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Who’s out here who want to get forked? Okay, right luck yo fuck you. Huh fuck him Well what the hell we’re execute fuck you. Oh, yeah, I didn’t help no you buddy. Huh? Who’s Gonna clock This window fuck you Lock me up top. Oh there up. Top one climbing in our dorm you got a mark woman Uh welcome oh my God the hell is happening. I don’t know. He’s just teleporting oh You did well I did not work didn’t know there’s money others Bob’s dead body, okay? well, I Meant to die in this endeavor. Wait. I really do want to charge into death Okay, you want to take this jeep here and just drive it in and no that’s not good sheep. They’re mine. They’re mine That did not good jeep you get it. I’ll be right behind Let’s go face death just we’ll go up to rock and die there right marker. Yeah, let’s do that Okay, we’ll join you soon Sorry really wish I wasn’t running behind you but I guess I’ll just try to appreciate the view for what it is. Thanks I’m an pants. Let’s go got a democrat you’re talking the least intimidating social trading disease Thank you. Fully decked out – pants. Thank you. Oh get in the car. Let’s go get You you drive. I don’t know how to drive. Let’s go get fucked Drive it. – I don’t know death. Whatever the most death got it yes, nyah. Fuck it all right Yeah, hey, buddy, want a good fuck. I’m sure going full speeding this this particular vehicle will never in wait wait No, I trust my driver. I trust him be good. Whatever is don’t worry Yeah, I just start shooting wildly to announce our location figure out how to honk is fun Hahaha, sit down buddy Yeah, keep walking into that way come on. Yeah Throttle is. That’s a fence Yeah They are they’re trying pretty aggressively to actually kill Define dukes the hazard, right? Go ahead boy Yes, Knight is just like Fuck you fucking here everybody Everyone is so terrified of the honking this is what oh don’t look out there We’re gonna find it. We I throw up. We gotta target up. Go get him not visiting it. Yeah, y’all know interest Rate I don’t even know where their little way, I don’t care right, they’re Taking oval time there we go No is the crap out of them You make a bobble head oh Yeah, I got a car Guys want to get in the car and miss fuck off. Hey, let us in the right direction before I died Thanks, wade you’re welcome. You guys want a shotgun or maybe I had a vest on me. I don’t remember what I had Hey, how’s it going? Hey? What’s up guys? What’s up? I’m hearing Darius get in the car He’s from here where we’re going where to I don’t care just honk so the travel guide drive over good George’s alright Yeah, fuck. Nope. We do hxs. What what oh Red bread you got it So you’re doing here right site resides. Oh, that ain’t good Hey, I killed so Allows it sure you think it was my honking that announced us. We could go water Village George poll Shooting range shooting range kind of sucks in my experience. I don’t know yeah sometimes you get bad news Is there a week ago ruins and then go George boole? I’m into that okay? Race it go, whoo That’s about it Thank you, wait is the ruins the one in the bayou or the one that looks like ruins the flooded city ah shit That’s not good. That’s cool. It’s cool. Get it cool school Yeah, it’s fine You think I don’t know what I’m going for he says what he’s happy when things are going well dogs are disliked. Oh Alright, okay. I got a I got a scar and a helmet and a bike a pang cool bike a pike I’m not try to rendezvous with you Bob What’s your shooting that wade was a bad guy on this roof bad guy? Or any of us really okay first? Um so one of them’s over here Don’t know where the other one is I’m gonna move towards wade then back behind me. I didn’t hit oh my God I got a hitler I got a hero. Oh, God Alright, just trying to get I’m trying to get to spot work and help you out mark. Oh, man. I’m almost dead Call where a shot came from you came from Southeast I think Pretty sure is behind me not on Earth. That’s where Jack is oh mom. Oh, God. There’s a guy here. Oh like why? Where is there things out there ears? Yeah? Walk? He was just sitting in the corner? Yeah, I see him by this with him I see him I Got him Whoops that was super laggy, but yeah, sorry you need health in a bad way I know I’ll be joining us soon in the afterlife here Anybody got a saudi pop to top me off Yeah, I got I got some heels for you market You want some other without that where you have my time in the building with you guys? I’m gonna mourn over a friend a friend here I’ll drop you some of this and so that you go just steal right up there, buddy God my energy monster, and yeah, you know that. That’s the act energy drink. You fucking remember him you do well Oh like defeat MmM, Corrado’s helmet level three a little dude. I fucking love Guarana That’s the best player all right. I’m just going to use all these bandages if you goes good Go for it. We don’t need them. We don’t get shot like a bitch wow okay? Wow Been an American servers that are already laggy for American Mm-Hmm all I heard a bunch of excuses, and we don’t tell her that Jenner. This is this is buttery smooth You know it is to level two homeless in this building. I already got one crow Dude, what about frozen Mark Iii got a level one. I like to play a hard mode. So where should we go? They’re fillers. I don’t know somewhere where after I would feel really bad Did you know excluded from I just find a rifle known well? You should go to George Paul. I it’s in the circle That’s a valid point. That’s where all shits Gonna. Go down, so All right lee to Georgia pole Tigers bird you headed there. Yeah, I’m headed I’m heading out Towards George Pool you think you’d tell me you can’t. Loot me in only 2 min what I’m just trying to die man That’s what I’m out for it’s just reconnected hi Okay, what’s going on deck over that wall join nation to it? Lovely up here is it fun? Now I’m bored as fuck it to look at all. You douche bags. Okay, wait. That’s waiting rifle right here Oh, we’re going to be rifled. It’s a it’s an M4 or 16 weird though. There’s no ammo with it. I don’t know what happened Also, I implore Shut up man, damn God’s watching