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How Many Homes Can I Buy In A Year?

How Many Homes Can I Buy In A Year?

Alright you eager beavers. Some of you
want to know how many homes can you buy in a year? And I’m back today with Josh
Jones. Because the last time you saw him, he’s like, “Kris, I want to have it all. I
want to get everything.” And actually, we’re going to watch him today get his
first 2 homes under contract back to back within one hour of finishing his
pre-qualification. Check it out. What’s up, dude? How you doing? -Good. So good. -Good.
By the way, glad to have you here. How’s the event going so far? -Oh, my goodness. It
is awesome. My voice is way better than last time. -I know. It’s awesome. Is
your team enjoying it, by the way? -Yeah, they are. -They certainly
deserve that. So, the last time we brought you here like, “Oh, my gosh. Kris, let’s… How
fast can we go? How many homes can I buy?” But today, at least yesterday, we brought
you on stage and we actually started. Because I called you up and I said, “Good news bro.
You can buy 2 homes out of time.” And then I said, “Oh, by the way, I have your
home’s picked out.” And then I brought you on stage and we actually presented them.
Check it out. Okay. So, what I’m looking at here, cash on cash ROI. There’s
3 numbers. The first one is what is called cash on cash. What does this mean?
If I put this in, what do I get back this year? And what this is saying is, if I put
in $1.00, I’m going to get back 11 cents. This number is normally in a growth
market around 7 or 8 percent. This being a new build has something
special and very abnormal going on with it. But then we take this number and we
say, “Well, what about the principal reduction?” Right? My renters are paying
down the house and I’m going to get that money. How many of you think we should
count that in the ROI? I want to count all money I’m getting. So, that brings me
to 15.5%. But then when we factor in those 2 factors plus the
appreciation. Our investment on this house goes to what percent? How do you
guys feel about that? [Crowd cheering] -Let’s sell it. Who wants to buy… -Who wants this house? Right?
Please help me welcome up Josh and Aubrey Jones. Hello! Tell us your names. -Hi, I’m
Josh. -Tell us your name. -I’m Aubrey. -And I got one question for you. And
there’s a right answer and a wrong answer.
It was like a game show right now. It’s like… Everyone say it. Do you want this
house with me. Do you want this house? Oh, we’re just having fun.
Do you have questions? What do you think? -Yes. -Alright. That’s what I thought.
Is that a question or a statement or a something? -That’s it. Yes,
yes, yes and yes. -Guys, if that number is 25%, what’s the
answer? -Yes! -What’s up, dude? How cool was that? -That was awesome. -What was that like for you? Like… Because you
saw that first home and… -I started drooling. I started drooling. As soon
as I saw the numbers up there, I was just like, “I want that.” And there were some
people right next to us that were like, “Oh, that’s our home.” And we were just like,
“Oh, man. I want that one.” -So when I called you up? -Oh, dude. I was just like… I was… The only thing I could
think is “Yes, yes, yes. Where do I sign?” -You’re at total shock. -Yeah. -It was so…
It was so fun for me because I’m like… And you know, I’m so glad you see it. I’m glad
that you appreciate it because I’ve spent millions of dollars building the
system that would literally dish up the very best deals for me to buy any single
day of the week. People don’t always get that. Most people don’t realize that when
they do a deal, they’re either going to be negative or they’re going to be slightly
positive when they’re usually single digit returns. And we bypassed 10/15/20.
In this case, we freaking bypassed 30. That was freaking nuts. You probably had to be
actually a little bit disappointed. In fact, check it out. Now, by the way,
sometimes when we partner, we find out that you can buy one home at a time.
Sometimes 2 homes at a time. Sometimes 3 homes at a time. And sometimes 4
homes at a time. Turns out that Josh and Aubrey can do more than one at a time. So,
will you please help me welcome back to stage Josh and Aubrey. Alright. So, by the way, you guys are
brand-new partners. Was that a useful moment right there? Your training,
right? -Yes. -Setting good expectations. We’re looking
at a house right here. Check this out. Super high cashflow. 27% ROI. This
stuff in this market gets to be excited all day long. This right here is just
like where we shoot to nail every single time. And this is how we win, win, win. What
do you think? -Awesome. -Let’s ask them the one question. Are you guys ready? Do you want
this house? -Yes! [Cheering] ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ -“Oh, there you go.
27%, thanks Kris. Screw you.” What was that like they’re going from like 40 to..Like 27 is
like my amazing average. What was that like that when you saw the disparagement.
-Afterwards I was like, “I wish we would have done the Memphis home first.”
Because then like the Florida one, I would have been like, “Yeeess!” -He’s like,
“Yey.” I’m like, “No! It’s more amazing than that.” Anyway, dude. Congratulations, dude. You got these first 2 houses going. And now where do you go from here? -So, my goal is 10 homes this year. And actually one of the thoughts I had while I was up there just
watching this I was like, “Okay, how much money is in my IRA? How much money is in
my 401K?” -Evil words. -And I was just like, “Wait, I have my house out east.” And
I’m like, there’s money and equity in that house that’s doing nothing for me
right now. How do I get that equity?” Dude, what a fresh mindset, right? -Yeah. -Now, by the
way, why would you… Because some people are like, “What freaking Kool-aid did you
drink? You could’ve take money out of your 401K, IRA.” That’s crazy.
-Yeah. -What changed? -I want to live my life. So, I had
somebody that I interviewed before who he said, “I don’t just want to live…” Or “I
don’t I don’t just want to have a life. I want to live.” -Yeah. -And I’ve gotten
to see like how you live your life, how other people can live their life with
real estate having passive income. -Yeah. -And oh my goodness. Like, that is what I
want. That’s how I want to live every single day. I
