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  1. OK this was cute nd Dozer is so cute 2 but……….. Spencer is gay right nd he so loves his friend right so…………… whats going on here? is there more 2 Dozer one? is Spencer going 2 say that he loves his friend or is he just going 2 be a friend 2 him

  2. 21:54 ROFL HA!! Well, Well, there's ONE way to out yourself to your best friend. Your boyfriend comes out in his underwear, asking you about the color. ^///^

  3. Dozer's route has been great! I'm not sue what to feel about Spencer though. This game is really great!

  4. Already? Hmm…quite runs short. But I'll wait for the whole game to be finished, I'm sure there's more from this. Cant wait for Spencer's and Darius's route to be done though!

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