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How to Balance School, Friends and Extra Curricular Activities || BrelynnBarbie

How to Balance School, Friends and Extra Curricular Activities || BrelynnBarbie

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  1. I just found your channel because I watch LavishRuby occasionally and y'all inspire me so much! I'm Latina and I love to see women of color succeed!!

  2. This was the first 30 minute video that I've watched completely like honestly you mentioned a lot of good advice ♥️♥️

  3. Girl you had me crying 😂😂 "if there was a cute boy in my class, with same major AND he was smart. Oooooooohhh 😂😂😂"

  4. Excellent video for Freshmen I'm 53 and I remember I did some of the same tips you mentioned here. Thanks for sharing and always being a great example for our younger women. 😄😍🤗💕💚

  5. Would This Be Good Advice For High School Students ? Like A 9am-5pm & Keeping That Social Life & Etc..

  6. Can you do a video on update with MCAT or at least junior year in regards to academics? Are you taking a gap year ?

  7. Brelynn this was such a positive video sis. I cant wait to see more of your tip videos bc yours are actually realistic while telling the truth and its much appreciated! 💖

  8. Balance is key! I love your channel! I will be attending Clark this fall and your videos have given me a gist of what in the Auc is like and also given me great advice. Also, is that the wig from your rosegal haul?

  9. I need this video because I am trying to get into spelman when I graduate in 2019 so I am in a lot of extra curricular activities and regular school is already enough trying to keep my grades up . Sometimes people don't understand why I can't go to this party or do this but I'm glad you made this video . You're always coming right on time Brelynn !! xoxo Destiny. Btw Balance is key!

  10. I legit needed this video. I have problems with balancing everything and I'm going into my freshman year of college.

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