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Essai JEEP TRACKHAWK 2020, Impressionnant avec ses 707 CH !

Essai JEEP TRACKHAWK 2020, Impressionnant avec ses 707 CH !

Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk V8 707CH review today friends we’re going to you
present something very heavy a time that a big American tank
stuffed with hormones it’s our friend cyril who is at his
flying lucky lucky lucky we’re going start the big v8 hemi slit 2 707
most powerful chauveau of suv at world
alessandra we’re talking about assuming two sèvres there is a step of preparations
of course let’s go straight in the most edgy mode the mode
tracking is a little bit what it gives the three of them what do you guys think
I love he has francs 6 pistons my friend
dimmed in impressive brembo at no we learned how many people have me
learned this is to time from 0 to 5 05 aboard a jeep it’s not bad
still we didn’t necessarily expect that
pretty impressive with the inertia of the engine weight all me you do like
that with the camera no but i will think of landing the
gopro ah yes we were 130 on the road closed the year by this yardstick on a
private circuit deleted respectively it smells a little then to take off to go
pro who doesn’t know how to pick up incredible where three seconds 7 0 to 100
mach speed 2 189 kilometers an hour for do not say 300 km / hour certainly go there
better the guys speed cattle or the lamborghini so speechless russian who
we still got scared there down no got scared is that
really it’s gone jingle friends Well Oh we they intend to revise his files
and there I see a big 17 liters per hundred and it hurts
no that is that to reach them 17 bloody titles I don’t know how
we do because I did eco driving really I echoed
driving with more than 700 horsepower I arrive at 19.6 in eco-driving swear to you
I did not press burnt at 17 c in downwind downhill
free and who not eat yeah that’s it that was what it said to something
interesting hidalgo if you listen to us here I think he doesn’t need to
translate me I do on the consistency of winne and rieter rue hope a gi with
3,195 g of co2 and its 107 horses and 838 couple newton what’s going on
says we’re going to be forbidden to ride in paris with old vehicles
it’s incoherent well until series makes us a good market in
straight line because in his repentance this vehicle costs for the Chinese
these are actually the peaks blocked because that we are going to pass the line entirely
shell is capable of lighting a lamborghini since it has a 0 to 100 in 3
seconds this not even because the lamborghini go to three seconds 3 yes
it can still the moon and a little except that at the first turn
bye bye a leap to note anyway the screen is not necessarily the best
high quality but it will be or it will forgive it is an american scemama
riquelme frankly there are a lot of work on the inside look
definition the carbon the leather in this very nice game because real carbon
in any case there is a real effort to make type radars by the way this is
even amazing and it’s also must of do a test drive by walking on
reverse she left her origins like that actually left in
straight line and marc chayer for the exit behavior and the other
maybe we consume less by going back I know I don’t know we’ll see
it is at the pump in any case that you call your banker because he
not even 200 km of autonomy with you’re not even half full at the
continuation of that now then we will try to open the hood at the
first bravo we don’t care to repeat a okay so what’s under the
hood down it’s a big engine i want some say this is you see there a coin
archaeological president is innocent one say no because it will happen soon
will give up mad why it won’t exist more because we are on a v8
supercharged what does that mean say that we have a compressor on it
place like we have a big v8 but a v8 of 6 liters 2 6 2 in farhan cup
pharaonic from 660 800 868 middle of lille 58 that’s it and at a power and
frankly it’s over we got it turns a page in automotive history
clearly what kind of engine tomorrow did more place
penalty 10,500 euros tomorrow it will be 2,500 euros
let’s continue the rest of the test yeah like what here we are anyway
in an old car generation is going on you noticed but
there is no plastic cover there is no plastic cover
to note by cons I am quite surprised we are on a more powerful version
the most muscular and yet we have two there is no reinforcement on the vehicle
so it’s true that we understand this a little sausage behavior you
see this behavior these are I now understand let’s go on
the seven so let’s talk this time a
little bit of aesthetics aesthetics because what changes by
compared to a big class cherokee there are still a lot of things there is no
point b bad without supplement and which are not there for to look pretty
here you have an air inlet with the extractors on the hood because it
you have to offer there you don’t smell but it’s true it’s magic
so let’s stop extractors and not air inlets are to be countered there
makes it strong there it makes the system u auchan heat from the v8 a dungeon they have
obscured all chrome for appearance same sport on the jeep logo by and
here we still find the jeep specifics with here the seven
recipe entries I now have sites had calculated
ok we continue on the big rims 20 inch
I expected more to know that in jim story these are the biggest
disc 1 made for this stage fright that we’re on brembo 6-piston brakes
to brake the mass I remind 2.5 tonnes is enough
had insas extension stop in addition to agreements that are specific
the rocker here we will try to mount that is written super charge when
