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Fixed gear cycling race in South Korea

Fixed gear cycling race in South Korea

Sometimes, even though you’re scared, you have to step up and face your fears. I feel that day is today.

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  1. 저 속도로 헤어핀 구간을 지나는건 넘어지는게 당연할 정도 아닌가..
    안 넘어지는게 대단..

  2. I think to actually appreciate this you have to be from South Korea or have lived there for a while.riding bikes over there isn't some hipster how they have to get around.i was there for 2 1/2 years an I can tell you from experience you have to have a bike trust me taking a cab everywhere will have you way to get around Korea is subway an bike.props to Redbull for putting that event on even though most people don't get the technique behind it.

  3. "you have to have a bike there. ant rust me taking a cab everywhere will have you broke"

    isn't it like that in a lot of places? plus, if you put white faces on these riders i'm sure they'd look like "hipsters"

  4. I can't sit here and explain to you how it is over there, but no its not like alott of have have to go and see for yourself man.

  5. dumbest style ever – who cares about the top comment – i lived abroad too and i never needed to ride in dumb ass circle

  6. Its so sad too see those players cicling on a toy instead of a real track. If it wasn't because of the music this video would be quite boring.

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