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How I Got Into Physical Therapy School!! | Q&A

How I Got Into Physical Therapy School!! | Q&A

come back but back to these show your friends friends friends welcome back to my channel guys so good to see you guys back if it is your first time here we welcome you ok my name is Kenny and let's get into this video so as some of you know I did get accepted to physical therapy school and upon my announcement I received a lot of congratulations as well as a lot of questions so today hopefully I will be able to answer most if not all of the questions that I received now the first question that I got asked was what is my major I am an exercise science major with a minor in health physical activity and disabilities now when you're applying to PC school you don't have to be a science major all you have to do is make sure that your prerequisites are complete now a lot of the schools have similar prerequisites so just make sure you go on the school website that you want to apply to and you double check that you meet all of their prerequisite requirements the four classes that are like the common prerequisite classes are biology chemistry physics anatomy and physiology those classes are really important because they are basically the you know like basics for physical therapy school and what you will be learning so that's that with the pre rectus make sure you you know do well in those and if you don't some schools have this thing where you can retake the class and they'll like average out your grade so let's say you take it the first time and you get a C and then you take it another time you end up getting an a they will average out those two grades and you end up with the B for the class so not a lot of schools do that but that's something to think about when applying if you didn't do as well in class as you thought you wanted to just call or email the people the school that you want to go to see if they have that option for you because it's really nice to know that some schools do that and if you didn't do as well as you want it in the class don't beat yourself up for it just try to make it up in other parts of your application now the next thing that I got a lot of questions about is the GPA it's a very important number as most of you could imagine because you know like your GPA it kind of shows your potential basically they want to make sure that you can handle the the classwork that will be in PT school so they want people who have presented with you know that potential so I would do my best to try to make your GPA as high as possible some schools have GPA requirements so that's another thing that you have to look at some GPA requirements is you know like a minimum of a 300 some have a minimum of 3.3 so again whichever school that you plan on applying to just make sure you go on their website or a PT test and see what their minimum GPA requirement is I myself I knew that I wanted to go to PT school and I set a goal for myself for what I wanted my GPA to be by the time that I was applying and I ended up surpassing that goal so if that's something that you know that you really want to get into is physical therapy maybe that's something that you could do for yourself it just keeps you motivated and keeps you on your toes the next thing I got asked about is a GRE I myself I took the GRE one time I kind of really took a risk on myself because I didn't end up with the score that I set a goal for myself to attain but I figured that the rest of my application kind of made up for it so the score that I got I just went ahead and applied anyways if you take the GRE and you don't get the score that you want you can always retake the exam again just make sure that you give yourself enough time to not only study but as well as enough time to take the test again because you can't read I think it's like one day there's like a 21-day waiting period from the first time we took it for the next time that you take it so that's something to think about if you are on a time crunch for me how I study for the GRE I did a self studied I used a Kaplan book and I would do practice problems pretty much for a good three months and that's how I I studied so if you guys want more information on the GRE just let me know if you want any information about anything that I'm talking about today just let me know the next question I got asked about was concerning shadowing hours by the time that I applied I ended up with around 400 shadowing hours and I made sure to get my shadowing hours from various clinics so that's something that I really encourage guys to do because it shows that you are interested in this field it gives you a lot of exposure and just shows them that you know what you're getting yourself into because the worst thing that you can do is go through this whole process of applying you get accepted you start PT school and then you're like bro this is not what I was expecting it to be like so no more shadowing hours you get in different settings so that is like get getting your hours and pediatric settings narrow settings geriatrics inpatient outpatient all these different types of settings it just really gives you experience and exposure which is really really important a lot of people only tend to go for shadowing hours in like ortho or outpatient clinics and although this is really nice it doesn't really set them apart from everybody else so the more experience that you get it just you know makes your application pop more because again like I said it shows that you know you're getting yourself into and you're really really interested in the field somebody asked me if them going to a community college would decrease their chances of getting accepted to a physical therapy program for me my answer is no as long as you are a competitive applicant I think you have just the same amount of chance of getting in than anybody who didn't go to a community college who went to like a university or something so I just suggest that if that is the case that you are and just make sure you're a competitive applicant you know make sure your GPA is up there even though I do know some people who got accepted to PT school without having a really high GPA the rest of their application was was amazing so if that's your situation just make sure that your the rest of your application is great if you didn't do well and this year II make sure you do really well with you know your GPA or make sure you have a lot of shadowing hours or extracurricular so what you don't do well in one section just make sure you make up in another section so the next question I got asked about his personal statement I started writing my personal statement around March because I was in a class that kind of prepared us for applying to graduate school so we had to do a lot of work as far as getting our drafts complete and revising our papers and stuff like that so I started in mind pretty early and i really suggest and encourage you guys to do the same try to find out what the statement question is going to be for your application cycle and get started as soon as possible and I think that personal statements are really really important because you know this is what's really gonna kind of set you apart from everybody else you know someone else may have the same GPA as you the same GRE the same amount of shadowing hours as you but your personal statement can really make or break you so I really think that you taking as much time on it to