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Gilas Pilipinas, Mighty Sports settle for draw in tune-up game

Gilas Pilipinas, Mighty Sports settle for draw in tune-up game

in its first practice game before the FIBA world cup Gilas Pilipinas settled for a tie with mighty sports 85 all the national team weathered a slow start against their opponents who were battered by five inputs including former PBA players Eugene Phelps and Renaldo Balkman he has played much better at the half things to our boys offensive firepower it was a down the wire match but with Gillis down by six Marshall Lassiter came a clutch and sank a triple this was followed by another huge basket by the PVA's number one rookie CJ perez who scored the game-tying triple with 14 seconds to go I'm happy with the results this is a really good quality team we just lived off our natural chemistry and it's really nice to look at nobody really was trying to dominate the game the ball was moving around they showed good effort on defense it was also a reunion of sorts for the original Gilas Pilipinas team with former national team head coach Mike Odom on leading the Jones Cup bound mighty sports during the practice game after seeing his former players Marcia Lassiter Marc Baraka and Japadog LR Thurman shares the differences he saw in the team in this time they have more international exposure you know they're participating and also the PB PBA and SVP have a better relation and everybody on the same page and I think that's the most important thing for Philippine vascular they have a great shooters all of them they're great shooters you know and with Blatche we can stretch the floor that will be very very competitive in they have quickness they have they're very aggressive they have everything according to Gilles head coach ing ow the team will no longer have to defeat in the country but they will continue training as they prepare for the arrival of naturalized player Andre Bloch this week Pauline Rosa CNN Philippines

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  1. Walang mangyayari Jan sa team na Yan. Dito lang wala ng ibuga kahit wala pa si blacthe. Kahihiyan lang dalhin nyan sa world cup.


  3. Yung mga nag tatanong kung bakit hindi kinukuha si sino2x, parang ito yata sagot: 'Nobody was trying to dominate the game… The ball was moving around…'

  4. Baka need nanating mag ingay uli para kay Clarkson dahil wala namang magandang ngyayare sa pananahimik natin sabi ng sbp manahimik pero Anona wala parin 2 months nalang Kung ang nba nga napapayag natin baka pwede natin gawin sa fiba eto lang tulong natin para sa bayan haha

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