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History of Every SUPERMAN vs FLASH Race! Who is Faster? || NerdSync

History of Every SUPERMAN vs FLASH Race! Who is Faster? || NerdSync

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  1. If we were to take feats into account the flash makes superman look like a snail when it comes to speed. Considering the flash went from one side of the ever expanding universe to the other faster than instant teleportation.

  2. In the Silver and Bronze Ages, Flash's real power was not speed, but absolute control over all the molecules of his body. He could and did reconstitute his entire body after being disintegrated on more than one occasion. He could vibrate through walls. He could even survive his body being turned into all sorts of crazy things by various villains. This is what really distinguished him from Superman, who basically had the same speed level.

  3. Powers wise Sups is an all-rounder, not really the best in anything. Wonder Woman is the best in terms of fighting strength, the lanterns are the best beam wielders, Shazam has magic, Batman has intelligence and the Flash is the embodiment of DC speed. Empowered by the momentum of the entire Earth, Flash once ran so fast that he beat teleportation. That means he ran through normal time faster than instantaneous movement. Sups did some crazy things himself, both pre and post crisis but never has he shown this level of speed.

  4. Just once, I'd like to see the race happen and have Barry/Wally blast around the world to lap Supes just to let him know what's up.

  5. The advantage that the flash has is the speed force
    Without the speed force superman will probably destroy the earth if he moves at the same speed as the flash

  6. This is done very well in a justice league novel. They make it absolutely clear that flash would finish the race before supes even starts.

  7. Only reason Flash was made faster was to stop all the haters from saying Superman is to op. The flash has many other powers as well by tapping into the speed force, that’s why originality they were the same speed, he wasn’t holding back, they were equally matched.

  8. What about quicksilver? I always thought flash was quicker then supe, but how do u think quicksilver would fare? Love the video Man! En taro adun!

  9. Honestly, I really dislike Superman. He is so overpowered that he ceases to be interesting. The fact that he can run so fast that people question if he can run as fast as the Flash just stokes the fires of my hatred even more.

  10. One can fly, the other has a dimension of pure energy and power that surrounds the universe powering his speed. Seems pretty close

  11. Flash is faster. Even the smaller speedsters are faster. Superman-Prime(The one that isn't nerfed and is a planet buster) is literally afraid of them due to them utterly destroying him and putting him a red sun due to being faster than he is.

  12. Dude it’s flash always flash after all Superman can go supersonic while Flash can go Lightspeed no contest the Flash

  13. It has to be the Flash. That is the whole point of character. Though I do enjoy the competition in the league besides just Batsy and Sups.

  14. Alot of comments say that without speed, flash is nothing. thats really wrong. barry has lost his speed so many times before, but hes always found a way to come out on top either way. Barry is a detective who even batman has come to for help many times before, not to mention his genius intellect and fighting skill. he could easily hold his own without his speed. But obviously his speed helps. He is easily almost twice as fast as superman.

  15. "if i win, bruce said something about you taking all of us to brunch?" – supes

    "but if i win, i get to tell everybody!" – flash


  16. Flash should win. Clark's powers are biologically based and given to him by the sun, while The Flash is infused with the speed force, which breaks science.

  17. Flash is the only speedster to unlock time travel multiple times through speed so ge is indeed faster than Superman

  18. Flash is faster, supes would have never been able to go back in time if it werent for flash vibrating at ridiculous speeds

  19. I think it would just be annoying if Flash didn't win in a race against Superman. Flash would just become another member of the Justice League made useless and weak beside Superman.

  20. Even if Super Man Would Win Barry Would Still Be The Fastest Man Alive Because Super Man is Not Human

  21. In the one where superman actually caught up with flash isn't the difference that he caught flash and didn't surpass him even the image you showed showed superman grabbing flash from behind meaning flash was still technically ahead of him

  22. There was a comic series based on the 2003 teen titans series, in one of the issues Kid Flash faced off against Guatemalan speeder brothers Mas E Menos, and he lost because he accidentally pissed of his girlfriend.

  23. To me if jay stole supermans speed thats cheating because if he was faster than superman(witch im not saying hes not) he shouldn't of had to steal supermans speed

  24. I feel flash is faster than a non serious superman but Clark's always holding back as well so I think tie via superman wont lose by much if it's all or nothing

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