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Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 491

Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 491

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  1. Take a moment to appreciate the sub translators, they make it understandable for everyone




  2. Ну Стас как всегда красава,жаль опять активижен крутит с подачи госдепа сша,а в остальном ХААШО

  3. The dragons created by Alexstrassa should cost 1 mana instead of 0.
    Don't play Reno Hero card if you are not willing to endure the fact that he will make you lose a lot of games.

  4. This is the first time but this video feels like a reminder that HS is more and more high roll based BS and streamers are more and more obnoxious with their over acted screaming

  5. 6:43 he could've simply just used conjurers calling on emerald explorer to get through. If he hits a 6 mana taunt he has another copy of it, as well as that random taunt will have less stats so he can even trade

  6. it was a game in which you had to think, but the developer decided that it was better to make shit out of him

  7. 0:58 I think Blizzard should fix that ASAP. Why man must count damage, mana, and board space, what is all this maths? Or make HS 18+ !

  8. 1:39 был летал с помощью прихвостней и при этом я бля сижу на 20 ранге а он в легенде 70…

  9. Кто такой сильвернейм?? Неужели это тот самый легендарный игрок прошлой эпохи , делавший контент для этого канала?? Да не , не может же ТАКОЙ игрок заразиться БГ головного мозга? Или может…..

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