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  1. When you are an enemy is distressed (sweat marks), the chance of landing a critical hit greatly increases.

    Now that this has happened, I will talk about it. Certain Persona can be holding as item when created via fusion. Once the Persona learns all it's moves, the Persona will give you its item. The chance for a fusion accident or Persona item holding is based on the moon phases.

    First Boss wipe. Yeah, the Tartarus bosses do not mess around. If you don't have a good team to deal with the enemy attacks, you are in for a rought time. Not having Junpei is a big handicap. There is a specific knockdown strategy where your team won't attack enemies that are knocked down, but I am not sure if you have it right now or not.

    One thing to note about the ma- hit all skills. You only get a 'once more' or all all attack if the attack knocks every enemy down in one go.

    Don't sell the gems you have gotten from fighting shadows. They can be used for something better in a certain place.

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