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How to AVOID motorbike CRASHES? How not to HIGHSIDE? How to feel the GRIP? – Q&A part 2

How to AVOID motorbike CRASHES? How not to HIGHSIDE? How to feel the GRIP? – Q&A part 2

Hello guys, welcome back to the second part of the Q&A if you haven’t watched the previous video I invite you to go to wach it because I answered the first part of the questions that you asked me on the Post that I made here on YouTube and today in this video I’m going to answer the other questions What are the expenses for one track day in Italy? it depends so Usually you pay the track to access the track So I’m talking about not minibike or kart track you go from 90 euros for four hours in a small track until 250 euros for one day in mugello, then you have the tires in depend which kind of tire but they cost 100 euros one set of tires, then you have the fuel for the bike. Then you have the travel to the track. So you go if you want to save as much money as you can you go from 250 euros up to 500 600 1000 depending on which bike you have and which type you use DG cabral most difference between 300 and 1000 in making a corner. So Usually with the 300 you make a round shape corner You try to bring as much speed as possible and then in mid corner You are already full gas and you try to exit as round as possible to maintain the speed With the 1000 considering you cannot be flat while leaning But you also have more horsepower you then to have a more V-shaped line So you usually go wide turn the bike put the bike straight and try to accelerate how to prevent high side crash? So You can have a high side in many ways. It depends on how you did high side Maybe on road you touch a white line wet with the rear tire. Then you lose it So or maybe you break the engine and you lose the rear and you do a high side It depends usually the most common Which is used by a rider mistake is when you’re leaning and you accelerate too much This makes you lose the rear and then you make a high side so in that situation You must always try to have the bike as straight as possible when you accelerate for example in this high side that I had with the motard I Accelerated too hard with the bike leaning too much This is what happened. DeMarco. Do you have to train your neck or other body training to drive the formula car you drive for the griip g1 Yes, because the g-forces are so high. You have 2.5 G’s in corners So I’m talking about big g-forces that I do some training for the neck not as much as Formula one or formula 2 drivers But I train a little bit with the other cars No. Lordy 2KK Hey Alberto, I have a question about tires in the feeling you really have any feeling for the limits of your tire? Especially in front or do you just feel when your tires start to slip jump? How can I improve in corner entry braking especially in sharp curves with hard braking and fast bike counter- steering? This is a big question — There is not an answer something there is not something like if you do that you don’t fall It’s all about sensibility and to acquire that sensibility You have to crash sometimes because most of the times what happens is that you crash and then you think ok What did I feel before crashing and you understand that that’s the limit so it’s simply trial and error For example in this case. I Fell because I broke too hard while entering the corner and I Remember that what I felt is that just before falling I felt the front doing boom boom. Boom And then realize that if you’re braking too hard you feel the front doing this You’re going to fall So you have to immediately put the back straight or release the brakes and the other time that it happened I was able to prevent it, but it’s Experience. another question. What’s your physical preparation for races? And you have a specific diet? I will make a video about that consider that I do not race a high level I I don’t need a very specific preparation But I train to be fit and in shape. how long do you have been vlogging Until you gain a following? I’m just starting my journey into motor sports and I’m vlogging the experience. Um, Yeah, ah I’m going to post a video called draw my life In the next days where you will be able to see all my story But basically the first video that I did had a hundred and twenty thousand views so I Blew immediately. The reason behind the success of that video was that I’ve been doing video editing for twelve years so I knew how to edit videos, I studied communication I studied P&L I studied acting in the theater and I was working as a cameraman in motorsport and I posted it on Facebook during the years where it was really easy to go viral on Facebook So if you put together all the things These were the keys for my success, then I move to YouTube people move from Facebook to YouTube And then that’s it. Oliver Taylor. How tall are you? I’m really sorry for all the American people watching this video and to all the other countries Which do not use the metric system. I’m Italian I’m European and I’m using the metric system Which is the system that the whole world should be supposed to use because I don’t understand why Some people use like ten different units to measure the length. Here we have meters In USA to have inches feet miles yards just to measure the length. my god By the way I’m 184. 1.84 meters and I’m too tall for motorsports really sometimes while breaking hard into a corner I can feel the rear losing traction because of weight transfer and I downshift and starting to slide to the side Yeah, I normally try to ease off the brake and reapply I’m Pro racer doing this How do I overcome this fear of getting a high side? That’s a good question. So the normal answer is go step by step and Take your time and get used to it and get confident. That’s the best thing to achieve anything in life but Basically when you brake if you already have your butt on one side and then you break and the bike starts to slide It’s easier for it to stay on one side Because you already had the weight on one side of the bike while if you stay on the middle the bike Start to do this So your body position? Helps you to achieve that but it’s all about practice if you want to practice that take small bites like pit bikes or Motard and train in small track where the speeds are lower Banana Josh, what’s so special about driving two wheels and four wheels interesting question. I don’t know if you ever did it on track, but for me is the best feeling in the world the Emotions the sensations that that it gives you I made a video where I interviewed the riders from the Italian championship and I asked them would you rather prefer a weekend with the best woman in the world considering that she will do whatever you want or one racing weekend with your motorbike Everybody went for the motorbike. So this makes you understand why it’s so Amazing for the emotions that you feel. Fattest white guy ever Okay. Good name. How do you get rid of the fear of leaning bike? again Like for the sliding and the high side with practice the more you do it the more you get confident with it The more you crash and get up again and the more you get rid of the fear Hi Naska, few things I want to clarify can you explain the Body positioning like do we need to sit one fist away from the tank? Yes I’m going to make a video about that soon. Also can explain vision while riding on the track. Yes I’m going to make a video also about that how to gain confidence to corner lower Yeah again As I answered to the fattest white guy ever the same do it do it the more you do it the more you gain confidence and The the best way to get confident to do something is to do it in a safe environment If you want to get confident to lean and go at 200miles per hour in a highway. It’s crazy You will never get confident and you risk your life instead if you take a small bike you go to a small area And you start to ride in circles You can get easily confident with that and if you crash nothing happens Hi Alberto, what is the best way to improve your times when you are already pretty fast Exactly as I did in the video where I compared my riding to Jonas folger you take the best ones you take You, you take yourself you compare for example your onboard videos if you have them and you try to identify Where are the differences so this is something that you can do yourself even with a YouTube video you record an onboard of yourself on the same track and you compare them or you go to a school or you have it the best thing would be to analyze the telemetry Hey Naska, can you tell us what devices you use to obtain telemetry on your track bike please I take the the trimetric file from the data logger installed on the bike and I use the software called Dashware I linked it below It’s a software that allows you to put overlays of any kind on the video And for instance the motorbike dashboard that you see also the car dashboard that I used in the TCR race My designer designed them so you can design your own and that animated it. So this is it This was the first Q&A for this international channel. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you liked it I hope I have been able to provide you not only some useful tips and information about motorsports and riding but also Something more about my life and how I approach my job and my challenges I Find in life. Thanks again for watching. See you in the next video Don’t forget to subscribe and be ready because some amazing videos like the 24 hour race that I did One month ago are going to come out soon. Stay tuned

