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  1. Daniel Dubois is the first case where one person's entire history of human interaction has been documented on YouTube.

  2. Gorman won't stand and fight with dubois he'll box dangerous early for him but he's been the longer rounds more dubois we don't know if he's got the tank but then he might just put Gorman too sleep early very intrigued.

  3. Daniel needs to get behind the jab and break Gorman down.
    Nathan has fast hands he should slip inside and punch to head and body in combinations.

    Good luck to both lads and may the best man win.

  4. Gorman needs to learn the meaning of plateau lol here it is for the fella.
    A state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress.

  5. These are pro fighters . Stop babying them . LET THEM FIGHT . Whoever loses still can be world champ💪🏾💪🏾

  6. Dubois looked shifty like he didn’t wanna be there I honestly think he suffers a bit with anxiety or something keeps fidgeting and stuff! It’s exactly how I feel when I get in uncomfortable situations

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