even I hope so either because there is a compressor and look here we can see
that here it’s a bodywork device extra since we see the
demarcation therefore the ways are widened so suddenly the voices are a
little bit hosted here we are on ventilated disc brake scoci flow rates
with 4 it’s already not bad and then the rear is also massive
that we have four exhaust outlets it’s true it’s really if we
get a little closer in like you missed a black you also have they
have a little dark the effort and then there also battle little hands which
diffusers have it is smaller 1 on could have made it bigger than i can say we can go off road with
the I won’t do it ok that’s what I think we have finished the tour
the outside we will do the inside quickly done because you have something
three things to say to us quite nice for me it’s the most beautiful interior
jeep this is it honestly we’re going start with the cool stuff when
even the color already you lose the color for you it is rather a
red a burgundy a brown actually it’s a bit all that is between
I would say automobile enthusiasts we call that color neighborhood why because
how good is the color finally brand boxes
cartier so currently it’s a color but used the brand was
like that official but when we say interior
quarter leather and well it’s actually for talk about this color there which is between
the tan board I validate totally me it’s belt also its
suddenly their neighborhood but also the colors go color it is
rubiera ruby ​​red true color and anyway note the quality of the leather very
very thick nappa leather is here well sure the specific surface for this
version ravage just like the inserts carbon
so it’s very beautiful it’s honestly it is
it’s good it’s well done at the level of a color survey the quality of
materials well then we are not at level of the Germans clearly a
lamborghini russian will do much better but hey it will be twice as expensive
necessarily not the same this data we are still on a
rather American public should not lie
and then there the driving modes and especially quick limbs and tones just
our ass on a suv is what you got already seen apart on the Russian 1 launch
control I was wondering
it was just a december actually no it’s a button then it’s launch
control their attention if I press on it the car will leave so been
made in june in the rain because we believes that allows to achieve precisely
the 0 to 100 in 3 0 or 3 score must know that this suv is also to wipe
family ok and while opening offers electric only boot space
still quite consistent and sea we can do better
we’re around 468 volume loading knowing that we still have
here a big spare tire not a real spare tire to a real one
true and if you look this is the wheel of relief with haven’t done things right
half actually it’s our note taking because
we are not all by heart no because that in fact in the su and we realize
cyril which has quite a lot unfortunately not bad and especially what is crazy is to
say the most powerful serial suv in the world
this is this cheap this is this one it’s a jeep yeah that’s right it’s
true we could have said it’s a porsche mercedes in the body
it’s a jeep he waits at the same time it’s not it’s not harmless
americans we know very well they will always be big big engines
which are not necessarily effective on circuit good then we will do the little
cyril ranking of the best and follow performing one in its category we have a
the jeep grand cherokee ni then 34 will dock caussadais three years to come
tracks and the hawks circuit and the fake Congo the hawk you can see
here too americans did they do very fear good then we have the porsche cayenne
turbo s with its hybrid v8 of 680 685 hybrid
it has the reinforcement of the electric but at my opinion i bet the porsche is
much better on circuit of course i put in a straight line and
kalilou even in terms of consumption yes we will not be disappointed seen again at
the old one but we love them then what is expected of them and
third position Russian with its v8 of 650 horsepower I will show the
camera but yes I can talk about it good after will be comparable to 650
horses but they are so good exploited that we cannot compare them
with this american then mr bentley speed rebéna regard w12 speed with 6 135
horses only to go it’s soon alas this one was the quickest disappointed
with 306 km an hour you are 6,304 and 280 well safe the safest and the most luxurious
then what do we have the x5 version m
so we forget something one competitor was not necessarily in
ranking of the best performers this is the role is cooking welcomed name you see
a little bit gold I’m here because it’s not the spirit
you were saying the with his 625 v8 thing hockey
and of course the quality bmw on all that is organization
handling excess driving ok we have in excess the mercedes g the s amg
560 horses there we went down under the 600 names bar remain on the v8 a
little favorite alfa romeo stelvio quadri folio way
with its 510 then yes yes it’s a v6 the qvc inversion version was used 6
biturbo you indicate me I took a lot of fun i mean when
even and it’s still a toilet is good then we marked what makes a v8 diesel
diesel but yet 900 new couple masters that is to say more than
this incredible v8 so we lower them diet also eventually maybe the
more versatile of the band but the less impressive perhaps the one who
retransmits less pleasure to his driver
that’s it ok thanks for this classification friends especially said my comment what is
what you prefer yes yes detained is it a
bentley bentaiba is this maybe there was a chance my shot less
of heart and your go here in comment of course so fuzzy we raise will be that in case
