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For the Journey to Extreme! The KTM EXC 2020 range media launch – event video | KTM

For the Journey to Extreme! The KTM EXC 2020 range media launch – event video | KTM

we are here in Bassella,
Spain for the KTM EXC launch model year 2020 and we chose this great location
because of its variety in riding and of course it’s amazing scenery we have
extreme enduro sections we have a cross test we have the forests and lots of
stony sections making it absolutely ideal for our journalists to test out
our new range of enduro models off-road is really at the core of KTM in
fact KTM has a lot of success in its long history of enduro racing and we’ve
been setting the benchmark in enduro year upon year this new generation raises the
bar again for model year 2020 we have a full
lineup of new generation two-stroke and four-stroke machines we also have the
six days models and we have the KTM 300 EXC TPI ERZBERGRODEO model KTMs enduro models are ready to race right out of the create and that’s because they’re
developed in racing for racing and taking on the most extreme conditions at
the launch we have our factory riders join us to spend some time with our
journalists and to give some insights onto their involvement in the
development of this latest generation of EXC can you do the very good even better
yes you can if you’re a KTM I’m always surprised how much effort KTM puts into
their new collection they are so far ahead and and still they keep pushing
pushing pushing big changes from from the other ones we are more stiff more
powerful overall all the bikes engine is like more controllable bikes are really
easy to ride radiators being lowered back of the bike being slimmer and so on
the ergos, the seat you know the mods that they’ve done to those things just
making things so streamlined and just so easy to move around on you can really
focus on your riding the biggest surprise is their suspension on these
bikes stock bikes this year are such a huge improvement over the last few years
that I’ve had a cracking day riding what can I say they are excellent difficult
to to find some defaults it’s amazing but simply ask them the the harmony of
the engine and the suspension it’s very well the parts are far more balanced in
particular the action of the fork some of those rocky road over today of the
size of baby’s head’s and you could really just power on over those really
feel the new sensation of the new chassis and the suspension package it
makes you feel more safe on the bike definitely better handling and I prefer
the new throttle response and how the power is delivered an amazing traction I
found on both two-stroke and four-stroke especially going up here on the wet so
the big thing for me is the 150 it’s so easy to manage it feels like a fast
mountain bike not intimidating and it’s light and it’s improved my riding and that’s
what I’ve enjoyed the most a good improvement in handling good improvement
in the performance of the engine I really enjoy a really great great great
great great great great fun and fun and fun day so congratulations

Reader Comments

  1. I can't wait for the new 2021 250/300 with the addition of a newly designed KICKSTART LEVER!
    Boneheaded idea to take that away…

  2. Amazing bikes!…they are pure results of Riders, Engineerings and Designers efforts!…congrats!

    My 2016 KTM 2 strokes factory edition makes me very happy….I can imagine these new ones!

  3. Ну про сто эмэйзинг фамилия у Дженифер .Как она бы жила с такой в России .

  4. Funny to hear so much praise for suspension and handling. KTM had it dialed pretty well in 2010 & 2011 then they neutered their XC-W forks until 2014 and changed to the low cost garbage suspension from 2015 onward. Did they finally get something right for 2020 or is this just a warmed over, slightly less bad version of what they've been offering for the past five years?

  5. Watch this and check your ktm!! dont ride ktm untill fix this problem its starts ktm exc from 16-19 years models maybe 2020model are same issue thats ktm defect !!!

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