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He Turned A Jetta Into A Taxi? | From The Gallery EP. 52

He Turned A Jetta Into A Taxi? | From The Gallery EP. 52

– What is up everybody? Welcome back to another
episode of From the Gallery. – Woo! – I’m here with? – Dakota. – Hey.
– Hey. – He wants to be famous. – I want to be famous.
(laughing) Put that Vine in there. Was that a Vine? Right? – Yeah it was a Vine. – Hey. I want to be famous. (chewing) – Was it back when Vine was cool? – Yeah. – And not dead. – And not TikTok, and then not some other (beep)
that they try to start up. – Woow! it’s the creators
of Vine and Vine 2, I’m so sick of it. I’m sick of it. – I’ve had that Vine
stuck in my head though. That little girl that,
“I want to be famous”. I don’t know why. – It’s been going on a couple weeks now. So anyway, we are back
with another episode of From the Gallery. We have picked four cars from the gallery that you guys have submitted. We’re gonna talk about ’em, we’re gonna review ’em, we’re gonna look at ’em, and then we’re gonna rate them, one to 10. – Hell yeah. – Before we get into it
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then we will get to it. But, anything else? Oh yah, We got a giveaway going on. – Yeah. – Pretty big deal? – We’re wearing the hoodies right now, we have a multi-piece wheel giveaway, going on with ESR, check it out, we have three different, different, three different pieces of apparel, windbreaker, hoodie,
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of entries, it’s dope. And win some multi-piece wheels. Check it out on – All right, your ready to get into it? – Yeah let’s do it. – Alrighty, first up, we got a little bit of a
wild one here, all right? – Wild one.
– Wild one. – [Alex] We got a 1986 Toyota Corolla – [Dakota] Wild – [Alex] Got some Atari racing wheels 15 by 9, -32 in the front 15 by 10 and half,
negative 32 in the rear, On some Accelera PHI tires, 165/50 in the front, with
a 195/45 in the back. Some custom lowering springs. This is AE82_Smurfy’s 1982 Toyota Corolla – Smurfy, Smurfy.
(Laughing) – So, got some different
photography pages here. Canoe Nation?
(mumbles – That a new born (mumbling) That sounds like a RuneScape username. (Laughing)
(mumbling) – And then good AE82_Smurfy. – There’s the (mumbles) shout out to them. – So, quick run down on this guy here. So custom made springs by Spring Rights. Fronts are 120 millimeters from stock, and rears about 110
millimeters from stock. So I’m taking that’s the
overfenders he’s got on there. – Sure. – Polyurethane suspension, rubbers and mounts, rear hubs had a 6
millimeter shims for Camber. So some Camber (mumbles). Rubs like crazy, who cares? Overfender wide body trim. Yeah. Has full stainless steel exhaust. In the front, here’s a Volkswagen
Mark2 Golf GTI front lip which has been flipped over and mounted. – That’s dope. (Laughing) He’s just like “It don’t fit, wait.” – So, go ahead and look through this guy, cause this is, this car
is very interesting. – Toyota Corolla. Wow that is some serious stretch going on. – We got a nine and half with a 165. – Yeah I suppose.
(Laughing) That’s insane. I have a 215 and a nine and half. The Louvers are dope – Louvers. – This car is dope. This is a very specific taste. – Yes. – G Nation. I don’t know what that is but, (Laughing) What are those things
called with the flowers, that they give you in Hawaii? – Leis?
– Yeah. – Like potato chips?
– No. – Oh – He hearts haters so that’s good. This is dope, I like it, I like the idea, it’s just, that’s a
lot of friking stretch. And I’m sure it’s hard
to get like cool wheels that fit these things and like, he can get good offsets on, so I understand what
he’s trying to go for, but man, I’d be a little nervous running that kind of stretch. I don’t like when the barrel is exposed. – Yeah that is terrifying,
that is really terrifying. – When the barrel is exposed,
that’s too far for me. However, the car is dope, it’s cool. I like the custom stuff.
(Laughs) GTI lip mounted.
(mumbling) And what lowering springs? Yeah and they’re definitely
custom cause this thing’s on the (beep) ground.
(Laughing) But it’s very interesting – Yeah, I don’t, like. I feel like, yeah it’s
definitely different. – The louvers are dope,
the louvers are cool. I like louvers, I don’t know why. – I absolutely love this car. I think it is super well done, in the sense of he had a
specific style he was going for. – Yeah. – And I think it turned
out really, really good. That whole like exposing like, the whole barrel of the wheel thing, is absolutely crazy, I can’t believe that
people actually do that, and are able to like,
drive their car like that. But I give this man 100% props, for being able to run that, and not just like having a panic attack the whole time that he’s driving it. I think the car itself
turned out absolutely killer. I think it’s very unique in it’s own way, and like, you can tell like, he just enjoys the (beep) out of this car. – What do you think about that baby blue robbin-egg blue color? – I think it really works for this car. – I think it fits the car yeah. (Chuckles) – Like, with the like details on the headlights and everything too. – And the lei. – Yeah.
