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[GT Sport] – Ultimate Saver || FIA Championship 2019

[GT Sport] – Ultimate Saver || FIA Championship 2019

I stood and I love you have to save to blossom in the rain you'll slip around as if you but you should know you make me feel like a maid [Applause] like me keep on dancing Oh every single inside your Berlin's there just wanna be inside keep it you'll give my night just [Applause] George's keep on dancing hello everybody and this is obviously the robot test of course let's see if we are robots first of all robot let's sit down let's sit down close that down sorry I'm late guys sorry I'm late that's got a b c chat at the moment this is how prepared I am I've literally just got in I've not got water I got a cup of tea I've not got anything let me get it so i can see chat there we go i can see chat stream labs how is everybody and let's do some shout outs while we're waiting for a couple of minutes i was trying to reschedule this on my phone for quarter to book panel II didn't let you on your mobile so rip to me so who is here we have stack gaming Quinton scourge Anton mark quote guitars constic al stone nothing you Noel scourge Tom Dundee monta mark lady dog rascal CD hammer to VCO Chewie maverick lady doc Oscar I'm a dreamer LCR Thomas Quinton Adam Zico SF howdy found Finland Sammy ghostly Russ curries I think that's everybody flamingo Becks hello everybody hello if I've missed you I apologize oh no I think I just lucked into the wrong account on stream laughs no I didn't whoo I'm got alerts on so I can see everything Tiger bond waves back upon like one something that chat although he holds back one is here now tiger bond hello Matt we've done very little practice today about 40 minutes worth we did obviously our main practice yesterday we're not expecting a huge amount from this so we will see what happens I am very stuffed from the meal I've just been to which I actually ditched early yeah I did try and like me range it on my phone this just so we would do last slot but I couldn't um so yeah so this pet be a good bloody stream yeah Harry kusu strife Graham yo Sam the mighty well cars rip SR I open up let's hope not it's a huge fuel saving race yo Joseph so we'll see what happens now I can't see your 38 9 but yeah it's a bit hard to get now I've heard perky's done well tonight which is quite bad for us in terms of manufacturers obviously Mercedes through screw excuse me are up there already so you know it'd be nice to get some solid backup points if we can how was the real world any good yeah I was all right and a chicken burger two pieces of chicken in a burger chips but fries because I don't like chips like fries but yeah it's alright how is everybody now I haven't caught that great job to Keefe he's won the Nations race I love Fuji I would do feature myself but because I want to qualify for outing I'm sort of doing this get the 40 I won't get 40 points I can promise that right now because this is such a fuel saving race we will not get who will like points I have my eye two potentials 38 to see you know Telecom other sectors I'm looking together doing that though yeah who wouldn't the first manufacturers does anybody know and does everybody know what strap they used as well I'd be very interested chips the chips are fries basically we get my Donald's storm Warren that was a bit of no stop [Applause] rip Ted as well as versatile [Applause] kids Monty but the slow first lap but we need to get into the swings of I think why normally we have a practice I'll be before the race this is going to be quite different [Applause] [Applause] now this one movie always expected as well that we wouldn't do the best at just because it's a fuel saving race in the r8 can't save fuel and it can't save tires weirdly though the Porsche can't save fuel even though the Porsche in the Audi are basically the same car now in terms of the handling car so I'm assuming the basic fuel of natural engine sizes v10 yo oh just put the barrier because a bit time let's put our ghost on so we got a ghost erase up 44 miles today we've not done anything today so we are gonna probably doing this and the last slot as well how is everyone though [Applause] okay not too bad mile-an-hour dough [Applause] just enjoying the rain yeah what's reading here earlier let's cut the stock now I've got the held up it's about first sector are better 2.0 let me out there not slow I was very slow as I ghost Wow you're a fairly rascal Oh light [Applause] did that completely wrong rip to ditch since you can't drop right here a llama we're pretty quick driver tsutsu [Applause] [Applause] I don't know I'm assuming they're gonna base fuel off engine size because we should be the same as the Porsche of the Porsche is really good and this is absolutely shocking I'm assuming they do kept down a previous life [Applause] or to date to date so the whole region that during this this race because in reality we shouldn't have to do it is twofold is to stop other teams really get points if it was just to have some points in the bag just in case if we can get those points hit the barrier again what we're on five times down in Sector two then what should be [Applause] all right let's get these enough in now yoky somebody selling Chucky one the nation's raise congrats me [Applause] or lost the rear a bit then [Applause] better great job mate say now that I want the money to go at Fuji but because of this damn toward instructor I've got to benefactress Ola Fuji [Applause] [Applause] oh no you know [Applause] hahaha [Laughter] [Applause] Oh slow that was so slow just making a food that we make it Oh what the hell he's not tase you moron 39 5 you should be down in the very low 39 [Applause] yo Blake how you make the truck is really hard to reach at crazy same time [Applause] our raids one of the worst cars that fuel not the worst that's the Ford GT BMW m6 it up there has been one of the