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Global BC sports anchor wins lotto home draw, live on Global BC

Global BC sports anchor wins lotto home draw, live on Global BC

we're going up to the lobby the global lobby and Aaron hen for the BC Children's Hospital dream lottery grand prize draw there er Aaron excited thank you Mark yeah we are so excited and we are ready to do the big draw so grab your tickets and yeah I just want to talk to Jeff Parkin first he's a board member from the BC Children's Hospital Foundation and Jeff how much money was raised for the dream water this year's dream lottery I made a profit of about 2.2 million that's gonna go straight towards BC Children's Hospital Foundation fantastic and it's the second year of the lottery so what's the total this is the second year of this lottery which makes the total about 4.7 million for this one we've actually been running the lotteries for about eleven years and so the grand total for both lotteries over that period is thirty million dollars towards jolin's Hospital Wow so a lot of kids are gonna be helped all around our province it's fantastic yeah so where do the where does the money go to exactly 100 cent of the proceeds from the lottery are going directly to childhood research so it'll be towards things like cystic fibrosis childhood cancer diabetes all that stuff that's really important for getting kids healthy in British Columbia okay excellent alright I think we're almost ready here the winner has a choice of five different prizes from a gorgeous estate home in South Langley to another big con our house in Fort Langley to a condo in Vancouver or condo in Victoria or two million cash so Jay are we ready from knv accountants let's let's do the draw here oh just thank you know somebody's gonna have a good day today yeah I think so what a Halloween it's gonna be and the winner is the winning ticket number is four to six three six four two and that's Barry Delaney of Port Moody BC congratulations congratulations Barry we're gonna give you a call right now and Soufan Squire I'll throw it back to you guys Barry Delaney not very delay no no actually and let's just take one more look I think it's it's Barry Delhi I think Delhi Barry Delhi Dulli yeah well that's even closer is it how's it spelled de le why that's very no it's not weird okay seriously where's a person live Port Moody buries Elaine lives in Port Moody well she can't do it we'll look into it we're gonna call right now you hold it a second what did he win give me the phone oh you're mine yeah hey wait I'm not gonna say his phone number on the air hold on seriously I get this light on the air on the air oh just wait a minute okay get him on the phone and drive her down to Fiona is he allowed to win yeah I think so I don't think there's a rule that says you can't very good you and I we're best friends right hey Barry I'm on the air they just drew a name Barry delay for that house lottery in Port Moody mm-hmm I'm not kidding you dreamt about this you guys get hold it hold it bear hold it we want to put you on live here first okay what is that what are we transform 2p6 6x – give it to me you know what this 663 give me that give me home I'm gonna hold on a second six six 83 Barry hold on hold on six six eight three or what okay hold on this is weird did you get it fee oh I hope so are you there I'm shaking I'm so excited so wedding show this the ticket again okay very hot are you there I'm here I'm here okay show us a ticket are you looking at the TV you know what I'm buying groceries okay well in a second show me show us a ticket again show us a ticket with the tick it has the address okay hold on Barry what street you know you know people are gonna think this is kind of fishy don't you sorry okay it's a Barry delay important moody how many de le why's our import Moody I think just me you know congratulations you just uh would have thought groceries in a two million wendy win I don't know you wanted to million dollar house or son are you serious I'm serious I'm telling you I had a little dream about this whole done you know but it never comes true okay okay hold it a second we'll go to break I'm gonna check the ticket for the address stay on the line I will read you the address you don't believe it huh do you know I don't I'm sure that I'm sure yeah I always figured that one of these days someone was gonna win that we know that works you're one I'm here no less okay hold on you don't go on don't go anywhere but should we take a break buy a lottery ticket while you're there okay take a break take a break sorted out amazing days I don't know what else to say something about football that is ridiculous this is amazing well it was gonna be a sports cast then one of the sports guys want a house not just any house he could all not just any sports guy be a condo yeah was one of ours buried away near on the line is this right now who was shopping at superstore and then I phoned him and he thought I was asking what shift he was supposed to work this week and instead we're telling him he's won a house and so are you coming into work should I start looking for a new sportscaster what's going on here well perhaps maybe maybe I'll see you after Christmas okay I'm saying some guy just passed me and said he heard I'd want so here we are live on the air I mean nope ready I leave it went viral I don't even know surprises it's a house or like a choice you get a house or a condo somewhere I'm Vancouver or condo in Victoria or two million dollars I think or two million dollars yeah you don't get it all I'd like to win us good choices like that you know okay here's the stupidest thing just so everybody knows every week we have a big pool we buy a lottery ticket right everybody in the sports department in except for Barry he refuses to participants so instead he goes and wins a house I think we won ten bucks once and he gets two million because I'm saving his two knees for they it's a good thing you went on your own otherwise be splitting with all of us that's right that's right no it's amazing because you know what Mar history with Children's Hospital our daughter Eden had diagnosed with leukemia seven years ago and we always try to support the lottery and it's unbelievable I just can't even I can't think straight here that's all right well unbelievable that's amazing stuff okay I'm gonna I'm gonna read sports check because I still have to work for a living okay really yeah my phone yeah I don't know I'll tell you what that's life I'll get my people to call your people later in the weekend all right enough it's good to know it's good that rich friends I think there's 2.5 million fees that what you said oh it's gone up yeah it's in us we invested it for a state in Langley worth 2.5 million or 2 million in cash or how much in cash two million two million Wow I'm making um 20% of what Roberto Luongo is making this year that is right easy yeah that's good very congratulations graduate how much guys it's uh I'm just better phone your wife and kids like did I tell us choir in the break I said a little you know you always have that little fantasy dream because I actually had just got the tickets not too long ago about this phone call and I don't know if that made a difference or not crazy stuff nice all right huh I'm glad I'm the first to tell you you're ready thanks guys see you later married Elaine he's rich who knew no I don't rich my son when you kick Chris Gayle is he oh yeah that's a good point guys source is a little anticlimactic right now how much time we got left in sports like 30 seconds okay pretty much that's amazing when he was at Barry Delaney no it's Barry delete know it's Barry delete yeah we've heard of that guy yeah

