order your breakpoint what's the length start to transition down same area because there's enough oil left that you can play it just a weaker shell maybe go to a weaker shell no fall down keep it in that same area trust the ball keep your speed consistent thanks buddy no please are coming out stay bowling on Broadway 37 feet where you use it you use it right now all right get up tents I know that in the past I have again successful down there to just sand it up so you got a good look right now what about you there young fella got the the to the two-hander high rev great and then we have the classic smooth no more than these other old guys down here in the young buck maverick so many a night though you have a certain jar of revelations that you get complaints about thanks guys thanks man brock wissmiller more challenging don't become that big is breaking down so we're really to me i have to play more and i'm trying to test naughty not a super high ball speed either your we're more at average rebound or lower yeah that's gonna be the key for that you got to know your equipment basically else it man i don't know the equipment gotta know yourself so we have to to challenge because I love this I had to step on the house and I appreciate it callaghan's this guy giving us a shout outs thanks man appreciate you getting here where are you playing how is this different what do you think way intended different cause I know going down right now no walls feet and their soul is just going real straight pencil so it's a little trickier so you say that Broadway's this is kind of the exact opposite from LeAnn's way more my style I like to rev it up and pitch it out you just make sure that you wait the whole house on your mark they keeping the speed in check all the way to the right it's gonna be gone right thank you gentlemen what do you think so far any opinions like which one I like for me that's right yeah everyone I've been talking to since that uh so definitely definitely a little trickier down here what was your favorite my style is everything people do the question using Facebook actually got to go down to fights with alcohol gambling addict or something what do you think so far you like it earlier you said that it's the first time ever bowling on Knox like a regular job right so is there a noticeable big difference cuz it actually works pretty good over here yeah really it really gonna look though I am gonna have to get some them so do you think that Broadway easier a little more comfortable that's awesome thanks buddy you're the best follow this guy you through a couple what do you think so far their apology other human and I know you got a bowl down there so yeah I just wanted to get him on camera for you left that's it right solid so you guys bowled on Broadway right looks more like shockingly a lot more hook no not really okay going up bigger ball okay all right so from the Perry's to earlier really realize I saw you throw Sherlock honestly it's the breakpoint really is now you're opening up your angle yes right yes yes I didn't think honestly right I didn't think oh it's gonna be starting there be there I thought it's gonna be let the ball take it but now in farm swing yes right now at this point this is game 3 territory territory my plane is opening up just a little bit yeah yeah so yeah thank you for doing this is awesome butch what do you think what are you what are your thoughts thank you hey you're welcome is you mine you're very welcome I'd like to dad oh you would've but nuts yeah yeah free bowling man so do you think you think being past a little bit easier for you for your game or do you feel like it's Broadway when I'm being happy that window is not as open right and then we're using on Broadway Wow so it's a little bit softer down like you're you're not gonna leave anything light let me like split anything going on no thanks man I appreciate it buddy every pattern is going to work into what your strengths are so if you can figure out you know your own strengths then you know what you're going to probably get on all better on or have a better opportunity to strike right so talk to everyone it'll be like a 50-50 if you go back through all the interviews and what people are saying is you know it depends on how you throw it thanks for watching get the notification valve before videos and cool stuff that we're doing and thank you for everyone that shows up here today it's awesome I'm really stoked about it and hopefully we can do it again

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  1. THIS is the coolest thing ever !
    I wish my bowling center would do something like this and helps us get BETTER instead of the house shot every week —

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