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Going to My Dad’s Campsite for a Day The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1857

Going to My Dad’s Campsite for a Day The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1857

good morning given more than ladies and
gentlemen welcome welcome to the show know that we got the whole family over
here right who’s listening over there anybody listening over there
yeah she’s looking around to see where is the camera yeah you buy here and see
how this lady over here is doing this morning how are you this morning what
you haven’t seen the light in a little while or what
good morning Jesse what’d you get a haircut – yeah when did you do that
yeah good morning yeah anyways you wanna see what we’re up to say hi to the wife
who that oh what pizza for breakfast are you guys kidding me some muffins
oh my some coffee I’m telling you guys you know we ordered some pizza last
night and we had some leftovers so you know instead of trying it out we decided
to warm it up have some breakfast you know we’re going to the lake you guys
ready to go there see what we’re up to over there whoa look at here guys I am
almost ready to leave but before we do I wanted to show you guys this beauty
right here look at these beautiful flowers that the wife has got planted in
her garden right oh man I’m telling you that looks nice another thing that I
thought was really really nice is look at these green peppers right here oh oh
I’m telling you guys the wife is sure making a good garden out here that’s for
sure I’m gonna see if I can show you the
garden over here I don’t know how good it’s going to be visible but we’re gonna
give it a try right let’s see that Sun is super super bright today but look at
all these tummy eatos over here I’m hoping you guys are
gonna be able to see it yeah looks like you guys are you got these small
Tomatoes right here he started a small kind and then we got the bigger one over
there more small ones over here looks like over the next little while we’re
gonna have a ton of Tomatoes over here that’s for sure and I’m telling you guys
whoa look at that a nice big salad right there – looks like they had rained
overnight a little bit I know it rained last night and so I know we definitely
didn’t really have to water the plants today too much boy yeah the wife is just
getting Jessica ready and then we’ll be off to the lake so I know I haven’t
really told you guess where we’re going but you’ll find out soon enough and one
thing that I just realized is that this isn’t crooked there we go that I didn’t
put the pictures in the video from where we were camping with Walter from Oldham
big birds and stuff like that so I think what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna see what
kind of pictures I can find today if I find any good pictures or take some good
pictures I think what I’m gonna do is I’m going to probably include them in
today’s vlog so probably at the end of the video or something like that that’d
be fun so yes that’s cool to the lake well hook it here we have made it we
really have oh my goodness you guys recognize this place
I bet you guys do look at that he’s got himself a boat now Oh am i yeah we’re at
my dad’s place and we’re gonna go get some barbecue going oh my oh yeah that
got some very very nice beef ribs eh what do you got over there watermelons
huh watermelon oh my a whole bucket full of water Mela
at the fire going up here the whole gang is over here including you well guys it
was time to put something on the grill as you guys can see let’s check it out
on what we got on the grill hey you want it to be on video first yeah you want it
to be on video first yeah I know and then you’re gonna look away right I know
alright tell me about it but I think this is starting to look really good
what do you guys think alright we’re getting closer and closer
to having us some nice barbecue oh-ho I’m telling you guys I’m gonna
have good barbecue what about you yeah yeah waiting for that yeah are you no
all right we have decided we’re gonna go for a nice little walk and I wanted to
show you guys these beautiful beautiful flowers right here you guys looking at
it oh man I’m telling you these flowers are absolutely gorgeous but we’re we’re
gonna go for a nice little walk we need to get our walking in again right we
need to start doing that and we are taking our camera along and so we’re
gonna go see if we can find any good well places or things to take pictures
of right all right guys we came across something that was kind of interesting
in my opinion let me see if I can even show you guys what it is yeah how full
of blueberries this area is isn’t that amazing or what
I guess it’s having a hard time focusing on it but yeah it’s getting focused on
it that looks really really nice right there a ton of blueberries up in this
area yeah look at that all these beautiful beautiful blueberries I