most atrocious that fuel saving as well I'd say this is one of the worst cars that we were saving [Applause] [Applause] tuna baguette Waldorf Archy stuff you'll be on about who's made an out an alternative account is anyone Lois method a for nature as well the Wow players in the what's in the Mitsubishi Mitsubishi oh it is a fuel nope can't be as bad as Saudi yes I'm jealous Paul soda [Applause] [Applause] milah so who's made an alternative account but must be the our goal in the race is just to hang on to somebody [Applause] and if we can't hind gun we have to speed up to hang on the f1 pro draft Oh teach you to play blood to each other yeah don't worry about it Oh Clips it again I've got time one last restart yeah as LGR thomas says it's not really a surprise yes big [Applause] [Applause] could run out that corner they've been get down into the point once again Oh lovely lovely lovely lovely go Christian yeah you're also padded sector two [Applause] we fish on the good laugh Oh much Miette [Applause] and he Bruins it on the last corner yeah I know I'll need to look and you don't want to look I can get good teach ran a little something at rolling that's been going on on that as well hilarious to read it so let's have a look at this Matty's going to be strong here see I don't meet the soup for up but the in Asia yeah yeah Monica managed to do very well with it but it's a slow race I'm assuming that allowed him to save more fuel some heavy fuel usage here as well we'll see where we start we'll see where we start inside what to do after that I know Adam I know but the Audi struggles even with that what we're looking at points wise if we can get fourth or third I'll be happy maybe in fib burn up woods up be how people for for not woods definitely watch out for William ed why would ed push me into a wall the pleb what three ports oh my word good luck tit yeah I neither tonydd it actually need all the looking yeah don't get me wrong tanking dr did cross my mind but even tighten the I'd be useless for this so there's no point and nerve on Saturday there we can get some serious points my issue at the moment isn't this underscored well tonight so are they overtaking Audi and Porsche overtaking Audi and we back out the top 12 hoping that I don't wear out he was in the CSA last week when you know how D was the best at the round basically on one of the best sorry Mercedes was the best he got some serious point sir no no bickering isn't the feel safe apparently yeah yeah your assets in here k to be honest I'm not sure why I mean the Audi struggles so I can't even imagine what the Ford GT is like quality struck wiseguys we're looking at what we did at drugging trail [Applause] yeah no bitch flat out which thankfully suits the Audi the Audi would be absolutely awesome here as well as II was flat out because nothing would be able to keep up in the corners but unfortunately it's not so you've got to play the hand we've been dealt Oh as a Chevrolet in here as well I don't want Chevrolet doing well Oh calm boys let's see what I can do first round I think tired of time six here actually just like so our banker will give around 40 point 1 while wonder what's this killer would pay to be in the GTI now I've seen cars pass me and I'm just like greater fuel saving great fuel saving just two Chevrolet's on my word see one thing that comes to mind with all of this though is that it's gonna be that many non Stoppers that surely they're gonna trip over each other hey we'll see I did a 40.0 banker earlier and it was a horrible laugh at odds of shot player it's in movies like Moyer I was on a 39 point to some expecting Maire to get pole here then we're just gonna follow what I've been waiver it does yeah based what news you'll sit no no that you'd have to go too long were you doing it for three quarters black and then it's all game from here hmm what do it appear as well to put kids need to be Giller is going for Moira's slipstream which is a you smell nice clean love [Applause] don't forget me to my TV done you just come on mate so we shouldn't need to do it let's go holding stock there we go ruined already [Applause] absolutely terrible luck [Applause] it's like all the people are in terrible Louisville [Applause] I'm surprised at these labs this is gonna be a mid 40 I think the hell with [Applause] five miles an hour quicker why do you move 30 97 that's a good luck [Applause] so from an absolute Barnstorm ever going to complete the laughs we're not so [Applause] haha so first likely yeah it's a terrible at 4.3 [Applause] [Applause] we're not were that far off and it's been a horrible life [Applause] [Applause] maybe was Carrie know what can I know is that gonna fit it was carrying on their top we can get round turn one the faster serving compared to any car who is up to p3 there Meeta we're going to hit that flawed point of the point system where we get like a thousand points see it happening right now those are bank collapses actually that but see that we have just jumped on and had very little practice before I look at the positives [Applause] did we get above the grid though [Applause] huh I wish do you imagine but I mean I could be at 39 7 my car's got much faster boy working up much hassle oh my word on the hell was I [Applause] gets it too [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] poor we've just got enough for one laugh [Applause] [Applause] a bit off-putting her Adam's right in the apex oh there we go game over now we'll finish it well push great a kind of closer is though what kind of clothes is [Applause] it's slow though Asia were much faster six attempt to see what we could have gained pounding up in there God press Tarkus since his right behind us [Applause] their minds I wouldn't have to leave fast cuz I'm not invented toys as I got back I'll be back in two seconds temp position well I guess 1500 points temp I mean how far am i off I'm like four tenths off or battle two