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Gemini Man (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Gemini Man (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

(Gun clicks) (Soft Piano Instrumental) – [Clay] Tell me something… [Clay] Why is it so hard
for you to kill this man? – He knew every move of
mine before I made it. ♪ Forever young ♪ I’d have him right there,
then take the shot… ♪ I wanna be forever young ♪ (Explosion) And he’d be gone like a ghost. ♪ Do you really want to live forever ♪ Who is he? ♪ Do you really want to live forever ♪ ♪ Forever young ♪ – [Danny] I think I know
why he’s as good as you. He is you. – [Henry] Twenty-five years
ago they made you from me. They chose me because there’s
never been anybody like me. We have to end this right now. – [Clay] You have all of
his gifts without his pain. – [Young Henry] You made a
person out of another person. Then you sent me to kill him. You made a choice to do this to me. – [Clay] This thing that you
are struggling with is fear. Embrace it and then overcome it. (Exciting Orchestral Music) – [Henry] Of all the people
in the world to come after me why would he send you? (Soft Piano Instrumental)

Reader Comments

  1. Wow a film produced by Will Smith staring Will Smith with the supporting actor being Will Smith while using the Will Smith acting method. Wonder why it bombed the box office🤷‍♂️

  2. Took my family to this movie today. Man it was cool. My wife and son both loved it too. I give it a 9 out of 10 stars. Very awesome gun fights and chases. Very realistic story. This is the best movie I have seen in two months, and I have seen one every week.

  3. 🤔I like hollywood movies 📽black actors🎬 Because you are educated📚 and do not interfere in public private life👫. I am a child of a poor family but I am the son of God🌍
    😃So you smith i'm Sumit

  4. This reminds me a little of the Metal Gear Solid series, aside from a hardcore soldier-assassin version of Fresh Prince.

  5. What happened with this movie? The premise is good, and it has Will Smith starring, but it still flopped. I haven't seen it yet, but plan to… thought this would have been a blockbuster for Big Willie.

  6. Does Will Smith get double the pay now? What if both are nominated for best actor and Will Smith wins? Does young Will Smith have an agent? The confusion is awesome.

  7. This was a horrible trailer. 99% of it should have set it up as a new Will Smith action drama (as he looks today,) with the final reveal being that the movie's antagonist is a younger Will Smith.

  8. Warning:The movie contains a lot of spoilers for gemini man if you don’t want spoilers please don’t watch this movie


  9. Will Smith: Mirror mirror on the wall who is the best actor of them all?

    Mirror: Young Will Smith is a better actor then you


  11. Just watched it and in my opinion it was pretty good. Now it's time for Gemini Woman starring Jada Pinkett Smith against her younger self.

  12. the fight scene in the harbor with the bearded guy and that small very light girl was freaking CRINGE!!!!!!!!!, horrible and unrealistic!!!!.
    a 80 kilo man who gets beaten up by a 60 kilo very thin woman who looks like she cant even lift a full shopping bag!!, plse cast acctress that atleast looks like she does some sort of sport!!!.
    and than the cringy line she repeats and she keeps hes teeth.. ooh my god, it was time to walk outside of the cinema and ask for a refund!!!, so she knocked out hes teeth and in the dark she went looking for them, you know just in casr will smith came in and asked her "how do you know"…. ugh!!!!! cringe lvl 100000000000 thank god this happend in the first 25 minutes, and my girlfriend and i got our money back!.

  13. Whats wrong with these celebrities there ego has gone to there heads ,Instead of playing himself surrounded by a sycophant crew ,why not just buy a MIrror and stop wasting time

  14. I just watched this movie and one thing I found so ridiculous in it is…where are all the fuckin people? He’s in Columbia walking the streets and all these public places and there’s nobody except him and the young him, Budapest, at night walking around these places, no people and no cars. Did they not have a budget for extras??

  15. Just watched this and loved it not ground breaking but just classic will that we all love you can pump out another 100 of these and they will still be better than most of the trash that’s out there! On a side note the sequel to this should be where you shoot your head of cgi guy for real though

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