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How Did This Trans Athlete Win?

How Did This Trans Athlete Win?

there is a transgender track star which is to say a genetic male named Cece Topher Cece Topher was apparently a middling sprinter as a male now Cece Topher considers himself a transgender woman and he competes on the Franklin Pierce University track team not surprisingly he is now world-class because he is running against women so here's what Cece tub but Cece Topher says no no no you understand I'm disadvantaged running against women which comes as a shock to all of the women who are getting beat by a guy who has six inches and a significant amount of musculature to his advantage in competing against this genders females is a disadvantage because my body is going on going through so many medical implications like it's going through biochemistry changes arm so being on you know hormone replacement therapy it it gives you it so it's you you're your muscle depletion your muscle is deteriorating you lose a lot of strength because you know testosterone is where you get your strength agility all of that um athletic stuff so I have to work twice as hard to keep that strength um okay can we go back to some of the pictures here okay this is a picture of Cece sulphur next to people who are competing with Cece tougher Cece sulfur is a very large human being so you see tougher how tall do you think this person is closing in on 6 feet probably this person is a very large human standing next to a bunch of very small women and they're now competing those very small women Cece Telfer won the women's 400 meter hurdles at the NCAA Division two championship I wonder why how could this have happened maybe it's because Cece Telfer is a genetic male and there are differences between male and female and this is all idiotic idiotic I understand hormone treatments not great for your body also when you start off as a man who is six inches taller than every woman on the field with the musculature of a man the depletion still not going to compare it to having grown up as a woman with estrogen but I guess we just have to be as stupid as humanly possible put all objective fact out of your mind instead favor the the feelings of people who are engaged in the delusion that they are physically the same as women I mean this is just because that's what this person is saying basic they're at a disadvantage as compared to lemon hmm that's why you're defeating them handily when you couldn't compete with the males / yes I'm sure

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  2. Tacko fall becomes transgender and goes to the wnba

    Just imagine that.
    A seven foot giant going against mostly 6 foot women.

  3. such complete BS no way a man should be in with women, I don't care what you cut off your never going to be femle

  4. The reality is that this isn't about female athletics. It's about normalization of gender confused people. Female sports is collateral damage, and frankly, nobody really cares about girl sports. Even the girls, it seems, to a large extent. If this type of unfairness was introduced to male sports it would come to a screeching halt until a solution is found. Teams would refuse to place, runners would refuse to run.

  5. There are MMA fighters that are transgender and obviously these athletes. It just totally turns me off of any of these sports involving transgender people. These people have zero confidence in who they were born as so they try and gain it as another sex all together. Epic fail.

  6. With all the equality stuff and women's rights these days yet they allow this, it's tantamount to masturbation without the pay off.

  7. I love this, women are complaining about trans-athletes winning over women athletes. I hope all those feminists are also enjoying this as it is their fault and all the sjw's crying for equality…. now they have it I hope they choke on it. I AM LAUGHING AT ALL THOSE SJW FEMINISTS.

  8. I understand but I think is safe to say is more injustice to have women who is half of the world in disadvantage that having one person in disadvantage

  9. Its funny how women are fighting for more EQUALITY……yet, the FEMINISTS are fighting for men to control EVEN the womens sports………..DERP

  10. This world has officially gone bat shit bonkers crazy , where are all the female equal opportunist? Figured you guys would be irate about this shit. Men are stronger and faster than women, period.

  11. That’s peak female performance, why can’t anyone understand that.
    Women just need to shut up and step up.

  12. If gay males are unattracted to females, why do they dress, talk, and mimic women. Then have a sex change and turn their crotch into a hole homosexuals dislike??? Where is th the logic in this???

  13. Im honestly surprised a trans-person such as Cece could even say their muscle is deteriorating when estrogen actually keeps that same muscle intact (even making it more resilient)

  14. Ben Shapiro sounds like a child, who started to enter puberty, and then quickly escaped it before developing the vocal chords necessary to be taken seriously.

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