is at the top bowel of the Toyotas that's gonna be an interesting one we're slap-bang in the middle of all sorts here yeah Toyota's that's unusual yeah we could do a lot better than that we could have put it on polaron but the times I've seen just something perhaps stuff we're not a warm-up I like to get warmed up before this yes it happened yeah yeah all I did is I just dropped it too early and then I just hit it and bounced off but I expect all sorts here guys there's cars behind me which are better at fuel saving than cars in front of me those supras like they could sprint off they might try and fuel save and this this this is well up in the air this yo look it's one of those races wait we just need to play our own game do well with you well if you don't we don't and then we'll have a proper practice lobby it'll get warmed up properly and in the last time slight review okay unless we get pickle higher now and then guess what guys will see weapons [Applause] that cars going to be good 17 apparently isn't that good on fuel saving for to actually live Alexis going really well so you'll see cool hair see there's loads of cars that can fuel a packet that Austin's gonna be quick that's actually okay fuel saving Ferrari is good yeah as top splitters but don't see Persia all season in this three of them in this race [Applause] I've no idea what's gonna happen here guys so yeah just enjoy the show I guess and well it's nice have a bit of fun in this race fun [Applause] whoa cold tires the exciting content here the fuel saver ultimate saver so it's cool called up the stream a little bit getting one sprint enough Oh Hey had to make sure it's a skill stay on track then they're being closed that's it from the go we'll see what kind of lap time this is and I can tell you 49 – that's fairly rapid but that's a fuel saving on that's not going on loud Oh Oh my will no that's me out the equation after that we have to do what we can to catch up now oh and I've gone through deep rip to Tish well it is game over gotcha need to save more fuel as well teaches tanking the are confirmed 20 people were together per head if people work together we might be able to cut the bigger group well I doubt we will – OH my steering wheels gotta be able to young diva Oh levees come on for my wheel in public after now Ferraris quick as well not much libertine me to gain fuel somehow I'm gonna lease that we met I was up with the wheel [Applause] I wonder if anyone's misread grass the grass is definitely not not no stopping I need to make sure I stay here now I can't lose fear that I'll come on give me something please Steve gave his gun off he's gonna struggle [Applause] I can't keep all these girls little brother's cocky you know fuel yeah no it's never buddy love this how's the most predictable fuel stop in history by guru sir mati could be on for the win here because that Lexus is really good we're not going slow a guy's 42 I just can't keep up because I've got this short shift so much Oh if you likes getting all confused there so if I'll sit out outright fast lap I need all that fuel that's in right now we literally after Harbaugh phew [Applause] so I'll be kicking off a prepared twenty seven point eight seconds and there's a gap between two groups which is the gap Lance made earlier when the Thunder went for the movement term on [Applause] oh we've got to go to my – on the last lap I think a decent man there were just fuel map6 on this industry oh it's been a bottle somewhere there's been a big bottle always Louis when is the race and good question but look grass is still not in p15 yet I need to chat with my wheel [Applause] what the hell's happened to here where the stitching's come off I've lost a load of the stitching no no how do I fix that I've been gripping it to heart oh well you up this wheel a year and three months and the stitches come off it's an issue with the wheel yeah get in so now if you won't see the problem with the point system look at anybody fifth downwards specially down here what's more we're doing down there didn't you see what happened to Moira what Lightning Subaru got p2i word when you Audrey must have run out in the line maybe so that was the two groups that was made when bunda basically went through he wants us killer so that obviously made the two groups and then it's just yeah we made the mistake good job by Matty though in the Lexus ring Thrustmaster baguette replacement what will the descendant of a wheel that's crazy that it does come it's completely off I can rip it off that's nuts I'll try and drive with it I might try and get some style tape or something oh what's going on there Cecilia you in my race Oh interesting so I don't I didn't actually see what happened I just saw the movers on so we'll stitch uh I should be able to actually uh let's see let me get a torch and I'll I'll show you I'll show you what's happened to the wheel give me a second guys give me a second torch right opens blinded you now get out you bugger there we go right so right I need the torch so guys if it focuses but you're probably gonna need yeah hello teach come teach come why did you come whoa teach come right so focus focus so you can see here not the stitching but your focus let me just put my hand in front of it and give it some submit to focus on yeah you could just see it there I wonder if the laptops causing the issues meet your bed stick yeah it's bad whoo the box over there to push over there some other stuff there the schooi ginger ninja anyway I'm trying to get this so it I don't have forward your hands guys ah right so no I'm ringing somebody now I might oh ah go away it all goes wrong gun TT stream I wonder you can see it there actually if I put this under here ah there we go there we go guys right shut up shut my belt it's not you can see there look come completely away that's what us happened right Cal stir my room is huge no offence and I got everything I own in here when I