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    Now I'm watching your videos and i want to buy a race bike again 🤣🤣.
    Nice vlogs👏👏keep it up!

  3. My thing is I keep my knee tucked/hugged against the bike when leaning but I also try to get low as possible.. I just hope I don't get too low where my tire slips out from under me

  4. hi Naska,

    please can you tell us the secret of so good sound on the on board videos?

    and i challenge you to come to pannonia ring – hungary 🙂

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    Can you explain about the neck positioning while racing? How to position it so it doesn't hurt much and is very efficient?

  6. As an American, I am just as frustrated as you as to why we have so many different units of measurements. I hate constantly having to convert! Metric is so much simpler.

  7. Awesome video, one thing I remember that surprised me is the amount of stamina/endurance needed when doing a trackday; just something nobody thinks about until they do it for the first time. looking forward to your workout videos, thanks!

  8. @Naska can you show us how to mount the camera on the bike to see the dash so nicely and its stable? What mounts do you use etc?

  9. Hey Alberto great video , can you do a video on building confidence to lean, just got myself a street triple , example like speeds and angles, I don’t ride fast on the roads but I’d like to lean abit (a lot) more than I feel capable of doing right now

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  14. 200 euros for a fullday on track at mugello? Open pitlane, or sessioned groups? Including fuel costs? Please clarify, thankyou.