Thank God Whether your pen, no, I want you to watch Bro, are you doing this one-handed right now? Hell? Yeah, I’m not even mad. I’m just impressed I do my life one-handed bro. Whoa that that’s a thing. Oh, you’re a buggy buggy buggy Kill kill fucking over near me. That’s a bike. I like kill kill Going up the hill. It’s going Towards, Georgia Pole Whoo those are hit wait let him up we got a couple of hoods. I got like two hit sir Did you guys shoot until ye yeah? Okay? Y’all I got him? His bike is fucked. Yeah Where’d he go? Yes? Did he leave he went way up there? Yeah? He’s gone. Gone. Did you get the gun wade? No where was it? It’s all the fucking marker. God okay. I’m gonna take a sec here right here. Why do I do anything for you? I don’t there’s a came right here Wait what I said about listening yeah? Oh, oh, I won’t take that from them now from the south wade from the tower here From the Sap from the south they hurt my level three helmet as a head shot. Yeah, where is that? Where is that persons? I don’t know behind us in the Runes or something Yeah, I think they are right amer over there on the right hand side from you Bob like you can I think like oh? I see a guy on foot 210 for me I Can’t I don’t have a shot on but he’s on foot heat. They’re moving right now. Okay, move up I’m Gonna move up I only saw one, but it’s either a teammate of the guy, whose bike we fucked up Or it’s another squad dropping my decked-out shotgun here if anyone want the decked out shot Gunderson five five six Leave Rashad. Go. Where’d you go friends, but they’re to the South south south of us moving moving to South west yeah Like trying to get up the hill, but I don’t know where they went I don’t know where that shot came from but I feel like this is not a good place for me to be right now There’s not a floor hey. How’s it going? Oh? haha Go fucking stand over there. Oh That’s scary. We were started reading bid on me It’s brain it was on but how to do it rain in me yeah, I can’t see him He must have gone into the brick yeah, I’m just looking to eat here. He’s just laying down way when our out. There is where? People to marker on him and a Rock I Can’t shoot this wall from there. Yeah. I saw him on the right side But he’s probably maneuvering around to get a better shot Shooting rocks like no close to it’s a big rock from that big rock there a bit off the hill right now Man, I can’t hit shit I can’t see it right now mark season. Look like my shoes. He wearing will I get me one now moving again. Oh Good hit, and we got need I have a frag I wanna. He’s got a park over there Light it up Hop-Hop you got it and his friend was like. I’m gonna fuck you. Oh your knob down up down Yeah, I knocked out one of them. You want to help you. I’m getting shot from the top of the hill I see Toppled by that bush uh-huh I think it’s really bold that they put a report button in every time you die Yeah, that’s good applies report everyone. Yeah. I think there is more than one squad that we’re currently engaged with Mm-hmm. Yeah That’s the thing about squads is like It’s so hard when we try to scoop on my body if you want to go out there I had two two two exes way to tie a nice phone right there. Yeah, oh You have marketing you could do it. Oh really you gotta really look at me He’s just prone in the grass or unless he moved I popped below the hill to see I Don’t know where he just saw him like you just saw him eat right there. Yeah Nice. Hey What about the other one their squad is gone then yeah, just died wait Here’s a lot of the hill he thought he said right someone just smoked Look, I think that we got I think that was him the guy that wade killed those smokes Take a like a few seconds to pop okay. Oh, that wasn’t a smoke that was this car Dying no that was definitely a smaller that was smoke, okay? I thought I heard a smoke grenade be thrown it was all Yeah, oh My God mark. I was spectating market when you went to loot you like breach town and pick something up and his body disappeared Did you pick up any heels by chance? I got a painkiller? I’m gonna you need I had a first aid kit on my body There’s a bunch of four five six here to market community. I didn’t steal it you can use budget make the first date I just took the bandages. Oh you guys aren’t invited either that’s exciting basically or I’m trying to watch for anyone running up I feel like they would have shot at you by now kiss weights just been standing in the open for a while Go friends when they live a hill charge eat some chicken dinner and stuff like 39 people left only 37 for us to kill marks we got a Few teams you only need them all to kill another vehicle right here. Oh So there were two squads or something another one of them don’t just leave they all they killed those guys let’s go I debate you guys that are kind of a wise thing to do if we had seen two other squads we should have been like ah let’s let them kill each other you bet there’s someone in that building ah Check it out about this someone in the building let’s move in only one way to find out Let me go get away when the doors open. I think these doors are always open. Oh, oh It’s a garage I see yeah, that’s uh weight weights in there right now mark. I think I think instigators creator I can throw a grenade mean He’s not in there, so if you really want to throw a grenade like I guess you can just let him pretend I am sitting good out of his system, but not actually kill You even me now trade Thing over the thing lady jean good bones. No, I’m cooking dinner. Please another first aid kit. You want it I’ve got three and a med kit you go ahead. Okay my favorite It’s when you go into the building like this, and then you open one of these doors And there’s just a dude there with the shot, but like surprise motherfucker like my least favorite possible circles I hate when this mountain is in there mmm, so it’s like king of the mountain. What do you got against Mountain weights? Well, it sucks like the first one up there because this is a hundred teams that push and suck So there’s someone else up there because they always target you And then the other team comes up kills them and you maybe just be