move house so I've got a fit this back in now sorry guys you're gonna get bit whoa so let's get it um there you go get in there there we go right uh it's on me are we doing we're back I think we're back yeah my room is actually right above the living room comments by the house of no no no but you you're all brewing me now right calm tidge calm so yeah well let's have a look at the points first of all let's see what the hell's going on actually so excuse me no I'm going to the wrong place individual point rankings let's just have a cup from friends rankings here so storms up there so 40 36 271 for that split – that isn't it since I did since you do not split – some good points in split – purpie got the other one didn't he I don't I don't think I've got / piane so interesting tell you what look at Lexus boom that's gonna be close unfortunate for the Lexus drivers I don't think they're going to any event because the first reserve Ferrari p15 I'm on my friends list though still poses in the top 16 superstar race which is where we want it be for the Lightning and as this updated well know this Sun up dated I don't think it how does it around 7 it has 36 and 22 so they're running on 58 okay I thought the word gonna be higher than that that's a bonus but it's wearing this on overall two nights so they're still on to 19 but purpose just got a good score so what's per P will of God I was Nissan in there so puppy's gonna get have 33 I think which is 9 on top of that so oh ok ok now I'm believing a bit easier again how do you still in the in there just-just-just oh yeah that's a voice a small complete please feel free I'm always open to constructive criticism always open to it but yeah Lexus I you know like these guys are all getting top scorers constantly so EMEA is gonna struggle really struggle based on the tiebreaker but yeah the next race whichever a stud is that's gonna be where we need to perform techno yeah I'm even going at the moment if Audi qualify why is my intro so damn loud to my vids which one the the car swinging in if that one that one's changing soon I don't I'm doing that let's let's get a room going boys and girls feel free to join and I feel like I'll see how I lost with this and then I'll go from there I was the race but it's not very good not very good one of our highest viewership during that as well so hello to everybody Yves just joined that teach new racing stream you may have just found me today because gran turismo decided to play the grand teach Ron pay attention bring it round or I can pick it up from each and reinforce if you mate I've done a few of them over the years your broom boobs doosh doosh doosh doosh it's cheating racing yet video goes nothing like that right so once somebody goes out on track we're gonna go get a cup of tea and some water so we will be a few moments we'll see crow guitars our contact for us master as well because hey free free wheel and all that it's a free wheel at the end of the day I can't believe that yeah it's a really good point why would you put stitching on the inside where you're most likely to grip and do whatever did you say I'm not high just me it's what your neighbors here at 2:00 a.m. fortunately my neighbors are good hundred and fifty me is that way and a good 150 me is that way in a good 500 me is that way and a good 200 meters that way they can't hear me recommendation brought you welcome macro static welcome we'd love the recommended Asians your post got nothing it's a shame Luis how did you die caterpillar machine that reminds me of the v8 supercar that cuts a pillar on it where I can count it inside that's what she said oh look oh we've atom and we'll go get a cup of tea so subs awesome look you dream cheers mate well legend but yeah I'm gonna go get a cup tea guys there's some caffeine in me get some liquids go in then we'll have a proper practice and then we'll see what we can do in the last race let's see what we can do I might get some cell towers I'll tap tap as well for this yeah I'll be back in a mo [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hello all right let's go out and have a practical sell so we'll do a a quality session don't worry about resetting the lobby guys going about 12 mins ish whipstitch that's a big hit there mate that's a very big hit [Applause] who's up to got beat by millions loses track because he died basically Yeah right but you can there tuning for this one mate sorry if I could I would stream all hours but yeah boylee what become I am going to do in the off season it surprised me your trillions bringing the prison but joking I'm joking a joke good yeah you'll find out [Laughter] [Applause] Oh to the prison jokes now looking a fuel burn as much on this part I really want the players just PR know there's a few spinners hitting that last race few people who bottled it including me I balled it on the top of the circuit [Applause] he uses everything very true [Applause] [Applause] quite fine yeah that's all I'm after as well Louis but kind of school [Applause] whoa tej does not know how to drive you're watching it right now while constant yeah I'm after around 20 as well so don't this is gonna be a score that counts but I could do with having the 20s like safety [Applause] jeez a desert oh my word what a moron I am what a horror that dismayed that I feels annoy me as well but very to get your bankers you should just think they are yeah you know why I did it once guys only the once and that was literally I was not top Audi even though I was literally the top blitz the first three races torn over Audi we nailed some like cracking missiles I'll be still worktop through just like routers let's put ourselves top [Applause] yo Derek this is the r8 Jonathan yeah all right all right a deviously way Caruso finished knowledge I didn't if it's all the time actually all right Yama's I do wish that the fuel and tie way races would stop but you could are you go I'll teach you when