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  1. I honestly love this because as a cheer leader a lot of the boys at my school say it's not even a sport then when I ask them why they say it for girls which makes no sense at all

  2. They should have done "People Try Training with Smoed for a Week" they would get their butts kicked lmaooo

  3. Um… I’ve been cheering for a only a few months, but how in the HECK did they slay those toe touches in 4 practices? WTH
    Also: did they already know how to do backhand springs and Ariel’s? That’s awesome
    They’re amazing.

  4. I love cheer I have been doing cheer for 5 years I’m 9 and I started when I was 4 and for 4 years I have been a base now I’m a flyer I’ve always wanted to be a flyer and I’m good at it

  5. I have been in cheer for 3 years and my team is the best come to MN and my team will teach you. CHEERLEADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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