(laughing) Like, it just, I don’t know, it just kinda all comes together. – Yeah, I agree. – Yeah, I think it works. I mean it’s not necessarily my style, but like I can really appreciate it. Ready to rate it? – Okay. This is a tough one for me. – Yeah, yeah.
– It’s a tough one. – You ready?
– Yeah. – Alright, on three, One, two, three – 7
– eight and half. I think that’s good. – I liked it, it’s just,
– It’s different. – I don’t know, it’s different – Alright moving on car number two. – If it was at a car show,
I would’ve checked it out. (laughing) – Something a little more down low. – Not different, Not
upside down GTI lobes? – Alright yeah, no upside down GTI lobes. So we got a 1998 Nissan 200SX. It’s a Volk CE28N. (mumbling) – [Alex] 17 by nine and
half plus 15 all around. Federal 595 RS-R, 235/45
on some H&R coilovers. This is HKN_S14’s 1998 Nissan so. – That thing looks mint. – Three degrees of Cambra front and rear, fenders rolled – Damn! – [Alex] Homemade titanium (mumbles) – Damn. – [Alex] Greddy 3 inch downpipe. Kneecap and elbow. Power intake Knees, wheel,
motor and gear back mounts. – Damn. – Short shifter, upgraded
clutch and a Walbro fuel pump. – Oh! – So he’s got a whole bunch of goodies. – He’s got the horses in the back. – He’s got,yeah. – I don’t think you can
use that saying anymore. (Laughs)
I think it’s out of style. – Alright. – There’s no more country
rap songs coming out though. – This thing looks really, really clean. I love that it’s very simple. It’s very minimal but he’s
got some power stuff going on. – [Dakota] Exhaust looks so dope. – He’s got a fantastic exhaust set up, The Volks are a friking
perfect choice for this car. I love everything about it. I love that it’s red,
I love the wheel style, it’s got some friking meats on there. Like it just looks very– – [Dakota] Why do you love that it’s red? – I love that it’s red
because I love that it’s red. (laughing) And you know why I love that it’s red? – You friking commie. – You know why I love that it’s red? – Why? – ‘Cause I love that it’s red. – ‘Cause it’s red. – It’s like Clifford. – Clifford the big red S14 200. Now, I think it looks really clean, I love that it’s pretty
simple for the most part. – Yeah definitely. – It’s very tastefully done. – We just don’t see any of
these around these parts. No this thing is friking gorgeous. I love the exhaust on
there, it looks perfect. If I had one of these, I’d
put that exhaust on there. The wing, how do I feel? How do I feel? It’s tough to think about. I like ’em wingless a lot though too, and that’s where I’m kinda, I like both. – [Alex] Even that style? – I do like the wing. – [Alex] Okay. – I like that it’s different, cause I feel like most
you see are wingless. But just the shape this car is in alone is earning some serious points. As for the front bumper, I’m not sure if I’m a huge fan of this specific front bumper. – [Alex] Sure. – But it still looks good. I would like to personally
see it, maybe a tidbit lower, but I mean, I’m sure he’s
keeping it functional and stuff like that. – Yeah. – Wheels were an absolutely
phenomenal choice for this car. Looked perfect on it. Those wheels are meant
for a car like this. And then, like, his
fitment is pretty spot on. It’s not the height I wanted it to be at, but for flushness, it’s right there. – Yeah, yeah. – And looks really friking
good, I am jealous. Maybe like to see some tint on him, kinda a tint guy. (Alex laughs) But I don’t know, like
that (mumbles) look, kinda goes with the
like, clean look of it, and all that too, but I would
probably end up(mumbling) yeah, I don’t think red goes
well with carbon fiber too, so I’d like to see maybe
some carbon fiber goodies, – Yeah. – But keeping it simple, keeping
it clean and it looks good. – Absolutely. That’s why I love a lot of
these cars that we get so many, cause we get just some
really good taste in cars. Ready? – Yeah
– Alright, one, two three. – 8.5
– 8 Alright moving onto car number three. 2017 Infiniti Q50 – [Dakota] A Q50 okay. – [Alex] Weds Kranze LXZ 19