  15. I'm an ex pro ski racer sliding on ice witch I was very good at doing was great fun . I have Kart raced but going around a track got boring . I have had bicycles riding 13,000 miles a year. Motorcycles I love street riding there is so much more challenging.
    Sliding into a turn never upset me that is just playing fun when your under breaking sliding I can even slide my front from time to time.
    Is getting the rear to spin up leaving the turn that I have a hard time doing .
    What advice can you give me to get my rear spinning up at the end of the term?

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  17. Naska: ti seguo molto tempo fa. Penso che tu sia un pilota di grande talento. Che sei interessato a perfezionare la tecnica e l'apprendimento e l'apprendimento. Mi congratulo con te.

    In relazione al tuo canale voglio suggerire che ora che è internazionale e che parli in inglese puoi mettere l'opzione dei sottotitoli in SPAGNOLO.


    Quando parlavi in ​​italiano, era già difficile seguirti. Ma in inglese è peggio … dici molte cose interessanti, che non possono sempre essere comprese correttamente.

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    En relación a tu canal te quiero sugerir que ahora que es internacional y que hablas en inglés puedas poner la opción de subtítulos en ESPAÑOL.


    Cuando hablabas en italiano, ya era difícil seguirte. Pero en inglés es peor… dices muchas cosas interesantes, que no siempre se pueden entender correctamente.

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    Desde Santiago de Chile.

    Enrique Mateluna..

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    Or alternatively 3 inches = a palm, 2 palms = a shaftment, 2 shaftments = a foot, 3 feet = a yard, 2 yards = a fathom, 100 fathoms = a cable, 10 cables = 1 nautical mile.
    Or alternatively 3 inches = a palm, 3 palms = a span, 2 spans = a cubit, 2 cubits = a yard, 1760 yards = a statute mile.

    Hope I got those all right? Fractions of an inch next? Or just use metric…….

    Love your channel, MotoGP soon for Naska we hope!!!!

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  24. As a female racer, I just about spat my drink when all the guys said they would give up the hottest female ever, just so they could race their bikes!! Here's an idea!! Find a gorgeous girl who also races! Problem solved!!

  25. @naska your video helps me a lot, i am a indian rider, i do least track days since its very expensive in india but i watch every video done by you. Trust me its really helpfull, recently i won my first race in malaysia and owe you that as a token of respect for my GURU (teacher in indian language)

  26. Totally true in crashing. Trying to get into bike racing, but I’ve done car racing. There’s no way you can push a car to the limit without pushing past the limit a few times.

  27. Alberto, this is not to embarrass you or be a know it all. I love your videos and wait for each one and watch right away. Ok? My primary language is English but I speak Italian, but not as well as you speak English. In English, there is break (rompere) and the past-tense is broke. Also, there is brake (frenare) and the past-tense is braked. So, you would say, I braked hard into the corner, or I broke my neck–never the opposite. But anyway, this means nothing compared to all the help I've gotten from your videos. I just thought you might appreciate it. I hope to meet you one day in the U.S. In boca'lupo for this upcoming season. I will be following closely and hope you have best results.

  28. Think about this, If the evil empires join forces to create one government, everybody will have to switch to the standard unit of measurement, not the other way around. (You know how the US gov. is)

  29. Can you do a video about "preparing your body for a crash" meaning when a highside or lowside on track is unavoidable and it is coming, what do professional riders learn? example, tuck in your arms and roll?

  30. I dig the lights in the background, nice work, but it makes it much more apparent when you cut from scene to scene. Not sure if it's a good, bad or neutral thing, just a thing I noticed. If you leave it on one color, it will be much less apparent. Also, you're a pretty man, I'm sure that didn't hurt you in getting so many followers. You also have some pretty good content. I'll never forget your race loss that ended in pollo.

  31. Also, to counter some high sides, maintain throttle if your rear tire starts to slip instead of completely letting off the throttle or reducing throttle at all, and alternatively, hammer the throttle and force yourself to low side. Something you have to train for so you know what to do when it happens instead of acting instinctively and letting off the throttle.

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