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That guy just say revenge is a dish best served The revengeance Everyone else called them the revengeance What is the haps on the craps you should know us if you clicked on our faces if you’re here for the first time Man, welcome hopefully enjoy some things. Where is my revenge? I’m gonna bow catch me on Instagram. Yeah at Merrill productions Via Twitter at Merrill product. Oh man hands again In your feet are cold. Good lord. Who are you like my heart? I am an wheezy and you can catch My name is Graham Instagram only the original elseís And blue couldn’t remember if I said all that but I don’t think I did and today we are reacting to Paulo G. Little TJ Yeah, I like these two. I like these two is a duo a lot. I kind of wish them to have a tape They remind me like maybe They should have a whole og of super dope little TJ is super dope polos from Chicago TJ. I don’t know I’m looking at my shirt Thing and I feel like you know when you put your phone up to a computer and try to take a picture of whatever is in your screen It’s funny, huh? It’s funny how quickly I knew exactly what you make it How about that Rolls Royce so I gotta tell you is is a person I’m 33 years old as a person that’s continuing to get older by the day It like worms in my heart to see these young dudes with these cars, but it also angers me No, man, they own these cars I mean, I mean, here’s the drive daily. That’s my point. It’s not like a week. It’s not a weekend rental he returned in a car Yeah, when he was 10 years when he first came home, hey At least in cars the work these guys buy any of these two cars Next video Even if you go to I think a Rolls Royce it’s still gonna read you a pretty penny. I’m sure yeah, I Regard this look at his chain two babies does get too much money I didn’t do and I do understand that irregardless is not a word It’s just something that I think it’s funny when people say it So we need a previous little TJ and pull the juice on call pop out which is really dope Sonny shot it like a banshee in there on the stairs and it was just their basic video songs dope so I have high hopes For this I like these artists a lot They are the better of the young younger crew younger group to me. So I’m excited if you couldn’t mask using an Apology, I don’t really remember the TJ TJ’s dope. I think a little TJ – to be better positive Let’s check it out Look at ya They’re babies, they’re our babies they’re rich It doesn’t sound super distinctive and I think that’s why The other one there’s just such a big contrast. I feel like but that’s good. I’ll be a duo you need that You see Who the hell works Maybach probably the property then just appeal so comfortable to park it in the middle of everybody Yeah, that was pretty intense I have to say they look really clean like they all look my box in the video Is a precisely sure A lot of you don’t do the seat, you know is weird for me because I never loved the hi I’m sorry, if you are the gas station attendant you see Most cars I know It wasn’t like You had to see with that ancient, huh? You see with that. You know, I would say be – it’s not for me But I’m right there with you though. I mean you saved me – I probably would Actually in and of itself is fine, I just don’t I thought polo she was a little boring I mean I can’t remain thing about this verse to be honest with you apology is nice I heard to Maxie my dad, but and then I thought help was good dog. Yeah That’s right abyss partes. Although the video is really boring – because they But I think I big little tedious got a lot of versatility in his in his verses and his raps But I don’t feel like that oughta – that high out the mouth I apologize for repurposing your words. I did like to slow down in that verse topology hit This this is a see for me. It’s not bad like these dudes man I if they put out a tape, I would definitely into it But did this this one wasn’t really it for me and I don’t understand how to title relate states that first place What did he talk about first place in the song? Yeah, so although TJ Poggi fans, let us know what the song is actually about What’s what is a good little TJ or apology song that we should check out next we’ve done like I said pop I think we did it did one for Paulo G by himself till I came over it was though Let us go to college below ed If you’ve been rocking with us for this long, go ahead and hit that, baby Alright, but necessary and don’t forget to hit that Bell So, you know when we upload videos? which is every single day and don’t forget that we go live every Saturday night at 8:30 Mountain Standard time where we review your Music and music from making hip-hop reddit thread I got that time And I don’t know what else I said man we appreciate you that’s all we’ll see this video where it is my revenge

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