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Footwork and agility exercises on BOSU Ball for tennis players | TRAINING 1/6

Footwork and agility exercises on BOSU Ball for tennis players | TRAINING 1/6

Hi guys! It’s Gaby from
As a tennis coach and fitness instructor here in Barcelona I always say to my students:
“A good tennis player has a good stability and balance.”
Because when you play a tennis match your opponent will most likely move you from side
to side so you will do a lot of lateral moves and change directions. And a player with not
so good stability will be easily thrown off balance. Those abilities of balance and stability
can be learnt. One of my favourite equipment for that is Bosu Ball. It has a stable platform
and an unstable dome where you can practice all those exercises on both sides. 
For this week I have prepared for you a few exercises on Bosu Ball to improve your balance
and stability on a tennis court, to work on your footwork to be a better player and they
are all tennis-specific, so they are all best for tennis players and players of other racket sports. Let’s get started! Ok, guys! I hope you enjoyed this video and
let us know in comments what is your favourite footwork drill on Bosu Ball. Look out for
more videos like this on our Fit In Tennis channel. Bye!

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  1. english perfect, spanish classes (about 15-17 years ago if I recall correctly), that you Gaby?????

  2. Muchas gracias, como fisioterapeuta voy a utilizar algunos de los ejercicios en mi trabajo. Un saludo.

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