good and kill them all okay Yeah, that’s what I think you’re right. You’re when you’re right. You’re right, and you just need to get good way. I mean times I’m sorry. Yeah, you are hello Sorry excuse love the next circle. Just hunting the sink I Am oh I Get it explain to us why you’re nicely the circle. I was thinking it was going yet now ready to go die wait Yeah, what do you want to die on top of the mountain or under the mountain? They get fun guys come on. Yeah making good for the viewers me die at Boba That’s the challenge, okay alright. Wait. What are you going for here? Oh well? We go to this building complex interest track fighting to hold a building okay? One death is as good as another in my opinion Here’s where the awm on the mountain just single-shot headshot this both real quick on our way. Well. I got a level two helmet It’s gonna be good right. Yeah, it can it’s a New girl with it’s as good at – it’s the one I got off of that dead guy, you know, it’s good If that happened to uh there’s a place I would see only in last night there was someone just laying in the middle of a field and no one saw him until they Ran into I couldn’t get past and the configure would happen so the guy turned around and shot them so are you suggesting? We be the people in the middle of the field or we be the the inept people stumbling across well because people We’re more like Mountain Take the mountain I don’t want to take that none dominate I see fire On the mountain your gain yourself become the mountain. I was a lot of the thrones reference We’re we’re not we’re not going to throne or dragon or move it up We’re just going to grab it up now game with friends is about boot Dragon Tagliabue for track You still are you one of those people who hasn’t watched game of thrones? So I have not seen anything I might into the commercial for it even a seen it either you think there’s someone a motorcycle right above us over there right above us where where zaba North Part about me where those rocks are top of those rock star by the mouth see the guy walking up the mountain right there Right wait up to the right. I saw the tree yeah I see him way to the right yeah, that’s not the motorcycle I won’t upon over that Adam squad they parked the motorcycle behind that ridge and our climbing up the mountain should we shoot out there? Behind that Ridge. We’re gonna get some hyper life isn’t that crate no boy. I I see him at the mount don’t engage them They’re going to give you the d What if we give them the d? I mean you could try but now? I’ll follow we give each other the d Not like you need but like the Team’s By the way, it’s what you meant well, I guess it’s about encircle, so wait, Love Smart Ah we’re going to we’re going to be each other you’re going to go for the mountain While we have to look at the circles, I guess I mean maybe we should like um the bullets Oh, hey there peeking over the top of the ridge there at 60 from you mark the very top of the Mountain Is a cube where ah wait right there wait there we go? There was another one up to the right from where that dude was also in that little Crack Doolin Little heinous sweet Little Mountain crack Oh wade you’re so far Ahead of me never gonna be very good way to secret stair seeing the shit out of this all right? I don’t know about no secret stairs, so I’m just gonna take I don’t know why there’s I’m just trying to run Oh, that’s a lot. Oh that’s so close to you. Would you know that’s fun? Oh, I think I’m in trouble so much shooting from behind me run mark judges go on it I gone for it. I’m a man Live oh boy I know if you guys win I’m Gonna be sad oh my God where? What is like Ted feet away from all that murder you got just a few spot away wait. Don’t wait. I’m couple otto coming in maybe if I can get up the goddamn mountain Anyway now slowly surely, maybe not surely but slowly definitely with the foot with the trixie frag ah you guys have advantage you should rush um we’ve got a few hits into his office ah Get auto Auto Zone, baby circle the guy down there throw a grenade there grenade fuckin like bounce out that dude says He pops up and you turn and look if you’re like take this No, no, the circle got to move way get a circle Just forget me Forget about me Very on my memory. I’m dead. Oh, I was like right there. I ended the circles if you wait, all right? Yeah that guy will I think that guy went down? God of course I chose that one moment to pull my frag out, I’d uh uh stupid Kevin’s a six left alive jesus yeah, I think there’s still more to your north wind on the other side of the ridge Yeah, that way. I think there there are definitely guys over there. I mean, you just want to stay in cover at this point You have a circle sing dictate. I move it in a second well. This is true. You can do it Oh, my heart is grace. You’re good Krusty Krab Pizza throw a grenade. It’s not always worrying me okay, now just pull them out pull out a grenade and then switch to your weapon again apparently to show up when you pull a critter hit yeah Too quiet for there being five other people yeah, they’re all just laying down and not being crazy people so if you gonna mull do fine, right ah Pdp Kebab yes engage each other Murder each other this is your can wade I? Like how you gave up the high ground to the year on the low ground I wanted to cover Clever strategy no one would ever Foresee that or last wait. I hear skippy steps, but I’m not going to distract it with my stupid ideas I’m dead. What do I know how true that is you in the circle wait? Oh? Kind of bothersome that kind of there the guys have to come off the mountain to get to it. Oh Hey, there’s a guy Charge them oh Wait, oh God toward him there It’s coming find you he’s rushing Yeah, go for the guy behind you cuz then you get the low ground and a little more cover. Oh oh, God, oh my men shit I did yeah, and or that fire if I were fired if I had had if I didn’t do the stupid Grenade move Maybe maybe we would add that well you can blame me you can all blame me. Oh, I’m lending it She’s not a bad kid. I would have been Like died immediately so I think I was a liability No, I mean yeah but nah come on *outro song*

