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GO STUPID – VARIOUS ARTISTS Revenge is a dish best served The revengeance Everyone else called them the revenge errs. What I do rear end your crew. What is the ESM our Avengers? Yes. Yep words Spoken spoken word poetry. I mean made a bow poetry I’m a man bow. Catch me on instagram at merrill productions. Also catch me on Twitter One, who are you? What do you want? I mean we’ve seen a pitchman Instagram and Instagram only a day and I’ll be triple easy to rely and take a shot stumble Oh, and I’m here because I’m the better half of you Yeah, I’m also again I’m gonna say this again master dusty and crusty She thinks she looks weird without makeup, she’s fine – it’s beautiful so who we got who are these people? I don’t know apology sent up a Vegas Well made it somebody let There’s gonna be a college type video I could see the hype. Yeah. I’m not you know these happens raps Don’t really youthful raps Sort of Vegas. I don’t know impose. Yeah, I like so any further additional commentary? what’s going on there with the hairs my ear itches and Alright, let’s get into it concept by apology He wants us credit for that concept In there – bombers This is a song I’m hoping chopper bring the home be like those together Well, but they More like The gym today man, I’m trying to hit my way You know the other song we did was slide and they didn’t make him Yeah, no, I like that a lot more My shoulders You know what I Really like polo jeans. Oh Jesus I like the vibe and the lead choppers though. Like I can’t always understand what he’s saying oh, he’s gone fucker and then he’s gonna Damn sure. She just give it to you. I Think this is excellent. I like the video – the video is hype. It was perfect for this song Oh Jesus it’s Done. It wasn’t bad either. No stunner. I like this top grill I think here both but I don’t notice at the top the most I don’t see the top I want both I like the whole the whole mouth full mouth – If you’ve been here tell us your favorite, ok, so what are the songs from starting for Vegas Do we need to know I moved on to Polo G. We haven’t done as much a chopper So let us know a few songs I think we do one or two, but I would be interested him or starter for Vegas write it out already I think this is gonna be a plus for me B plus G video in song what we’re doing Mmm song as a videos would be something You switched it up? No, I just gave it an average the first time around. Yeah, so I’m definitely a videos b-plus You know, it wasn’t that complex like mind-blowing. I really enjoyed it so a look you’ve arrived or this may enjoy what we do you think this is good reaction boy hit thumbs up if you think It’s a bad reaction Thumbs down let YouTube know you have an opinion and join us if you like us after you subscribe on Friday Saturday night Saturday night at 8:30 Mountain Standard time We review your music as well as the music for the making hip hop a thread on reddit That’s all that we’ve got. A lot of great people in there. They review music. They give you good good CC. Yeah, we usually see Constructions. Yeah like those types of things Anyway, I should say lazy. There’s usually about 15 to 20 producers emcees and fans giving you feedback We got pans Alright thanks for being with us. Let us know your favorite joints from these guys Johnson my

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