the last race it keeps a few race yeah they're gonna lie I did have an advantage there but I don't want the advantage I just wanna race oh yeah we're all friendly like people get annoyed when you get punted off and stuff but I've never actually seen somebody go I absolutely hate you I mean they tried the old Adam and Georgio thing but they were teammates anyway so you know George Jones got bit frustrated he fell it bid problems slap more what my tribe in 1/8 my doing plating the wheel so I'm gonna play we are streaming tomorrow guys feels intrusted multi-class as well [Applause] yeah I'm blaming the wheel stitching for sure [Applause] let's see if we can actually have a decent race [Applause] hopefully looking to catch great sir again [Applause] [Applause] you're faster there [Applause] shocking [Applause] the best slipstream to the line I guess we are going in about a minute time your Benton yeah I mean the lobbies are in a bit of an issue tonight excuse me got a thunderstorm here ouchy we got a jack you are makeup date Ferrari ahead you know what Tyrell how you mate say ah but it's not a bad place to start you know we're down Hitler [Applause] the very fast birds luck by LDR Thomas very fast steak bite edge keep that was awful Oh Benson chance mate you absolute legend smiley face emoji what a legend which appreciated if we keep it in the 42 I think that's good going good pace [Applause] it's ketchup it now just return a surgery I absolutely hate Apple Macs Oh buddy [Applause] can you help easy so this black will see if LCL Thomas pits or no [Applause] why doesn't that I can't even being able to keep that pace up Bacardi's woman that race great job loss race lightning by the way the hellos LCR Thomas doing this that's crazy phase your loss who know nope Oh everybody's here team red line reunion in cha [Applause] that is mind-blowing place by lzr thomas their hell we've not been going that slow this labs gonna be slow admittedly [Applause] the Ferrari is opium fuel you're not kidding but that's gonna be like a 45 at least told ty with the barrio he did 40 ones yes you did was a 43 story about seal this is oh yeah I'll open now I'm not even sure I could do that time following LZ our Thomas I'm not sure I could keep up all fours lzr Thomas the Mercedes is the most okie manufacture storm I'd say yeah good on tires you could help you good pays in general fuel races are boring I know I CRO I coasted across the line my word well the clap replay after yeah we need to have a decent quality session so I guess we go out and practice at [Applause] I hope they'll see our Thomas is doing the got to help me in Lewis the epoxy factory an inmate see I can't pitch because I just know I get anywhere near the forties gave up here I my one stop I mean what we were nine seconds up then so 53 is not too bad t rascal fakes you an inmate cheers mate it's the best I can do in this Audi I just have no pace because I have too short let's say if you so it depends where we start this race guys I mean if we start near the buck I might just go for a race make a race of it [Applause] you'll see we will see king of the flow [Applause] yeah it would be interesting raiser it's just annoying maybe it is annoying [Applause] Oh flipped it already [Applause] you Roberto oh my word got my doing I do not know what I'm doing [Applause] oh you rub a lot bikini nah love bikini nah their size about to clean this [Applause] [Applause] no you can't Azrael forty-four one of the horrible Wow – Dean [Applause] power so welcome into pets it's like we're two deeper we don't they haven't finish your sloppy drew it's like a bird fell out [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh so I'm gonna go up at like a fairly easy outlet just make sure I've got 44% across the line Davis Buddha Yomi [Applause] I should go in to work tomorrow guys for two hours and then I'm off again for like a week so we've really gotta focus really gotta focus that I'd say before I race it I'll see you in ten years [Applause] no I don't Azra I mean I'll ruin it and I think you will see a lot of people leave the championship did good evening [Applause] [Applause] why because the amount of time you'd have to put in it's a huge time sink people settled into it that was horrible every in a miracle less luck because this is a shop get one [Applause] see Angela [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh no but bop would go even more than reliable Tuscany trust me you don't want you don't want Serbs you do not want setups trust me do partial setups like I think they had one thing I do think they need in Gran Turismo I will be honest with you is one of the daily races to be shooting focused I mean there should be five daily races 5:3 we've already got now the fourth being a tuning event and the fifth being endurance like and I was right so it might be is way too time-consuming that way to time Oh Chris well one person who said race I do need practice five minutes professor the thing you'll find with setups is that how did how do they balance performance the setups and I'm going to say this because they can't bounce the performance with the tires now and the tires are technically set Oh so you add even more parameters in there it becomes even more impossible to bouncy performance and he gets more extreme too so if you have a GT six days the suspensions were opposite so you'd make a car basically pull a wheelie to get the best handling which if you did that in real life you're just gonna work [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] sit close to it [Applause] I was said to be a good luck [Applause] [Applause] cool Lewis is 6,000 planet good bank a lot leather okay [Applause] [Applause] thanks Luigi pleb [Laughter] yep oh alright so got this race and we'll have a little bit of a time trial and then we have the actual quality and then the actual race and then yeah we'll be disappearing then after that I need to iron a shirt