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Hi, I’m Megan. I’m Ciera and I’m Maggie and we’re from TheCheernastics2, welcome to Flipping Friday today we’re doing an oldie, but a goodie video. Not good. No, not good. I’ve been dreading this video all day. We’re doing the chug a jug challenge. So if you have ever been on YouTube you should know what the chug a jug challenge is Basically me and Megan have Coke because we drink pop quite a bit this is our pop of preference Maggie, doesn’t drink pop, no I don’t ever drink pop, and we had her have an easier one Yeah, and me and Ciera for sure have done the Coke for this challenge and Mountain Dew for this challenge, Coke is way harder but Maggie’s not the best. I literally DIED. Even with the Mountain Dew me and Ciera did pretty good but Maggie was still like dying. Wasn’t that when I puked over there I was like BLAH! So basically how this challenge works is we’re going to start chugging the pop and when we stop chugging it then we have to do some sort of gymnastic skill. Once we do gymnastics skill we start chugging again Continue that process until you’re done drinking it and then we try to see how fast we can do it [mm-hm], so let’s get started. music Ok so I am going to be going first. I’m also going to try and chug as much of this as I can at time So let’s see How this goes. Megan is going to count me down. [3, 2, 1, go!] Ow I have a phase Oh my God. I thought I was going to burp. [Music] Hope the winds of change will change your mind. I could give a thousand reasons why. [Ciera]That burns so bad. I have to do smaller chugs. [Music] We don’t have to grow up we can stay forever young. Living on my sofa, drinking rum and cola underneath the rising sun. I could give… Not really doing too hot right now. But you’re going and you know that all you have to do is stay a minute just take your time the clock is… You know how dumb I am? I almost started doing a round off with like pop still in my mouth. I would’ve spit it out. Is ticking so stay all you have to do is stay a minute just take your time the clock is ticking so stay all you have to do is stay. One more. It is my turn now to do the challenge. I am also going to be drinking Coke. I am not looking forward to this. Alright freshly open [okay ready, set, go] Ow That burns Oh my God. That was like a mini throw up honestly. [Ew!] That’s disgusting! Oh my God! Living on my sofa, drinking rum and cola underneath the rising sun. I could give a million reasons why but you’re going and you know that… Getting there. I’m feeling worse. Oh that one was a bad one. I honestly feel like if I go upside down I’m gonna like throw up. Oh my God. This is my favorite drink, and I don’t want to drink it so bad right now. I just have to do one more. I can do it. It’s gonna be a big chug but I can do it. It’s done. Alright so I never drink pop so it literally hurts just to drink pop like cause I never drink it. So like the first when I drink it I’m just like ow! So I’m going to try and drink this and I really don’t want to do a skill so I’m gonna try and chug it all in one that’s why I’m sitting down. What if I. Ok. Hold on. Do I get to open it first? [yeah, you can open it] I’m really scared. I can’t even open the pop. [Okay] Ew the sound! [Ready] No [Set] Wait this is full. This is more full than normal pops. Not kidding. It’s literally to the top. [Okay ready] No [Set] [Go] I can’t. Shut up! I’m turning around. I didn’t even drink any. Oh my God. It’s to right here if anybody wanted to know. I just burped up my quesadilla. I keep burping up my quesadilla. It’s so gross. I feel like I’m puking. Done So Megan is the winner of this chug a jug challenge. Is anyone a winner honestly? [No one is a winner for this challenge] I say if you guys are looking for a fun challenge [Don’t do this] Find a different one. Find a different one. [Like honestly no] Our channel has lots of challenges. This is for your entertainment not ours. [Yeah.] We struggled. Made ourselves feel sick just for you guys because Maggie actually improved [Ew!] a lot on her last one. If that’s anything to be proud of. It’s still disgusting like literally ew like never again. But it’s fun to watch people do it [yeah]
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  1. Hey guys can you pleeeeeeaaaasssseeeeeeee do another series of gymnastics camp!!!!????? I loved it so much and Im sure other people did too!!!! Please do this I and many other people would love it!!!! 😁👍

  2. I love this channel so much! These girls are full of kindness and sweetness. I love you TC2 so much! You guys are the best gymnasts ever was! ❤️❤️

  3. I love this channel! I wake up on a Tuesday and Friday saying I wonder what TC2 have posted today!!???😀😅😀😅

  4. Finally a YouTuber that says pop. I'm excited because I say pop and no other YouTuber says pop, I know I'm over excited 😊

  5. Omg I have watched your videos for soooo long and I still can’t tell who Ciera or Megan. Can’t tell the difference 😂

  6. I cant even chug water during break because im level 6 and we do bars right after break and one day i tried to chug my water during break then when i went on bars i had to do kip on the low bar then connect to the high bar then do a fly away and i puked while doing my kip……

  7. Hey you guys are so cool but I have a question what level did you get to i’m In Level 4 and when I was in 3 your backhand spring video helped me SOOO MUCH THANK YOU YOU SAVED MY GYMNASTICS CAREER🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. This is like when you drink liquid when you exercise and you can just feel it swishing in your stomach as you move omfg

  9. I just tried to do the challenge but 🤮😭😫😤🤢👎🏻🤟🏾🗣👦🏽 and my 🐶 watched me

  10. You need to stop drinking that crap. I'm telling you, it's poison. I gave it up a decade ago. I have a great ice tea recipe that you can have.

  11. I like that song but my favorite song is called we r who we r by Kesha you should use it in your guys videos

  12. Tc2 Gymnastics And Cheer Challenges Video 🇺🇸🚺🚺🚺👍🏽👍🏽💪🏽💪🏽🤸🤸🤸💯🔝💞💞💞😘🤗🤣😳😍

  13. 🚺🤸🚺🤸🚺🤸👍🏽👍🏽💪🏽💪🏽🔝💯💞💞💞😘🤗🤣😳😍🇺🇸

  14. Just drinking one soda a day increases your risk of diabetes. It does help with cleaning battery cables. Lol. Don’t ruin your hard work.

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