managed to get a few pictures of them but anyways
that’s what we got to do right take a few pictures of him we came back from
the long walk we had over 8,000 steps sit down and relaxed a little bit had a
little bit a year but he that stuff right there
yeah and now who’s that who is this who is this is this our Jesse Coe over here
what do you want to tell everybody huh what finally you getting some attention
yeah yeah I know all right and guess what we’re up to we’re getting ready to
cook us some supper right here from the looks of things yeah yeah look at that
somebody is cutting some onions over there and then we’re gonna be cooking us
some awesome supper I’m telling you that’s that looks pretty good yeah
that’s the birthday girl oh my 62 Wow let’s take a look in there
we got some meat in there already it’s starting to boil yeah we’re having a
good time over here eh I know we are the idea was hiding behind there playing
playing with the cat over there yeah it is time to check on our stew and see
what that looks like I’m telling you guys we’re having a good old time over
here what do you think their deal is this gonna be good supper yeah I think
we’re gonna have a take a look here we got raised know that rice some beef
onions in there tomato sauce I think it’s getting very very close to being
done we got the table all ready so everybody can eat
so yeah we’ve had a good time over here it’s been a beautiful beautiful sunny
day today and we went for that really good good walk
that was nice that makes us feel great all right guys it is time to call it a
day we’ve had our supper as you guys can see
oh man I’m telling you this was a beautiful beautiful day and we had a lot
of fun no it’s time to go back home and call it a day we got about an hour and a
half worth of driving to do so let’s go home
Quinn Hey look at here guys we have made at home sweet home but I discovered an
issue today where my Ribbit’s have let go this thing here now this thing it
popped out so whenever I tried to close my door we got an issue here it’s
rubbing against here and this is all loose so I went ahead and got my speed
roll I got some screws in there so you guys can see that’s my speed rail right
there so I’m gonna drill a couple of holes through here and then I’m going to
use the screws with washers instead of using Ribbit’s so when you use these
screw and washers and then we’ll see if we can fix it so let’s get to it guys it
was done it was easy let’s take a look guys do that I’m gonna
see if I can show you guys I went ahead and drilled some holes through there and
got it all done I’ve got a couple of screws in here along the way with the
washers on there as you guys can see so that’s give that a try hopefully that
will work out good that’s on there really nicely and tightly right now and
I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to do the other side as well so
this way we don’t have an issue on the other side eat too right I’m just gonna
take this count out of there I’m gonna close the door real quick
yeah that’s feels good there’s no I don’t see any yep I don’t
feel a touch in there anymore let me have a look yeah it’s nice and snice and
tight just the way it’s supposed to be so that’s awesome I like it so let’s
take my tools over to the other side and give it a try over there see we can do a
good job over there I know the rivets are still good on that side but I just
want to make sure it’s in place right when the wife is driving on the road and
all the sudden it pops out I don’t really want that to be happening right
all right we got her all done no I think it’s time to call it a day
yeah got everything out of the van cleaned everything up got that fairing
or whatever you want to call it all secured so with that being said I’m out
of here we’ll see you guys in the next one

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  1. Great video Rudi,love that beautiful garden,beautiful family ,great outdoors,love the beautiful outdoors, takecare

  2. What a nice relaxing day with the family at your dad’s campsite mouthwatering BBQ and stew That tastes so delicious 😋 yum yum !!! What a beautiful garden Rudi and Effie!! Nice looking green tomatoes and beautiful flowers too-wow! Save me some of those green tomatoes because I just LOVE ❤️ fried green tomatoes. Nice seeing my precious princess,Jessie-I LOVE ❤️ YOU and you’re my GIRL. Glad you guys enjoyed your day guys and sending LOVE to the family . GOD BLESS and good seeing you Effie!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. On your travels keep a eye out l trucked up l-29 and l-80 in lowa and Wyoming l had the Blue Angels fly over me

  4. Nice to see you finally took your daughter along, it looks like your camera upsets your family, sorry about you can't do anymore trucking videos, I enjoy them

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