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Hello guys, finally after a three month wait or even five months, we did it the contract has been signed but you’re probably wondering: with whom? well the most attentive ones on instagram will have seen it, if you are not yet registered go do it ’cause the fresh news I say immediately there, for those who hang out on youtube now i will tell you everything. As as asked on youtube by the community and on instagram I also use this video to make a Q&A that hasn’t been done for quite a while. Intro, and we start with this mega news and I’ll tell you a little better Well, I would say to start with the question of the questions: that is, where will I run next year? next year i will run in bmw with the berclaz team, in the end we got closer we made it we found an agreement that is good for both of us all happy, that’s what I wanted, because there was no more time to think about other situations with the team I always did good, so we just had to meet halfway, however I will explain it better to you in next week’s weekly vlog, I will show you exactly what happened so if you are not yet subscribed to the channel I recommend you do that, and now let’s go over all those things that are related, like the second most asked question so far which is where is the M4? guys, you killed me in these months a person who has a brain, can understand that the m4 is a surplus that is given by bmw, if I am no longer in bmw there will no longer be that advantage in terms of discount I told you about, so until there was that situation, I could not carry out that talk about the car, it seems to me a fairly obvious thing so in a month’s time I think I will be able to go and embrace my new vehicle on four wheels one thing made me think a lot though on the video I made last week about the issue that no one knew where I was gonna race etc there was much more malice than usual, in the end those who write bad stuff a bit are usually always the same two or three guys, while this time it was as if there was hope that everything would go wrong, you know? it’s amazing seeing how when things are going south those who feed on negativity come out like mushrooms it’s incredible and they make me feel a little bit sorry for them, because you can understand that they live just to enjoy other people’s misfortunes.. not my condition was a misfortune, it was just a moment a bit more complicated than usual however it made me think a lot, this thing, and we talk about it a little better because there are some very interesting questions moving on to a question asked on youtube: lorenzo spadano asks “can all this be caused by the launch of hp 4?” i don’t know why I have been asked many times after the crash if there might have been an inclination of of relationships but you still struggle to understand the difference between teams and BMW italia, who supports the various projects, gives me a hand providing me with the bikes for the championship and all the rest, last year the hp4 project, for those who followed, was decided last minute for the effort of the new S1000RR 2019 in being completed and so on etc, and therefore we said “well the hp4 race is a motorcycle very good, although no one has ever used it in the race for regulation issues so there will be no data, there will be nothing, it will be very difficult to put it right because carbon frames has never been used by anyone until now, in production bikes and even motogp it is practically not used, except in the swingarms, so I don’t say that bmw expected me to throw the bike on gravel at 280 km/hr and explode into a thousand pieces But when they gave it to us they told us try to bring it back, but you know what can happen in the races so it is useless that we now say “you could have not broken it”, absolutely, however, things happen and however overall BMW was very satisfied with the hp4 project, the numbers that came out were crazy for a niche like that of motorcycles and especially of that type of project we talk about that, among the crash video the presentation to the bike and everything else we are around over million of views, then you know even better than me that on youtube either there is the police, or you crash etc everything is fine, so it wasn’t my intention but in the end it went well and you just have to think that bmw is one of the largest companies in the world with the highest turnover especially in the automotive field a hp 4 race that breaks into three pieces is as if it were a grain of sand thrown into the ocean, that said The problems have been with the team to find an economic agreement. let’s try to make you understand this concept more today trying to find sponsors is more difficult than ever there is no doubt how much do you think the social part, being youtuber / influencer has affected and affects this every day? I believe a lot, without your skill in communicating and creating content in your opinion would you still have managed to get a contract despite being an excellent driver? and this is a beautiful question because what I have been saying for two years now if I had not taken this path I would probably be doing other jobs, because not even the sixth-seventh of the superbike can live decently with this job just racing. it is sad to say it, but it is like that, you are either in the first 5 in motogp and you are a predestined, who started at age 3, same goes for Superbike, or you can’t live well with this job / sport . my goal when I started this path was to change the mentality of what a driver must bring as a dowry, so far it has been about simple money, so I want to