prepare for it as possible we're really you know determine if you get in or not because this is where your personality shows all those other things are just like numbers but your personal statement is where you get to show the people who you really are as a person they get to read about your experiences and your why and that's the most important thing when it comes to a personal statement they get to read why you are interested in this field and why they should choose you so another advice that I would give to you guys what else the next thing that I got asked about is extra curricular activities I myself really didn't do a lot of extracurricular activities as I wanted to but I did get an internship my freshman year of college which was really really really really amazing because with that internship I was able to do research and this my whole experience with the internship just I feel like really set me apart from other applicants like I said it got me the opportunity to do research if you guys have that opportunity please please please please please take it so I got to do research there my school offers this thing where if you are interested in like again research you can do it so I also did research through my school research through my internship and then I was the president of my well I am still the president of my PT Club so those are like the three extracurricular things that I did and obviously other stuff on campus that popped up I would attend those events but other than that I wasn't in a sorority or anything like that I just did research and the president of the PT Club those were the only extracurriculars that I did because at the end of the day it doesn't matter how many extracurricular activities you do is just the length and the dedication that you have for it for me I started the PT Club as just a member my freshman year and then by freshman year spring I became a part of the eboard and from there I just built up until I became the president of the club so with that it just shows my dedication to the club and to the profession and then again with research I started research my freshman year and then I finished research my junior year so again it's not about how many extra okay activities that you do is just about the amount of time and dedication that you have towards it so if you are in a sorority how long have you been in the sorority or if you are in a chocolate Club how long have you been dedicating your time in the chocolate Club if you are in a dance club how long have you been in the dance club it's that's all that matters is your dedication to the extracurricular activity not necessarily the amount of extracurricular activities that you have and if you have a job that's also an extracurricular activity because you're in school and you're able to manage working at the same time I think that they just want most schools want a well-rounded person someone who is able to handle the horse load and is able to handle life so if that's the type of person that you are make sure that you show that in your application someone asked me how many schools that I applied to I ended up applying to five schools compared to others who I was talking to in the same application cycle as me they applied to like seven schools nine schools and some even 15 schools for me this just wasn't realistic to apply to more than five schools I didn't even want to go to any other school other than the five that I applied to the application cycle is very expensive well it can get very expensive so that's something that you guys have to think about when you are you know trying to figure out how many schools you want to apply to I took on risk on myself and it worked out so you know I don't regret applying to high schools but there's a lot of things that I you know had to think about as to why I was applying to these schools location was one of them tuition was one of them if they offered scholarship that was another thing that I had to think about I had to think about the electives that they offered in these programs as well as the start date and the end date some schools are accelerated so they might finish six months in advance compared to others that's another thing that you have to think about when you are choosing schools to apply to so again if you have the coins to apply to twenty schools listen you can even apply to all of them apply if you meet the requirements and you have the money go ahead but for me it just wasn't realistic enough for me so I did it what I actually did was I created an Excel spreadsheet of all of the schools that I was interested in from day one I think I started with probably like 15 schools I started with 15 schools and on the excel sheet I had the school name on the Excel spreadsheet their location if they offered a scholarship tuition their prerequisite requirements their GPA GRE requirements their shadowing requirements their letters or recommendation requirements literally I had all of the requirements that the school had for me to me and if I didn't meet some of them then I would cross off cross it off across that list okay cross it off the list took it off the list and I ended up with like ten by the time I was done with my application all of the schools that I met all of their requirements for it and then I really sat down and I was like do I have enough money to pay for all these ten schools and it was just like Mel says you don't so I cut it down to five and those five worked out for me so oh I didn't even talk about letters of recommendation oh honey child if you are applying to this cycle and it is March right now this is bro huh I hope you asked for those letters of recommendation because time is ticking okay time is ticking I'll talk about that in another video make sure you subscribe and you come back like this so I can know to make more videos like this I really want this space to be a space where I shared with you guys my journey to physical therapy and kind of give you guys some advice because there are so many youtubers who are youtubing their journey through PA school of nursing school med school and there's just not a lot of PT school students so I want to be one of them so if you guys again love this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe comment and I'll see you guys next time Kanaka mama pig wash

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  1. hello ! I'm starting my 3rd years for exercise science. When should I take my Gre's and have my shadowing hours done by?

  2. I love this! I just graduated from a community college and now I’m attending a jr. college to complete my bachelors & I’m nervous, anxious & excited to apply for PT school! I think I sometimes overwhelm myself because I know I want to achieve my goal of being a physical therapist but i have to realize it’s a process & I have to make sure I have everything in order to be successful! Thank you so much for this informative video! Please keep them coming! I love seeing a beautiful black woman chasing a dream, but what’s better is that we are doing the same thing! I wish you nothing but success & blessings through your entire journey! New subscriber here! 😘😘

  3. When would you suggest starting your hours? I am coming out of my freshman year as an exercise science major and I’m already starting to look at dpt programs

  4. #notificationgang Such a beautiful intelligent young black lady !! We love a black women in the medical field ❤️

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