by 10 plus 4 in the front. 19 by 11 plus 2 in the
rear and Achilles Sport, 225/35s and two 235/35 and
some BC racing coilovers, we are looking at static boy here. This is Fullsendjuan’s Q50. – It’s orange, like it’s here for us. – Yes sir. – So Q50’s are like these underrated cars in the scene, – Yeah. – I’d like to say Like, they look damn good from the factory. They’re cool, they’re like luxurious, but kinda sporty at the same time. I like these cars. I think the Q50s are cool and I think as the years go
on, they get a little cheaper, you’re gonna start seeing these
a ton in the car community. – Absolutely. I’ve actually seen a lot of these being started added to the galleries. – Yeah. so I think you’re absolutely
spot on about that. – Some of these photos too are spot on, and look really damn good. Man, I like this a lot. I’m not an orange car guy. awkward. – This is awkward. – Normally. Like I enjoy seeing them. I don’t know if I’d get one. but this, the orange on
white, dreamsicle, just woo! Dude, I’ve done this like
83 times this episode, I don’t know why, it’s like a tick. (laughing) Anyways, so another thing I wanna touch on is the Weds Kranze LXZ’s, phenomenal choice of wheel, but these wheels, I think it’s so funny, because if you don’t have
offset or lip with these wheels, I think they’re like terrible. – They look really goofy. – I think they look like garbage. Like if you have no lip, no (mumbling) But when you have tons of
lip, these look phenomenal. It’s a whole new wheel. – Yeah. – I love it. As for the car, it looks like wheels have been
lowered for the most part. So I’d like to see, I don’t know, like what the
aftermarket scene is for this, like what kind of goodies you can get for- look like, damn! Wait, wait, wait. – [Alex] Yeah! Static. – Whoa whoa whoa whoa yeah, (Laughing) I just it, it just clicked in my head. Holy (beep) he’s destroying this thing. But that’s, I mean it’s
pretty (beep) dope. I’d like to see a lip on it, but I don’t know if he’s got room. So that’s wild to be
running it static like that. (mumbles) Camera, tone traction arms, front God speed, focus, cut and welded with flipped ball joint to achieve up to negative
12 degrees of Camber. That’s a lot of Camber brother. Rubs like crazy. Who cares? No modification, rear
quarter is not rolled because they are one ply, so it’ll go back to it’s original shape. The more you know, with this being a newer car, obviously 19s will look good on it. 19s look like they’re meant to be there. It’s dope. This guys (beeps) hard,
as the kids would say. – Why would the kids say that? – Kids don’t say that. – They’re all static
like that is just wild. – Yeah, absolutely, I give
this guy (beep) mad props, ’cause this thing is absolutely crazy. The fact that he’s static. – Ripped to his fender.
(Laughs) – Yeah ripped to his fender, but you know, you can definitely see it in
this picture here even more. Kind of, his travel distance
I guess you could say. But yeah, overall I think like, It’s a solid wheel choice for this car. Like I feel like they look good
on a lot of different cars, like I feel like we see them
on pretty much everything, and I think it is because
they just look good. – They’re good on slammed cars, like stanced cars is where
you’re gonna put LXZs. – Yeah absolutely. So I think like overall
it is, it’s pretty clean. I’d like to see maybe some like carbon or something like that. – Yeah. – Maybe like a duckbill or something, I think would look super clean. – I agree. – Yeah, that rear quarter is
just the price you gotta pay for rolling that low with
static and fender lip fitments. – It sucks. – But I mean, I give them
props for doing that, because Jesus, I would never do that. Personally, like I don’t think I could. I’d just be cringing the
whole time while driving. (Laughing) – I’ve had some pretty low static cars, but I’ve never ran fender
to lip static in that low, because, for that reason. – Yeah. Cool, you ready to rate it? – Yeah. – On three. One, two, three. – 8.