run I have to bring 90 thousand euros in this current state, however, I manage to exchange the topic of bringing money with bringing visibility and the problem with this year’s contract was just that that in addition to visibility and in addition to technical supplies other things came out that were not as good for me as they were at the beginning so gradually getting closer and closer we came to a reasonable thing, we closed everything. on instagram luca asks “the very competitive environment in which you race, never makes you anxious?” honestly, no. It doesn’t make me anxious, on the contrary, it is always a stimulus to do better and without that there would be no sacred fire but on the contrary the fact of having to stay behind a billion things instead of just training to ride a motorbike it makes me anxious because I waste time going to a sponsor and I know that I am taking time away for a workout likewise, if I go to do too much training I do not have the budget to be able to live to earn so finding this continuous balance between things makes me anxious because it seems to me that I can never understand when i’m giving too much at something , or at something else, how much time to devote to training and preparation to be competitive and instead to relations, sponsors contracts and all the rest because now I realized in my long experience in motorcycling/ influencer, etc is that if you want something do it on your own, because in competitions it is fundamental, you cannot do everything but the moment when you try to make people do something for you, you delegate, you’re fucked. immediately. it’s amazing, I’m realizing it every day more Alessandro asks on Instagram: “who fucks more, the rider or the youtuber'” dear Alessandro, as lewis would say there are often girls who want to do more things with you for your numbers and your fame than for the person you are. the important thing is to be aware of it and that’s it then there are the exceptions in the midst of them all.. also because finding a balance between beautiful girl, intelligent, nice, and everything else you get that it’s complicated, but honestly to answer the question in my opinion The numbers attract much more than being a pilot. Marco asks “the 2021 target is the the superbike?” the goal is always to raise the bar So when wins the championship, the international one, it is right for him to take a step forward I already wanted to do it this year but as you have seen due to force majeure it is very complicated but we try to do something very interesting anyway in fact I will have 2 wild cards in the pirelli cup that to make you understand it’s the level I go to train for my races on the same circuits so to give you an idea motoestate/ race attack at the base, where people start racing, then go higher and there is another agglomeration where there is Italian amateurs cup superior cup, pirelli cup, then there is another agglomeration which is the CIV where there are people who are like motogp testers, so riders who also pass from superbike or return from superbike to the Italian and that is the CIV where there is an international trophy superbike CIV, etc, and it is the highest level in Italy so as I did last year I will go to the pirelli cup to make a training competition, which the level I repeat is really high, because they run at around 52 53 for the first ones, and alberto will also make a wild card maybe at the pirelli cup so we will meet and do the first race together after two years and it will be crazy, we hope to organize it if you like the idea let me know and let him any case going back to me, as objectives I sincerely would aim, more than the superbike itself where there is a lot of money and I repeat being able to get in without spending is practically impossible I would aim for the Moto E, which is a championship very media-driven and the more we go on the more interest it will gain, so for the next year we will be able to do the world moto E e, plus the international trophy it might be a good goal simone asks “feelings after signing the contract for 2020?” feeling of peace, because being able to find the motivations, to train, it’s all very very complicated in that kind of situation, luckily everything is fine now first tests 3 4 5 6 March in pirelli tests which is a bit like the presentation of new products where finally I will get back on the bike, I will understand the situation, I’ve been told that the bike has changed a lot, there are new laws the electronics open so there is a lot of things to fix and above all I have to take some rust off of me which in my opinion will be tough because five months are many and above all the others have already been riding for two months to gain ground — I hope it will be easier than expected well this somewhat self-referential Q&A is over I hope I have been crystal clear in everything if you have any other questions please let me know below I will put on instagram in a story highlight all my championship all the tests and so on I will update you gradually at least you can see them all, where I will be, so you can also come to see the tests, however I will leave you leave you the dates in the stories however I leave it to you too, if you don’t have instagram, as soon as the video is finished there will be a screen that you can that a screenshot at, for you to save in a few days the moto gp will finish the tests, we will make a nice video but I am a little tired sincerely of being here at this desk in talk to you, I want to talk to you too from a nice circuit, so I really can’t wait 3 4 5 6 March. as usual gas and see you in the next video