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  1. if bob dident give up they could have had a good chance at winning but thats ok bob cant control what happens plus great job wade jack you died a valeant dead mark should have saved that frag but never the ness you all did graet! (sorry i cant spell today i'm sleepy T~T)

  2. Wade: die in booth places there’s a challenge
    I just imagine them dying at the top and slowly crawling to the bottom 😂

  3. Bob: "Where did the shots come from?"
    Mark: "Uhhhh, Southeast, he may have been behind me though."
    Bob: "Well that's where Jack is so we should be fi-"
    Jack: "OH GOD OH NO, HELP!"

    Perfect Timing

  4. That intro is exactly how any guy would feel if they saw their girlfriend with another man they just go on the mass killing spree or shouting “WHO WANTS TO GET FUCKED”

  5. “Give me liberty or give me death!” ~Patrick Henry

    “Do or do not, there is no try.” ~yoda

    “HE’S BY THAT GREEN TREE!” ~Markiplier

  6. pubg sucks….. fortnite is better with nice physics,graphics,texture and quality. plus better colors and guns with special offers and epic/legendary stuff.

  7. I could have sworn I took you down on PUBG. Must have been an impersonator because his name was just markiplier no caps

  8. I love how there was a team that heard 2 cars honking and shooting at each other and thought "we gotta get in on this!"

  9. You guys don't scope in which gives you the first person perspective that let's you know you have a shot on them or not tho. Cuz third person you see them you think you have a shot and shoot but on first person there is something blocking you.

  10. Jack: They're like the f#$%in' "Dukes of Hazard" right now!
    That's exactly what I was thinkin, Jack! All they needed was the bright orange car!

  11. Mark: "Am I not wearing pants?
    You NEVER wear pants Mark. You seem to have an aversion to pants! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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