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This is so cool. Look! This is amazing. Hello everyone and welcome back to this new video.
Oh… he said hello, too! As you can imagine, I’m at an autodrome, more precisely Misano’s autodrome, because I’m going to live a crazy experience for the first time in my life.
I’ll do the TCR DSG Endurance race. Before explaining what TCR is, look where I am, bloody hell. Today, with us, there are so many other campionships.
For example, here we have an entire campionship dedicated to women. There’s also a friend of mine, with whom I’ve attend many event together.
She is probably very focused, so I’ll just say hello and frame her.
Vicky Piria. This is all so crazy.
I’d suggest you to take a walk to these events, because – I don’t know how much the ticket costs, but I think that if you’ll have the weekend ticket, you’ll be able to see every part of the autodrome with just 40 euros. Tribune, you’ll see all these cars live… I mean, look at all of them. Now we are on the Pitlane.
Look how cool it is and how good it was set up by DTM With all the stuff in order to change tires. We’ve got the box wall, with all these monitors with which you can watch the race, the timing… I think those walls belong to DTM, but I’m going to hitch them for the race. Somewhere, there’s Dovizioso, because this weekend he’ll have to do the DTM race, too. Guys, look how cool a DTM box is. The preparation which was put up here. Panels with TV and monitors… And here we have the beast…
Do you understand? These are Tourism F1 Who knows… Maybe one day I’ll have the possibility to try a DTM. Back to business, as you can see this is what I’m doing, TCR DSG endurance. What’s TCR?
Is a global category, maybe you know it as VTCR, which has replaced VTCC.
This category, in its national origins, which use the same rules. Cars have street origin and they have been modified in their engine, bodywork, brakes and security equipment such as rollbar. In Italy we’ve got 2 TCR championships: one is TCR Italy sprint, which has short competitions and then we’ve got TCR DSG Endurance, which has two hours competitions. The difference between them is that in TCR DSG Endurance take part only Volkswagen cars, which have DSG gearbox. In TCR they can use TCR sequential race gearbox. In this starting grid we have cars such as Golf Volkswagen, Audi RS3 and… … Ready to see MY car for the competition? This amazing car you’re seeing behind my shoulders is precisely an Audi RS3LMSTCRDSG.
All this mess is just for: Base: RS3 sedan.
Engine 2000 supercharged, 4 cylinders in a road way, this one has got 340. We’ve got a minimum weight which must be 1300, according to regulation, dry with the pilot on board. This car’s gearbox is a DSG with double clutch. This car, in contrast with RS3, is front wheel ride.
Frakes and suspensions are modified.
As regards tires they’re using Michelin ones. Obviously, they are Slick tires – here it’s written Pilot Sport – which I had tried here in Misano for the course with Porsche and I had tried Pilot Sport 4S and Cap. This acronym here declares what kind of tire it is.
S is Slick
9 is hardness and this is the hardest of all. L is evolution. So they started with A and now they got L. How does this car cost?
More or less beyond 100.000 euros. Instead, for the World champion one, with the sequential trade, you have to add 15.000 euros. Inside is incredible. You’ve got a wheel with lots of controls and now i’ll ask if they would like to explain me how it works. You are?
Gabriele Volpato This is the radio, but you don’t have to use it, you’ll have another control.
This one is Fulcro’s Yellow. When you are going to activate it the car has got a limit of 60 km/h. For the pit limiter, you have to use this one.
Then… The fan.
Oh God, all air comes in. Usually, i keep it activate even if – after one or two laps – it becomes so hot that… well… With this one you can change the screen. Choose the one you like the most This one is the flash.
Oh, cool. To tell people: “move”.
Especially when i’m on the motorway.
Yeah! This one is the wiper.
Here you can have a drink.
Here you have the handbrake. This is the most important: the green one is for chaning the differential’s mapping.
Okay. Why?
Well… Practically, has to vary the differential’s locking.
So… if you have a mapping 1, perfect conditions.
