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  1. Just the video I was waiting for! I'm going for the heavy fighter ship and beef it up with the most badass weapons ever. I did this in Everspace 1 with the gunship and the feeling you get after destroying a corvette was friggin amazing

  2. Will backers who take the 'ship designer' package be forced to comply with the modular rules or will they be able to make something a little more unique?

  3. At times I wish I was a filthy billionaire so I could just dump money into this and make the KS fulfil its goal immediately

  4. if i have learned one thing from star citizen. tone down the cockpit struts. they may look cool but they are annoying as hell.

  5. I had the chance to chat to Michael Schade for a few minutes at Gamescom this year, about Everspace 2's release date and the possibility of a co-op campaign. He was so genuine and enthusiastic! You can really tell the passion these guys have for their game. Can't wait for more updates.

  6. I found your video via a promoted Reddit post. This looks really cool! Everspace 1 has been recommended to me on Steam but I never looked into it much. I’m going to check out your Kickstarter for this game!

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