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  1. " mi raccomando o quest'anno guidi di telaio o ritirati " 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ahah ma salite voi su una moto e poi parlate . Complimenti luca e in bocca al lupo 💪

  2. Quando hai fatto notare l’aumento di haters dopo il video della scorsa settimana mi sono sentito di dover commentare, per la prima volta! Io ti seguo da un po’, mi piace il tuo modo di fare e i tuoi contenuti (ammetto che ho incrociato le dita per un tuo approdare in Aprilia;)) però sono contento per il tuo nuovo contratto con berclaz! Ciao e dai gas come sempre!!!

  3. Luca, perché nei mesi in cui eri fermo in attesa, oltre all'allenamento e la preparazione in palestra non hai provato a girare in moto in pista per cercare di non perdere l'abitudine e la costanza?

  4. Ciao Luca. Ma quando sei fermo non conviene che ti alleni con una moto da cross o motard ? In bocca al lupo per la stagione in avvio. Gas a palla 😄

  5. Ciao Luca… È la prima volta che scrivo su you tube. Ti seguo da un bel po'… e se ho deciso di fare sta cosa è perché ho visto in te una sincerità nel dire le cose e soprattutto una voglia di vincere la "Vita" ,che mi fa un piacere estremo, come le gare che affronti! Sei davvero una persona da ammirare.
    Grande Luca e spero che avrai sempre il meglio…. perché la tua positività nell'affrontare la vita che fai, non può fare solo del bene x chi ti segue!😎👍…ps.
    Un Grazie immenso anche al grande Nazka grazie a lui che ti seguo.

  6. Tiferò per te, sei un grande, un grandissimo, simpaticissimo. 60 kili fa correvo anche io, era il 91 a persusa per due anni con una Suzuki 250 rgv, e anche se già con qualche kilo di troppo mi sono cmq divertito per due anni…oggi mi diverto guardando anche te. Continua così!

  7. Grande luca. Gran persona e gean pilota. SBK su Aprilia sarebbe perfetto. Sulla moto E ti canello 🤣 Lascia perdere i due sfigati con vita triste che sono felici solo quando qualcuno va peggio di loro. Ti auguro una meravigliosa stagione.

  8. Grande Luca…
    BMW the best…
    Ti auguro di correre fino 50anni, ma non hai mai pensato cosa farai quando appenderai il casco al chiodo???

  9. Schietto e sincero come sempre Luca 😝👍🏻
    Sarebbe bello vedere te e Naska in gara assieme 🤔 più che altro la "Ditta demolizioni Naska-Salvadori" 😂
    Scherzi a parte, sarà bello rivederti in BMW anche se i colori Aprilia non ti sarebbero stati proprio malissimo 😝
    Un bacio 😘

  10. Grande Luca sono veramente contento che il "problema" moto si sia risolto al meglio! Cavolo sarebbe strafico vedere te e Alby nella stessa griglia di partenza

  11. Vorrei porre l'attenzione su come il taglio di capelli si mimetizza e va perfettamente a filo con la scritta Salvadori alle spalle hahaha

  12. Dai Luca, comunque bella notizia, anche se da Milanese, Ti avrei visto bene su una Gilera o su una Parilla 😉

  13. Pensavo che eri tu il collaudatore Ducati, poi ho letto meglio e ho visto Savadori. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Buon per te, in BMW sei in un ambiente che già conosci. Auguri per questa nuova avventura.

  14. minuto 3:00 chi vive male gode delle sfighe altrui, soprattutto quelle di persone con un discreto successo… è così da sempre e sarà così per sempre! io non gli darei neanche spazio nei video se fossi in te.
    Che poi alla fine per forza non ti danno la moto! figa la guidi di telaio!! ahahah

  15. Luca apprezzo molto i tuoi contenuti, ti seguo e ti supporto dall'inizio di questa tua avventura. Tuttavia, sento di muoverti una critica. Ultimamente, complice anche le difficoltà professionali che hai vissuto, hai spesso lanciato messaggi al vetriolo ai tuoi detrattori. Personalmente non la considero una buona strategia perché non fa altro che polarizzare la tua audience. Dai motivo a chi ti attacca di continuare a farlo con sempre maggior violenza e, d'altra parte, spingi chi ti apprezza a difenderti da un nemico per noi invisibile distogliendo l'attenzione dai veri contenuti di questo canale. Il mio suggerimento è quello di ignorare totalmente questi odiatori online, se non ne parli evaporano come acqua al sole d'agosto 🙂

  16. "La miglior vendetta è vivere bene".
    Divertiti, facci divertire e fregatene degli invidiosi. Già solo averne parlato nutre il loro piccolo ego.