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  1. The people who think that they are bitter and jealous are so clueless. And obviously don't get Canadian humour. If you noticed, Squire knew Barry's phone number by memory. They're a close knit group.

  2. Global New is kinda weird. I'm from the states and two things I find weird: First of all you guys do a newclip about some kid that died at the U.S. border. Then the very next clip you a report about some charity giving meals to children. I doubt you folks in Canada have the charity (free meals and stuff, etc.) that we have in the U.S. But beyond that this news clip looks quite fake. What's up with you folks?

  3. Never get a "Marriage Licence" from the State, if she decides to divorce for any reason,she will take half of the winnings,plus spouse support and she will be sexing up a nother man with a paycheck.

  4. People that have REAL Jobs with benefits and vacations and paid sick time should be exempt from the lotto drawings. . .

  5. It's amazing that these TV people sound like normal people.  That's what's amazing…!   The had a local weather man caught propositioning an under cover male cop for sex at the local park bathroom between the 6 and 10 pm broadcast…then years later, we had another local newscaster found with a dead body in his bathtub from a homosexual sex chocking incident…gone wrong…you can't make this stuff up.

  6. Notice how the "official" with a 2 million dollar prize on the line just casual gives the wrong last name. Why isn't that part of the story? 2 million and the dude can't be bothered to read the name correctly.


  8. So who was the guy who picked the paper? Look at how nervous he was, fidgeting his hands & glancing at the paper as he hands it off making sure he got the right one. This is very suspect

  9. This is my regular news channel, all of these people are still here, Squire is the head of the sports dept,. I actually saw Squire and Barry on Ellen a few days after this. Very happy for all.

  10. One time I drew my own ticket from a lot draw and this comment section would call that fake too (I was looking the other direction and couldn't see the lots)

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