So, qualification, perfectly dry asphalt…
When you’re going on 2 or 3, it’s because the track is more slippery. If you’re going to push it for 3 seconds or more, you’re going to disable the traction’s control but i prefer keeping it activated.
Really? Yeah, it helps you not to consume your tires.
Let’s go. This is an Endurance race so we’ll be a real crew.
My race mates will be: Emiliano Perucco Orfei, which you know as Master Pilot and Dindo Capello. Guys, he’s a real motorsport legend. He won innumerable number of races and also three 24 hours of Le Mans.
I’ll try to learn as many things i could from him.
I’ll be a sponge. Okay, we’re ready to start.
The evening program is: today is Friday.
We are going to begin with some free test and qualification. Now… how does this work? I know they’re quite particoular.
In the free test we have 1 hour to drive the way we want and as many as we want. So, since Dindo Capello is much more experienced than us… I’m a 0.
This is my first time with this car, so… A test and then competition, this is crazy. Emiliano and I will drive a little more time.
I’ll have 25 minutes and Emiliano will have 25 too.
At the end, Dindo Capello will also drive just to check that everything works in the right way. How does the qualification works?
You have 20 qualification minutes and then you have a second qualification, which is actually a competition. The 20 qualification minutes will determine the starting order of this little competition.
And this little competition will determine the starting order of the Endurance competition, which is going to be tomorrow. So we’ve got this idea: Emiliano and I will equalize the first qualification, we’ll give this car to Dindo Capello, who will have the 10 minutes competition. We’ll give the car to someone who is really expert. So we’re sure that is going to do a good result, bring back home the car and put us in a good position for the competition that we’ll have tomorrow. My Good, this is stunning! The DTM, my God how many people. I have finished the first round.
I have left the car to Emiliano… look, so cool!
Monitors with timing. This is Pitlane.
We stop here to change the pilot.
In Every box we’ve got some DTM… look inside here. Hello!
So cool. So noisy!
Pilots are waiting for their turn. They have turned on the lights because it’s getting dark. The time at which will have our competition tomorrow. I have to tell you the truth, this car is easy… I mean, it’s not so easy when you want to go faster but it’s easy to drive.
You can brake easily, BS does everything and paddle shift. Though i’d never even tried it, i had to get the hang of it.
I have a first round 2,5 sec and i’ve tried to understand something there because at some points you can go faster. Mostly because it’s a front-wheel-driven car, so if you want to go faster, at the end you go slower.
Because if you give too much gas, your car doesn’t work and goes for the understeer and, most important, you risk to overheat the tires. So at a certain point, i had the pressure in the front car so high… and it didn’t do any laps, so… I was saying… the car didn’t do any laps so you have to be really good to drive it with a little gas but not in a exaggerate way, because if you increase the pression, the car won’t work. Now we’re ready for the qualification with Dindo, who will try to gain a good timing.
Then, he’ll leave me this car so i can drive it another time and learn how to do it in a good way. Then Dindo is going to do the little competition and have a qualification, in order to be well placed for the Endurance competition. My God…My Godness!
It was an incredible experience driving at Misano by night. With these amazing cars.
While i was driving, i kept thinking i was in Heaven. I was feeling all those positive emotions that are in the world.
I didn’t want to get off, i swear. I’ve ended the qualification with a 1 47 0 well timing, 2 seconds for the pol.
I think this is a good result, if you consider that i’ve driven this car just two yours ago, with italian european and global champions. Dindo, unfortunately, didn’t find a good lap in the last few seconds, so he’ll have to start from the 9 position in the sprint competition, valid for the tomorrow real qualification and competition. It will be a desperate comeback, if you consider that the Sprint competition will last only 10 minutes. How many positions is he going to recover?
How are we going to start tomorrow?
You’ll discover all of this in the next episode. And prepare yourselves.
Because you have no idea what you’re going to see in the next video, such incredible things and incredible overtaking.

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