and pants tomorrow what cars I mean Bentley need to be in here I think the Lotus need to be in here or too deep I am too deep I need to remember cold tires they seem to be really bad here cold tires even on this corner was proven by both me and Lewis it was his God it got you up to Lewis [Applause] but very rapid for us Oh God all wrong all sorts wrong they'll get back a Lewis [Applause] now can I get Lois oh we lost it teaches both us another bid oh he's off again food [Applause] the extremes are gonna go to not trying to overtake I'm too slow to overtake yo Neutron [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] oh so fastest today wait Louise could get a really good time he made a few mistakes in that ah my belt I'm not doing anything funky down here guys belts irritate me walking pace up Thomas I'm gonna quickly do a quality run and then get out and get in you know get out still five seconds off your best since ooh wow I just can't I yeah yeah no comment what am i running in college trim I can run 39 I'm not doing that at the moment like what I can do that I want to quit to go out and just do but the death Cheers ever when you join the lobby [Applause] a little bit keeps doing this once again I think Eve when is a patient's racing is decided to chill which I think I would do as well if my if my car was like that I know javis so when I'd take quality when I'm just doing the first half of it I was fuel burning and then two laps how is the new race rate brilliant I actually do like this really good it's the first recover ever used where I've not need is called pillow behind about have used to expensive ribs in the past [Applause] they advertised ago no no that's my honest opinion get my foot on this with you in the the video is in August [Applause] [Applause] yeah the Audi's pretty useless now if the money is a car it's a pretty useless car it's not good with tires it's not good with fuel it's good at handling but I've fin just overtakes it on the straight so [Applause] yeah it's kind of just there stranger he gives the Porsche is obviously exactly like the Audi now exactly handling car but the Porsche has the ability to save fuel per days whereas this doesn't what's your mature dia forty years let's go I don't we go change my great balance today [Applause] Wow did that well [Applause] as wide you can gain so much time if you nail a corner [Applause] yeah it's good full credit to GTV Grayson it is a good Rick I hadn't believed because when I said to them I would go to an honest review if you don't want me to don't send it basically and they still sent it that's when you know that I'm the products going to be good or they've got confidence [Applause] [Applause] one ball up and yellow Cobra five reduce Irina yes yeah there we go that's how you do that corner four minutes I know I know no don't worry who has been maybe our best tonight [Applause] Jaffa Cake holt Oh else bad that was just bad no one's gonna be a good lover till the end we blew it don't worry at low a time guys know the time I can go and do whatever I want for three minutes or two minutes now okay job since you by the way on yours did see that you've got some very high points for the Ferrari manufacturers race entering one minute 50 seconds you guys with panic in for what why were you panicking the dirt the keep me going practice right I'm gonna have to toilet guys we'll be back in two moments time ah oh right I'm taking the belt off who's annoying me all right let's see if we can do a lap I cried this way actually I like B I've not tried see ya enough to try C to give you an honest answer [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] fingers I think this is a very bounce circuit between handling and power [Applause] I'll slow Oh Sees in here got a Ford Ferraris lots of fuel saving cars are in here interests him I reckon we could do well in its Lobby if I'm honest we have a lot of split to actually in here a lot of split – are we in split – now we can't mean split – no no no no we can't be a super two T's in there I literally I think everybody's just giving up on this because it's a fuel saving race we are top split I'm sure we are these points are gonna be dreadful I'm sure [Laughter] it's his top split Wow this is the lowest top spelt in a while I no offense to people in there so God didn't go again [Applause] depending on where people qualify and where pence on what I'll do in the race [Applause] would you just go annoy Super GT up there Oh apparently we'll just bin it again it's called wait so much of the biz life even split – you just 2.8 K you're not wrong there this is a quite a random lobby from honest it's probably one of the most random ones of recent times that's for sure it does give us a chance I suppose you know when it went some it's this random it generally makes everything a bit random in the grand scheme of it so hey who knows Wow 25 to 60 KD that's a big difference that's what he used to be like when it was one shot Gatos adopting Gatos in years a words of these drivers Alex take that use the Fed keeping splitty so yeah second split is gonna be have some a Serge you're very fast I mean so when I did store my deal I was in split three Josh with 62 and a half K so you know this is a big merchants place people definitely give it up on tonight they're just not do not like it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it's a really good corner [Applause] [Applause] on furlough 140th Melvin she's okay or a banker [Applause] [Applause] so we'll just try and go for a fast lap this is our in like really this is a perfect lap yeah not too shabby [Applause] [Applause] I've got too deep again Nakamura [Applause] I hate that corner with a passion absolutely hater in the lobby days [Applause] poor we could finish that lap we're gonna risk it and go all out maybe could have got every you know provisional Tolman who's just put girl up in yes Felix who is happy that what does