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How Crimson Helped Jennifer Get Into NYU

How Crimson Helped Jennifer Get Into NYU

(upbeat electronic music) – My name is Jennifer Wright, I am from Auckland, New Zealand, and I’ve used Crimson twice. The first was to help me get into NYU CAS to study economics and
then I actually decided to change majors and also
do a internal transfer to NYU Stern. And so I’m currently at
NYU Stern studying finance. NYU is know to have one of the best undergraduate finance degrees and this is what made
it really appeal to me. A lot of the value comes
from being in New York City, which is, of course, a
global financial hub. I think that two things
have really blown me away about the experience. The first is, the incredible
caliber of the professors. My professors have gone
above and beyond to help me, they always want to support me on things, even if it’s projects outside of class and the really strong networks,
just amongst your peers. And beyond that, I think having this really supportive network of peers and alumni around you making sure that you
have all of the skills that you need to excel in that job. Crimson basically took my ivy schools and they were like, okay, you know, if you take a gap year and
you work on your SAT scores and your extracurricular, then you’re going to have a
pretty competitive application. They supported me with my
extracurricular and my SAT. I think my SAT went up over 300 points and also, I think the
mentorship that they gave me with respect to leadership
was incredibly valuable. One of the projects that I did was a pretty large-scale
event for UNICEF New Zealand. So we had a bunch of media coverage there, we had some politicians speaking, and over 250 people came to the event. And this was just something that, before I started working with Crimson, I don’t think that I would have, I guess, had the understanding of
leadership or event running to be able to execute myself. I then felt very
well-positioned to kind of like take those skills and
move it to the next level. One thing that I’ve really
enjoyed about working at Crimson is just how valuable the advice
that they can give you is, and they really tailor it
to you as an individual. So they don’t just give
kind of blanket advice, that they don’t just pull
schools out of QS World Rankings and tell you these are the top
schools for like X, Y and Z. They really talk to you
about what you want, what your aspirations are, what your career pathways
could potentially be. And then from there,
they’ll kind of provide you with the right pathway for you. And I wasn’t entirely sure, as well, I kind of moved between
economics and finance, and if you’re not sure
then they can provide you with guidance around more
flexible programs, as well. When I was with Crimson, I had a pretty wide range of mentors. They were actually all from Harvard, which was really inspiring for me. Just kind of talking to them, or not only just learning from them, like learning the SAT and essay writing and various subjects, but also talking to them
about their personal journeys and kind of how they managed to excel in the application process after having recently done it themselves. When I started working at Crimson, I was lucky enough to have some mentors who had worked at the best
firms around the world. And some of them were financial firms like Goldman Sachs and Tiger Hedge Fund, which are two of the most
elite firms globally, and they really spoke to me about what my opportunities really are if I wanted to pursue
something in finance. And so, yeah that’s been
hugely valuable to me. I’m currently, I recently signed
a investment banking offer for New York next summer, and further down the line, investment banking is
definitely a career path that I’ll be looking into. If you had asked me five years ago if I’d ever be a investment
banker in New York, I would have never even considered it.

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  2. I'm not sure if I can use crimson cause I'm not from USA and i really want to get there with education visa and….. is there any option to help me????

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