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Helix vs. Santana Wrestling Dual Meet 2020

Helix vs. Santana Wrestling Dual Meet 2020

For the Sultans, Eric Hernandez For the Highlanders, Kai Malick At 130 lbs for the Sultans, Marcelo Caplo For the Highlanders, Ezrah At 145 lbs for the Sultans, Anthony McClay For the Highlanders, Marco Moldanado For the Highlanders, Ty Dean Hey, hey. Don’t get cocky okay. Alright you guys wrestled well tonight and you took care of business. I’m proud of the way you went out there and competed. Every single one of you. Regardless of whether you won or not. You did really well okay. Alright here we go Helix on 3, champions on 6, One, two, three, HELIX! Four, five, six, CHAMPIONS!

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