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HOW NAMI IS PLAYED IN HIGH ELO – Season 10 League of Legends

HOW NAMI IS PLAYED IN HIGH ELO – Season 10 League of Legends

the Lee’s here but he’s got no age
barrier where the hell’s our team we belong so okay go away
Jana Kaitlyn we’ve got a Senate ad lemmie does a care into Jannah Senate
name is a que as well alternatively it’s like maybe Soraka all right just BRB oh you can do
it yeah clearly wouldn’t have been any good with the the son of a Senna doesn’t
really need that much in terms of auto attack speed really won’t have been
particularly great against to kill any of her I think Nami Sana’s okay done answered
the bot lane we also get a little bit of engage as
well wouldn’t top of the ergot and the Jarvan I’m not I would prefer to be
playing Senna as support here and then I don’t know like I don’t know what would
be ad though videos was banned right today my second CMAs watching you are
there first I really should get that prestige skin shun eye on the
bitzleberger count on us I’ll have to buy the next pass give it sir I don’t
understand why the Lee Partnership Program doesn’t have prestige skins and
now that the UK cat dude isn’t in I won’t be able to ask for after I don’t
know maybe ask for some RPI yes yeah the previous UK Kai I asked for RP
a couple of times for like skin videos and stuff like that make sure kissing a
skin but he’s not laughs I don’t know who necessarily on that now since he’s
gone any center can heal us up up a little
bit here kitten half leaves me you’re gonna be coming but I’ll ease the olefin
last game isn’t here and we’ve got the dongles are basically swapped from last
game I did like the macro the other of the jungle of a pot so Sheamus sent us
that I like committing to that yeah we could have probably have code that
Caitlyn I would have committed with more with
like ignite and stuff there you can stay in this Lane lys top side
right now remind me like three minutes to sign the mini-map over lay off I
think we’ll be fine the skim yeah I’m not too sure about staying here
too much now yeah a loser he wants the sky saw Cape Cod dates
I think leak and divert us from here I think we’re fine Shanna joven sir seriously Oh God I’m kind of
glad that failed there from the joven he messed up the combo but actually saved
his life he did ki then II I’ve got a minor now yeah this award in that brush all right well
it stopped that recalls a little bit received about twenty seconds on the mat
just by interrupting three recalls like that I was gonna hope she was an
efficient she could have left that kinda meaning up and then the wave would be
still fishing for Satara now it’s an IXP as well as Leslie’s he’s
currently talk we’re doing okay down here caitlyn
hasn’t got any more half versions to see food somehow they were the chat
atmosphere is pretty annoying now that we should be going in why did you cue me did I decide why
decide a QV severe dpsing I didn’t need those sales they recall it I wonder if I
can get a kill that I don’t know it’s really close to China showed included the Lee’s here but he’s got no age
barrier where the hell’s our team we belong sir
okay go away that first monkey nice should have eat her be a nice go sir
supports a sister she flashed up you design puzzles in that band okay Santa
doing our souls 14 that was nice I was really nice to caught he picked up or
anything she was 0-2 and just pick up two or three kills in that she cook
Kayla and she kill I kill Janna she could Kate then and she’s got a long
we could leave nice driving to Patrick yeah we should
be able to keep harassing him down here now buy a nice bubble there on the
Caitlin okay channel he’s playing better this game than he was in the last one
that’s the pain in the butt for us my winning bought though tops kind of
winning to its main email and jungle is a little bit let’s say we’re winning
fought though Center has no kills over winning to beauty I hate people that do on the way things
and then no in there I’m aware dying is in like two years wish people wouldn’t do that come on skill early guillotine good boy
good boy we’re all down here this should be
turret or while we were okay all right that’s it’s all right and it’s
GPA TEP you got to get motaro pacings yeah
Elaine swap in our Center needs to come up sent us in 27 Souls which is pretty
good and a stage as it ad Lee’s bought so there should be a Harold and then we
can use a top straightaway and then that would be like another three things kukuku not like that I don’t understand what
people do it like that though because Shelley will take like five targets the
she didn’t take that damage there that’s horribly down anyway we did get a three-star placings
anyway you pick whip whip whip whip whip whip
whip whip whip whip whip whip level Slains frozen for a collie now she wants
more come get some B can I kill her and AB
are you there dragons in 30 seconds huh what’s your problem these deaths I’m nowhere and everywhere ooh la la
four months of subbing I’m somewhat out of wacky but totally viable Pizza combos
I think all I have left is the taco / tortilla chip pizza beans ground beef
pizza with some lovely tortilla chips jalapenos dotted around okay thanks Kayla thank you for four months
and thank you for more disgusting ideas for meals
thank you Kanye for that dragon because we just lost our jungler theirs is alive
just need to push it in bed not sure if this is going to be Qatar it they yeah
billion thank you for hundred bits thank you for sharing your bits on my face do
we actually need to back off phone I think it looks like oh yeah now it’s
Eric oh she wants revenge thank you for the shield oh okay
no Lee’s dead there right Lee Lee Lee that leader Lee Lily Lily Lily wow
that’s cool I like that a little bit for sure off isn’t he this again my sister almost the kid plane don’t want Arden will do Redemption and
as trick number two for us okay that has to die just go just go
he doesn’t he doesn’t need to wait for me Charlie he can just go right he’s a
big boy go you’re fine spec file topside see the fishing boat
travels when they monitor actually probably sooner okay give me push to kind of split we should
be pushing in I’ll go away thank you it’s very bad damage in that
live long and get Redemption now Justin $39 this I know then have my ulti that’s
Kalin’s em it sat down bhakta to its no minions med
we need to be fought side thank God she is this Akari is crazy I
love it like she’s actually wrong and she’s
actually getting the kills that’s the face – just saying all right she begin to team it as well skel warden arrow that baron just to
make sure they don’t crazy Russia but it should be fun might be what yeah was a would help she’s gonna go for me for a little bit what did he mean to do that he surely
didn’t mean to do that you got to be kidding me I’m sure what I’m gonna go for next in
terms of games basically over we should just be going to the Baron now okay i
hasn’t got TP just there no you did you can just see the parent you know sin is heating here as well let’s back up the full HP I laugh a cheapy all it takes this isn’t
a stupid Asian trait to take this poem I’ll just start cleaning up play it safe
you don’t need to start rushing in at the moment
harlots not even here yet anyway this would be Jake number three for us
as well that I got it’s crazy thank you well it’s huge Quadra and secure Fence offense offense
offense offense a very nice I like how right and left her and I gave
her a massive buff again in the same patch nice um guess we just on our Kali I mean she
got away of a lot of crap there there I felt I couldn’t love games it wouldn’t
work but I read that one say sure great show coolie such a shame we never skip those deep
two games Jamin ago from d3 to d1 my Connie you
asked we get a box as well very nice oh wow
Senna and jarvan’s damage where they went in the game with Toto apparently
okay it was just well 335 of hurting okay I didn’t even realize Senna did
that let’s all amount of damage it’s actually crazy a couple of she was doing
okay but it’s getting out one of his mystery mates six mystery mates and a
box I’ll deliberate the game fantastic skin
Wow I think I’ll sing that one before he
said I was thinking about adding that as animate in twitch a lot of sad ones here that’s a good one
okay Tariq more I think that would be a twitch team it to you say even gonna be
said meant to be Jarvan they lame the one couple bad ones there

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