want to wake up every single day do exactly what I want to do. -Yeah. -And not me be holding to anybody. And that’s real estate for me. -Dude, you know for my
moment literally, when my 25 homes were paying me my first 6-figure residual, I
tell you, I’ll never forget what it felt like because when I actually fired
myself for my boss and I walked out, it was like I remember the door slam behind
me and I took this breath. And it was like, “Whoa, oxygen feels different right
now.” And it’s because I’d come off a financial life support. I no longer
needed a job. There was something… I was scared at one point to get rid of a job.
I was at the point now where it was so freeing to actually be free that
was like, “I created my own freedom. I beasted myself into a man that
self-made.” I’m going to go live it up. I’m going to go live every part every dream
that I’ve ever… Like, it was… It still to this day now, 15 years later, still has
this like intoxicating energy. And I thrive on it every single day. I have to
be free now. So, I’ll never be able to go back. -I’ve seen what you’ve done since
that day because you’re telling that story yesterday. I was thinking about it all
day yesterday where I was just like, “Had to be different oxygen that it was
breathing.” Like what was it you had this newfound freedom and all of a sudden, you
could do whatever you want. And so you you sculpted your body to be a beast. You
have a rock-solid awesome relationship with your wife and with your children.
Financially, like you were crushing it. And then the thing that we talked about
at these events all the time like that, I think is even more important than real
estate is the mindset, the belief breakthrough that happens. Like that was
created with your freedom. -Yeah. -So, my thought is like, “With my freedom, what am I going to create? What am I going to have?” -That
right there is what I wish everyone would have a chance to really uncover in
their life. It’s one thing to be financially free. But that’s enough cool
stuff. The cool stuff is what will you do with your freedom. I think a lot of
people assume, “Oh, yeah. Rich people, they’re just going to go like live it up at
beach house and be lazy.” And I’m like, “No one works their butt off to have
that level of freedom and then says, oh my dream is to be lazy.” No, no. You’re
going to do something meaningful. Like you’re going to do something important.
You’re going to do something valuable. And the people that we look up to our people
that have built wealth and then have done something. They’ve done something
extraordinary with. J.K Rowling, first billionaire author and gives
3-quarters of it away. Like that’s so impressive. And so, I find that the
character that it takes to do something meaningful can like creates an
accentuated enhanced character that continues to add even greater value on a
higher meaning. That’s why I love it entrepreneurship. You can’t be successful
unless you sculpt your character into something meaningful. And then what does
a meaningful character do? Meaningful things. I’m excited to see what you
create with your financial freedom, bro. -I’m so soaked. -By the way, we’re going to have Josh back at
some point. He’s just getting his first 2 homes. He and his wife Aubrey are
amazing. We’re going to follow their journey. We’re going to see what it’s like when he
buys his tenth house. Gets that much closer to
breathing that next level of oxygen. He’s already a successful entrepreneur. But I
know you’re looking for that next level of freedom in your life and I’m excited
to see it and witness you experience it. -We need to have a video of when have I
purchased enough homes to buy my Lamborghini.
-It’s all about… Now we know. You’re either Ferrari or Lamborghini. And I
have to admit, I’m a Lamborghini guy. But I have to warn you. I actually was riding
it. Literally I was with my billionaire friend and I was riding in the
Lamborghini I was like, first of all, this thing is not built for tall men. Second
of all this thing is like so tuned to be such a fast car. It’s uncomfortable. It’s
like.. I’m sorry my BMW i-8 10 times like nicer the ride. And I’m like I was
disappointed like. Oh, if you want to like drive in on a real sports car all the
time. It’s not like, “Hey, what’s up?” It looks nice but the ride is like
stiff suspension. And then the engine is like… I’m ruining
it for you. This is crazy. I was like, “Hey over there in the passenger
seat. How are you doing?” “What!?” I’m like, “Oh, my gosh.” -The new air prawns
have sound-cancelling. -Who knows. That was a couple year old model.
Maybe they fixed that you know in the last few years. Anyway. Either
way, you’re going to have some possibilities for that newfound freedom, my friend. -Hey,
thank you so much for watching today. Make sure that you subscribe. Crazy good
opportunities are coming your way if you check out the links below. Get my free
resources. Get my free books. Learn what you can do for your next steps. All of
its there and wish you guys the absolute very, very best wishes. Best luck to Josh, you, with Aubrey and to you watching. See you tomorrow.
You’re fun, dude. You guys are great.

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  1. 2019 I flipped 2 in California, flipped 2 in Cleveland OH, and bought 2 rentals in Cleveland OH. January 2020 I bought 2 more in ST louis MO & Cleveland Oh. There’s no limit to what can be done. Keep pushing yourself!

  2. Hey awesome video! But I'm wondering, how do you calculate the ROI with appreciation? Is the appreciation just an estimate based off previous years?

  3. I have never seen Kris ever answer anyone on YouTube . Makes me really wonder if I should believe him or not. I have some assets and real estate, I want to set up an income stream for my retirement…. and time is now.

  4. Kris, I have a solution to your Lambo noise problem. Don't get a Lambo! Stick with electric. Internal combustion cars are going to be dinosaurs in a few years. If you want a crazy fast car that kicks the pants off of the Aventador, hold on tight for the Tesla Roadster.

  5. Hey Kris, i am 16 turning 17 and have been watching your videos for about 3 1/2 months now. You’ve helped me understand the basics of Real Estate and i look forward to working with you when i turn 18 to start my path to freedom.

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