  17. Non è "come se", è proprio come hai detto tu. è pieno di frustrati che stanno pronti a godere dei fallimenti degli altri perché non hanno una vita, tu lasciarli parlare e continua a dare gas che manco li senti XD

  18. L'invidia sociale è immensa e mostra la pochezza di ci la prova. Sono felice per la tua soluzione. In bocca al lupo per la stagione.

  19. Un commento lo lascio in merito al fatto che se fossi passato all'Apriliona.. qualche salto di gioia l'avrei fatto sicuramente! 😁😁😁😁

  20. (……non dovresti dare spazio a persone che non lo meritano. E' una perdita di tempo per te e per noi.
    Un salutone e buona fortuna per il 2020)

  21. Bel discorso luca….ti seguo da sempre è nn ti ho mai giudicato!!!anzi apprezzo tt il lavoro ke fate alle spalle di qst video!!! Gassssss frate’

  22. Come moto E… una delle cose più belle dei video delle gare è il pure sound quando senti il taglio elettronico del gass che smitraglia…

  23. Caro Luca, la parte del video in cui parli degli haters mi ha fatto venire un pezzo del rapper Nitro:"Alla gente piace innalzarti se può toccarti
    Per far vedere agli altri che se vuole può tirarti su
    Ma quando stai troppo in alto e non può toccarti
    Ti tirano anche i sassi per il gusto di buttarti giù"

  24. Luca complimenti per la firma e grazie sempre delle tue spiegazioni molto chiare, cerco di seguirti il piu possibile , sono di Imola, quando verrai a correre a Imola spero di riuscire a venire a vederti e magari ad incontrarti di persona , tanti auguri ancora.

  25. Già e difficile per chi tifare fra Naska e D'ambrosio se ci sei anche tu 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️oddio guardo e basta

  26. Non voglio essere cattivo o sembrare un hater. Ma potevi prenderti una r3 e andare a girare in qualche pistino per allenarti come nelle vacanze estive secondo sei stato un po’ stupido perché adesso avrai un sacco di lavoro da fare per riabituarti quando invece se ti saresti allenato adesso eri già più o meno pronto

  27. Con i macinini…. no… dai … non si possono neanche chiamare moto…. giocattoli a batteria…senza l'adrenalina del suono allo scarico….
    il vero motociclista è quello ama la moto (sportiva) "smarmittata" e non vede l'ora di girare con scarico aperto…
    Io a girare a Imola (che devi avere lo scarico con db killer) soffro…
    Dai Luca trova un'alternativa.
    Uno di noi… Luca…uno di noi….

  28. Di la verità che tra tutte, la gara che attendi di più, è quella dove potrai dare la paga al buon Naska 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  29. Lieto per la tua firma. Ma ho questo dubbio: il prossimo anno cercherai prima altre opportunità?
    Non penso che sia stato particolarmente "gustoso" arrivare due mesi dopo la fine del 2019 e in ritardo di 3 settimane rispetto ai concorrenti per firmare. Tra l'altro dopo i mal di stomaco di moto 2018 moto 2019, HP4 dello scorso anno.

  30. Ciao Luca non ho manco finito di guardare il video e ti dico che sono felice che corri sempre li sempre in bmw andavi forte e questa stagione sarà 🔝 e per quanto la gente mio nonno me lo diceva sempre.. la gente è maligna e gode sulle disgrazie altrui ma i culo la gente sempre al top e sempre gas a martello💪🏼

  31. Ancora bmw..Ma ormai lo sai che non ti permette di guidare di telaio come fai tu😂😂😂Buon campionato…aspetterò di vedere le tue gare❤

  32. Cioè Luca, fammi capire… tu e Naska in gara?!?!? in una gara vera insieme?!?! lasciate a casa la ditta demolizioni però! 🙂 scherzi a parte, in bocca al lupo sia a te che a Naska e anche per i tuoi progetti futuri 😉

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