– 8. Some solid 8s. – I’d rate it higher if
it was a little cleaner, like less damage. – Yeah. – That’s a lot of damage. (Laughing) – That’s a lotta damage! – If there was a little (mumbles), maybe he’d shown some
interior stuff or something, cause I think that’s where
those cars really shine is like when they move into the interior. – Yeah. – Cause like exterior wise, like yeah you wanna keep it simple, you wanna keep it low, you wanna keep it- – Yeah I understand that. – You’re not gonna go crazy with arrow. You’re not gonna do
all that kind of stuff. – Yeah. – It really comes down to
like moving onto the interior, and making those like little small like- – Like throwing a lei in your car. – Yeah, yeah. – Or a snake on top of the roof. – Or snake on the roof, – Snake on the roof
would’ve been a 10 all day. (laughing) That’s all I’m saying. Moving on to the fourth
and final car of the day, Moving over to the
European side of things. We got a 2007 Volkswagen
Jetta and some BBS RS’s. – [Dakota] Alright! – [Alex] 18 by nine and
half plus 24 in the front, 18 by 10 plus 18 in the rear Nankang’s and on some air-light
performance air suspension. This is Yahnnyboii’s 2007. – Yahnnyboii, Yahnnyboii, Yahnnyboii, (Laughs) – So we have R32 front end Euro
wingless trunk from the UK, Euro tail lights, brush mirror
cab design front and sides, full screens custom exhaust APR stage 2. – [Dakota] Wow he’s got
a lot done to this Jetta. – CTS turbo piping integrated
engineering from inner cooler. – [Dakota] Damn. – Some engine transmounts,
(mumbling), diverter valve, (mumbling) clutch. – Damn. – Fly wheel, and then a sub
frame deadset mount kit. – Brother. And these are on a
negative 2 in the front, or negative 2 in the front, negative 4 and half for the Camber. – That’s impressive with how
big a boy them wheels are. – This thing is so friking cool. – It’s a friking taxi homie. – It’s a friking taxi bro. He’s got some friking like- – Crazy taxi, you remember that game? – Oh yeah. – You ever play that game? – I played that game on my Game Boy. – I played it on my PS2. – Alright, so I love the
creativity with this, just running like the whole taxi theme. Maybe that’s not something– – Crazy taxi. – that runs all the time. But I think it’s pretty cool. His license plate says Taxi
so I mean, you never know. – Crazy taxi. – The black and yellow two-tone. I think it looks really good. – Black and yellow, black and yellow. – The BBRS’s and the fitment on this is just so friking perfect. I love all the other stuff
that he’s got done to it, cause it’s not just the
aesthetics stuff for this, you know, you got the stage two too. And you got the exhaust. You got the clutch, you got
a whole bunch of other stuff. – Yeah he did a lot of stuff to a Jetta. – I think it all ties
together really nicely. That fitment is just
perfect dude, look at that. – Yeah this is dope. I love, I mean, a V-dub Jetta – Yap. – On some baby SRS’s, Like peanut butter and jelly. You know what I’m saying? – Volkswagen and – Jelly.
– Jelly. – Yap. So, it looks super good. Taxi license plate’s dope. I like the like black trim,
that goes around the car. That looks cool. You don’t see too many yellow cars and it’s cool when people
do ’em up like this. – Yeah. – Fitment is friking phenomenal. It is kinda weird to like, have a staygered setup on
a front wheel drive car. Yes, I know I said staygered weird, I’m from Wisconsin. – Staygered. – I was born that way. I’m broken from the factory. – (Laughing)
Broken from the factory. – Alright, my warranty is expired. (Laughing) Doctor won’t fix me, so
I’m gonna say staygered. I think it’s dope. I don’t know what else I would do. Wait, wait, wait, hold
up, hold up, hold up. – Alright. – Not a fan of the chrome mirror caps. I don’t care what they are, I don’t care about silver mirror caps. (Laughing) – Don’t do that. That’s my one gripe with the whole thing. Otherwise, I friking love it. And I don’t think I’d
do really anything else. – Besides mirror caps. – Hello, yes. We were getting a phone call, on the iPad. (Laughing) Imagine talking on that. Hello! Hello! No, anyways. Again, is tint not cool no more? Unless this is just very light tint. No it doesn’t look like it has tint. I would tint the windows. I think it would look
good with tinted windows. Kinda saying the same thing. But no, I really like this car and I wouldn’t do much else to it. I’d just get rid of the silver mirrors. – I just love when people
take cars like this and go wild with them. – I love when people just take their car and turn it into a taxi, – Exactly. – Which is basically what Uber is. – This would be my favorite taxi. – This is a taxi. It’s taxi season, go buy some wheels. (Laughing) – Tires or suspension. – Alright so one out of taxi. – one out of taxi.
(laughing) Crazy taxi. – For real, ready to rate it? – Yeah. – Alright, one three. One, two three. – Taxi.
– Nine. What does taxi- – That correlates in this
rating system to a nine. It would be a, I’d give
it a friking 10 I swear, if it didn’t have chrome
silver mirror caps. – He was so close. – Yeah. I wish I wouldn’t have seen them. – Like (Beep) outta here
with your mirror caps. – Maybe he loves them
now, and he just hates me, as a person. But that’s just my opinion bro. – Just the price you gotta pay, I guess. – That’s just how the taxi crumbles. – That’s just how Dakota
rates mirror caps. – That just, I wonder
how much he’d charge me to ride in the taxi. (laughing) – Anyways, that’s gonna
wrap it up for this episode of From The Gallery. Thank you guys so much for watching, And don’t forget, if you want your car featured
in an upcoming episode, you gotta add it to the gallery, first of all, – Super easy go do it. – Super easy. And then shoot us an email at [email protected] with the subject line, Review My Car. (hands clapping) – Greg you so glad you don’t
have to do those anymore. Absolutely, it’s all Max’s job now. – Yeah.
(clapping) – And he loves it. (Laughing) So that’s gonna wrap it up. We’ll see you guys later. – Peace. ♪ Wake in the morning and I step outside ♪ ♪ And I take a deep breath ♪ ♪ And get real high ♪ (upbeat music)

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