when those all at once is just left at that [Applause] others not know that by the way you came out say it go get you more [Applause] good luck my Rubby [Applause] it's quite slow quarter [Applause] not sure what's going on back there slightly up in our time by about ten and a half [Applause] [Applause] oh we've just lost to temperature it's horrible trample it back in the corner [Applause] a little bit back there might be up a little bit not much trees we've gotta go all out in the south slap [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it's taller than last time then this could be a 39 though good laugh we'll take that it's one of our best ones one of our better ones that puts us in there puts us in there that's where we want to be have to see what happens now you have to stay with those top two guys Moira majors to sprint this you really might I don't know I think we could have gotten of a temp we did the last corner completely wrong but apart from that outs you know it's a pretty good lap what's the opposite eraser guys – happens in the race play Super GT in this cheers whoo look guys I'm gonna concentrate a little bit on this one I'll still come and take a tional e but you know in each focus now we've got a chance here I've get in some you know if we finish third I'd be happy with third so I've just got to make sure I stay in this fight really stay with it yeah yeah really close Robbie really close may have been able to make p2 maybe below they've been tough to cover super teaching right it could be though anything can happen in the raids Agatha made [Applause] [Applause] so often guys two hours [Applause] we just want some banker points in this one some Bank points be good third place gets us those Bank points at moment yeah we'll see well [Applause] good luck mate but judges the first car I've seen that isn't that good on fuel is better than the Audi but still quite good that's just rapid again dragging the same boat I aim the same boat as a mean basically the super chevrolet good sells out Lamborghini Ford Mustang that's not going to be very good no show happened on that quality light between those two make an interesting Renault I have no idea first time I seen a Renault in years second curve on the grid you got Neto extrapolate Sergio's quit caring that satellites a good car for fuel saver I owned I don't know not me this is much of it to Bieber sorry BAE good they Vegas been saving Honda is actually quite good at fuel statement take a look everyone the MW is horrible that's worse than the Audi I think the end of you super TT in the Jeju up that sauce Chevrolet to Optimus guys see what happens what will be will be see on the other side my friend [Applause] well Sergio you are indeed chaser look guys as you happens [Applause] there's lap pool toys remember health to stay with Lewis think about fuel later on don't we normally have been do it but my goes and second laughter it's [Applause] [Applause] Thomas will get by me way to the straight got to play thinks my hair goes [Applause] like the battles you win five the ones coming or we could pull away it you could pull away stay with him stay with him use more fuel now save later [Applause] well guys don't fight just go just go damn he's just caught it Oh guys Coco Coco Coco it's more fuel they surely don't get our slipstream sorry Steve but that one it on the household [Applause] arequipa may keep up stay with him stay with him you got to stay with him [Applause] Oh cursed a vintage car stay with him stay with him stay in that stain that stay in that I have to stay with them I have to why I look at this stay in stay in stay in trap good loser I'll do anything we go to survive now [Applause] Robbie's gonna get by I can't do anything about this I have to survive this – no in four but Lori's run out Oh Lucy's gonna get it Wow Lewis got that fair play to Lewis he found us the best we could do there guys we had no other chance sir that was literally oh that is a good result for me trust me a 14 out of 49 slightly p3 so that's a 48 knots tightening p3 that literally our limit literally the limit of the Audi the Lamborghini is much better at fuel saving the Ferrari is they all are so I don't know how the Lamborghini can be so much better with the same engine but hey I don't meet again but anyway yeah 2001 for the greatest ball hopefully gets us some okayish points in the grand scheme of it it's all I can hope for if I if I could just have kept hold of them for that little bit longer I said Luis could do well if he just got rid of the mistakes can I come with the top three helped me out there but I mean not Thomas got 41 five fastest lap but yeah it's a good it's a good race in the end we did what we could do wets D finish Steve over 50 T P 19 out and this is the thing again the point syndrome 44 yeah the lobby was a bit closer it'd have been a lot less I cannot comprehend what just happened all right zero one that's a good chat where did that come that was Danny P 15 but yeah well so we've got the problem is we have for manufacturers ahead of us there that's full that's literally four point difference that makes us fear we'll have to have a look now at my friends list and we'll work out how many points we got don't think it's gonna be that much I can't see it being Mercedes is higher so that puts us sick I know that much ah let's do some maths Subaru Mercedes Toyota Peugeot howdy nope what am i doing start again Subaru Mercedes Toyota Lexus Peugeot Honda Ferrari I did Mercedes already denounced seven after Martin ate Lamborghini nine oh this isn't looking good Porsche 10 on man we've been annihilated ten oh bugger what what the points I can't member the bloody point scoring system now how can I see the points EMEA that's good way isn't it it goes 40 40 36 33 30 27 24 22 twenty eighteen sixteen are we've got crap points damn it got crap points Matt 14 maybe divided depends fuel-saving blow up lights much easier