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Hills Off Road Moto X Race

Hills Off Road Moto X Race

Hello humans, I am at the hills now and
I’m about to race these dudes I think this is gonna be fun
these guys look so freaky ready here we go let’s get ready to rumble oh it’s on
the motorcycle seems so hard to control get back here ain’t nothing changed but
the weather as always I am the last one as much as I would like to say I am so
gonna enjoy this bye now stay where you belong but you
know ya ain’t nothing more interesting to do so basically I’m just pacing
around with no goal, with no intereset. Just going around with no reason therefore
don’t expect much from this video but you know anyway wait did they just lost
Hm well that’s new at this point I don’t think they will
surpass me no more so I would just keep speedin’ up
besides Formula One being the first one any kind of race it’s actually boring
look the deer around I mean there is no challenge to it once you’re the first
you’ll be the first till the end you’re just the first and that’s it
the controls are so hard I barely can control the motorcycle there you go ya know these wasn’t so boring after
all it was kind of cool they got pissed losers this is it let me know if you
guys enjoyed on the comments below and also stay tuned I’ll be releasing
another video soon see ya

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