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As you saw in previous part That Saka kidnapped Charolene And our ronney saved her life By risking his own life Now see further Thanx ronney for saving my life I was just being a good friend Ok bye See you tomorrow After ronney’s death Charolene was broken She thought that ronney is killed just because of her She was thinking suddenly She heard a noise from back What the …… What did I make It can be misused It should be dismantled. I have to bring something to do so What is this?? What the heck What is happening?? Oh it’s a time machine I can save ronney by using it Hey! What are u doing with that Do you know.with what you are messing It is a time machine By your single mistake Whole time equation can be changed But I need it You can save your friend by using it But the reality you are looking now May be changed I will like to have any reality Because this world or environment Is useless for me Ok I will set it for you Ok I have to train myself Then Charolene goes to sir johnny for training After training Charolene goes to past After saving kelly, Charolene killed gyaan and saka She knew that ronney will not recognize her but for his life she sacrificed her love Ronney, Remember that At any end of world someone is happy Because you are happy

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  1. बड़े भैया प्लीज अपने छोटे भाई के साथ खेलो भैया जी अपनी please 😳😳😳😳गेम की आईडी दे दीजिएगा मैं आपको रिक्वेस्ट सेंड कर दूंगा

  2. Mene teno part dekha

    Bahut acche hai

    Nice video

    1 part wala video mai whatsapp mai dekha tha
    Or shear bhi kiya tha

  3. Remember me?
    Story could be more interesting
    Where Caroline rescued kelly from that accident… From where to forward….think about when she was killing shaka … You could make it more interesting…

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