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How a Biker Club Helped Stop Bullying

How a Biker Club Helped Stop Bullying

(piano music) – [Phillip] My name is
Phillip William Mick, and I’m from Auburn, Indiana. (bicycle bell rings) I was getting bullied
ever since second grade, third grade, fourth
grade, and fifth grade. They were teasing on me,
picking on me, and all that. It was getting really bad and I thought this might need to be fixed. (motorcycle engine noise) (piano music) I was getting bullied for many years. People started cursing at me ‘cause, they’re wearing all rich stuff and I’m just wearing cheap stuff ‘cause, my parents can’t afford the rich stuff. They were calling me
fatso cause of my weight. My mom had had enough of it. She stepped in, talked with Brett, and he helps me by getting
all these bikers together to help me stop the bullying. (upbeat music) – I’m Brett Warfield director of United Motorcycle Enthusiasts. We ride together and help support our local communities do charity work. We ride to do good. It’s a brotherhood. – That’s what it’s about. – Get along instead of being hateful. Get along with people. – You gotta love everybody. – Exactly. – It started on the first day of school. We met at a restaurant. 50 Bikers were there. The bikers took me to
school to support, and tell all those people
that bullying isn’t cool and you should stop it. And instead of saying it, they showed it. – Good for you, man. Now you want to know something, we all love you. We want you to know that. – They only thought that a
few people would understand, but actually there’s tons of people. Now, there’s a lot of kids
who wants to be my friends. It just relieves all of my
feelings and all of that. It was my first time on a motorcycle. It felt like I was flying. (music gets louder) Me and Brett are trying
to stop bullying because many kids think that
the bully’s the big guy, but really the big guy is actually you. – Pay attention to your children. Teach your kids empathy. Open you’re heart up. See how you would feel. Love is the answer. (gentle music)

Reader Comments

  1. Bullies: Get outta my way nerd

    Bikers: I gotchu Homie, boys… We gotta take out the trash
    Teacher: No-no-no this is a public school………….. Do it outside

  2. I am a biker and a bald, bearded, tattooed metal head. I am biased, however the metal and biker community world wide is the nicest, most welcoming and caring community that I have the privilege of being a part of.

  3. Im a kid and Im not that pupular but i have a friend Who is getting Bullied and ive beaten up over 6 kids now over The past 2 years bc they Were beating him Im only 13 but yeah Its messed up that ppl would actually Bully Someone of a choice He didnt Make or had The ability to change

  4. I used to be a bully and i regret everything i did but the only thing i never did at the time was bullying people because they were poor, if i ever witnessed someone getting bullied because of wealth i was the first to step up and help that person, because i grew up in poverty as well.

  5. Of all the people good kids should not have to be bullied. My friend died from suicide because he was bullied to a degree that he thought he was not worthy to live anymore. Growing up is tough. And this shapes us later in our life and we hardly change from such experiences while growing up and continue till adulthood.

  6. Love is the purpose of life if you don’t live then u don’t know and if u don’t know u don’t learn there is a time and a place for everything and that video right there is for everywhere I don’t care if ur a trump supporter or not i don’t care if u don’t like biker gangs or not that video everyone has to like and put a smile on there face because after that kid found new friends he was popular

  7. Kid the only way to stop bullying is to do it forcefully just because other people tell them to stop don't mean they will you gotta prove not to be messed with just keeping it 💯

  8. "[bulying] …was getting really bad and I thought this might need to be fixed"
    *Brings a biker gang to school to fix the problem*

  9. This is very nice thing they are doing love from India to this cute boy and to this good bikers my love to them from heart😘🇮🇳

  10. Empathy, Love and just a little bit of Intimidation 🙂

    Warms my heart. I got bullied too. Why people take pleasure in inflicting pain on other people, on the vulnerable, is beyond me.

  11. There’s a biker club that goes with women to court who are testifying against abusive husbands and stuff, no man is gonna go after a girl with 20 bikers behind her after that

  12. Rubbish parenting .This shit only happens in the west. Never seen bullying in my country. India. In fact we're more empathic towards the less blessed.

  13. Being tough or scary looking shouldn't be what kids think they're supposed to become in a society to stop bullying. I feel like it's making the whole thing worse

  14. I know how were his feelings. Hes lucky hes got those guys and comunnity that helps him. I didnt have that luck, i had to do it all on my own and now from those who bullied me are my firends and they are better people than before. Hope this boy will work hard on himself. Hold you thumbs bud.

  15. Sorry but he thinks he was bullied because of this clothes no I could bully this kids for hours before taking about his clothes.

  16. Auburn IN? I live in Churubusco IN not to far down the road. It warms my heart to see my fellow Hoosiers come together and show love and kindness ♥️

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