to drive I was just letting you go Thomas because literally there's no way I was holding you back and I literally was trying to survive that in entire race I think we needed p4 I think it'd be out p4 that they got the bank more banker points that we needed I'm worried that us is gonna be 12 points again I'm flipping eight those twelve points that's all they end up getting I know loose outs all that ahead I was like what we're not doing right fast and Ikes I've got work tomorrow okay any well added me is a friend let's have a look just fat bro yo man let your content now I have a s I can join the lobbies now have good one tomorrow cheers fabro absolute legend yeah exactly Joseph I've got to just take what it is which is literally a race where the Audi is just shocking all my fuel goes down and literally I did the best I could do what is your prone for hockenheimring if you watch f1 what pronunciation Hockenheim see I'm Sharif action inmate thanks to everybody who's tuned in by the way oh I don't know if that we play with a saved at too many replays saved rip 34 40 24 rip that wasn't saved if anyone's saved up replay can you sherry please 65 yeah but not even got half of it oh yeah cheers rain glad you caught one as well I need to get rid of some of this stuff I have look at all these believe that one I'm gonna delete that one delete that one it's cuz I brushed home I've got all these random ones Oh delete that one delete that one there we go we got space widget our space he has a smile guys we are streaming a multi-class race on Gran Turismo it's best of British we won't be practicing too much for it but yeah we'll see what happens it's a blue moon infield a which is one of my more favorite circuits I I do like that course howdy Opie on Saturday that's what we can hope for I tell you what if it is you are going to see me practice like nobody has practiced before I'm going to absolutely go for it so it's nerve GP I don't know who's top Rubino at the moment 155 1 but what tires are we looking at medium so it's just mediums so that this race they're going for an all on an all-out sprint race this is what they've designed this race for so I'm a whole pin fingers crossed Howdy's good here let me just yeah tomato fuel saving race when it's fuel saving race Addie's just it can't do anything we've seen that it's one of the worst at fuel saving so Lewis I think you get about 30 points for that one I think split two times lot one was better I don't know them so yeah I'm hoping it's eight laps no big ring GP is usually good for me as well so we will just go nuts basically go absolutely nuts we need a strong result again especially with tonight's results I was sneaking suspicion Nissan I'm going to get in the fight I have a sneaky suspicion our Subaru won't have gone up Porsche has definitely gone up but not by as much as I think they should have done where's Porsha on this damn list ok it's down here oh yeah so I reckon they must have got 20 points they got by 9 which puts them weds up put them I put I put sits in the drop zone again rip Aston have gone up Oh 38 this game and this drop rounds and all this crap I just want to race Honda have improved yeah hunter will have improved yeah I'll have to see but Honda are quite far away I mean that's you know 50 points is a significant gap at the moment I know it's tag I think it must be close it's a win at the end of their day and on my friends list two seven three nine so I don't know one two three and there's a Ferrari down here no you beat the Ferrari actually three I think it's 30 points but unless it's missing somebody I'm a bit frustrated Portia got that result not feds to deal stir by the way it's just just looking at this as a manufacturer in general anywhere else down here that just came up come out with an extremely crazy result no I don't think I'm forgetting anyone see you Molly see I'm early ah Thomas you could have just held everybody up just for half like a corner or a corner on that second floor flap just so I was in the slipstream for the last lap especially after I let you go I mean for but yeah I think our DS I mean if I'm found to look at this in like I really just this is what's gonna happen I mean this eleventh and twelfth he's gonna be between Audi Porsche Subaru and Honda I mean got those four you're gonna get two Chevrolet could be brought into it they're the only ones that I reckon Chevrolet could get brought into it may be Aston Martin I'm not sure but yeah I'm definitely thinking that Chevrolet could be brought into it maybe even Hyundai actually depends how the rates go but per show and have a solid result for them they're sort of in the safety zone at the moment could catch forward actually could catch forward I am hearing that a lot of CSA are constantly changing manufacturer which is actually against the rules and is gonna mess it up entirely book hey Louis did you save the replay and can you show at your club Thanks thanks Louis if you could show it be legend but yeah I think y'all gonna spin out guys thanks very much for tuning in so it was slightly late but as I say I was doing real life stuff you know the you know up there the real world strange place out of this yes it's no worries but yeah it's been awesome we've had a lot of viewers tonight which is nice so I hope everyone had a good race hope you enjoyed that as best as you could annoyingly it was fuel saving so there's not much I can do other than fuel save excuse me so yeah have a good day tomorrow make sure you tune in for multi-class race they're always exciting and yeah next FIA saturday so four notes here before then have a good weekend Joe

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  1. Saw your video on the GT Sport Facebook! "Run Tidg Run" I thought it was absolutely brilliant, not only that but the fact you managed to finish dead on 0 laps of fuel was class, keep it up mate!

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