where you simply have your steering wheel want to want to consume a lot of fuel
yeah it’s not a genre this is the essay performed on closed road in its tests
made in a straight line to ensure everything everything everything we aimed with all our
internet users because all of our subscribers necessarily we want to know a little bit what
he has under the hood obviously we expect a riot of
power that is clear and clean there we are and even there is such
debauchery of power and that a moment even
she can scare then it scares actually because ultimately in
done by the suspension ag certainly it is hyper we will say + sport but clearly
there are body movements the chassis is not the most the most chassis
performing on the market much better sharper but it’s true that it’s
a 4/4 pleasure above all it’s not the one you’re going to
circus and elsewhere that makes the circuit with an suv
so it’s not made for by cons it’s true that it’s a toy or we
want to have fun it’s a toy on which low tomorrow in 2020 2021
there will be able to market clearly because that it will be penalized by all
standards a little gas you see on a srt speech besides coke it will
maybe hybridization again the mix between roscoff and and engine
electric and then we may have performance again and then we have
talked about earlier also as what are still pretty rustic engines
its American v8 we can also switch to bio ethanol actually
Besides, that’s what I said I buy a dip very close kouakou a
certain formerly is certain this is directly convert it to
bioethanol engine already you’re going consume a little more between 10 and
20% but above all the price tells
today the liter is 0.60 to 60 hundredths bat imagine that with a full
like that we only paid 80 or 90 euros you will pay for gas
or 35 euros of gasoline we start think to please exactly
what is there anyway on this kind of two engines but there are
a future if we keep it as a fun car that’s it it will be
a rational car not at all it’s completely irrational wendy
with 120,000 euros and yes this is the price of this super big
cherokee we add saint-imier 10000 for the ecological penalty 2,500 exactly 2,500
how good will i do it to you with the options there is not too much
options I saw there were 2000 euros there is better bio that leads to 124
thousand euros finally more than 12000 that we makes one hundred thirty six thousand euros
yeah what’s starting to make a budget I’m going zone went so yes if you have
a keaton gauge that forgives you as average body and hit consumption
current so see it for example we we’re worried we’re at 99 25 liters / 100 and
you say you don’t even getafe 2-3 axel no more damn it goes a little more
close it’s true i did exactly 125 km with will be done just in case the gauge
play it on the housing there I am almost half in 125 the others
half kilometers I am at the half full
and I have an average consumption of 24.2 and I can you really guarantee i haven’t
set foot in it because when we puts the framework of a good in fact we have very
scared because he’s so bestial that lift off thanks to the instinct of
therefore survival of the nuts and 24 liters to a hundred is a console that I estimate
pretty low so actually you will go down not below was going to about 18
19 cyril killed his carbon footprint notice it’s not even year round it’s a
empty finish I had you law electric scooter or nothing at all
we put his eyes you know what we are 40 me on the chain 40 40 miles then
how you are not there the 40,000 soon soon soon knows if they
will be they will in any case be a lot of heart for you because frankly
it’s nice we are 40 mills and we have crossed the symbolic bar of 40
miles next step 50,000 and we have a question at 50 miles what do you
want us to do tell us offers went in
comment of a new proposal thank you it’s time to tell you
see the time of the balance sheet time to tell you also a little wink
look at anne hidalgo a big kiss first my part in paris with calf
more seriously we will conclude on that little beast right there you have
understood that it was something still quite exceptional today
but here it is a dinosaur at the end of life is the last of species and that
really nice to try it because because soon we can still
tried this kind of critters it’s in always has the same conclusion
that we try a car quite out standard this nissan gt r and the audi a8 or
anything with big motors which actually gives an imprint
carbon which is to say a huge thank you the boeing footprint is a
boeing attention print rest assured everyone loose and
rapin said ready like an audi r8 so that’s cars again and
of exception it has all the more that for have a stage fright that needs to evolve
really about 20 km around his service of the century
veerappa on every street corner this is sure so send you in either you
you have two choices either you pray to us either you are going to play the lotto because
it’s quite exceptional to have it on the roads especially which in addition it has
still quite discreet phocean info to must have an expert eye have found that
the version is certainly and therefore the previous was much more
impressive and then especially the color makes it ultra discreet
however, we like it when full black label black me finish
what I like is the interior inside flee their neighborhood
not bad myself even if it is not official no, we’re going to conclude well, it’s up to you
extraordinary car I hope you enjoyed it friends
especially also in sd not the little fat thumb pushes us American here is that
you have brass knuckles are more enervated
no thanks to you for actually concluding finally no I just want when
even take off my jeep hat from offer in France
this crazy car unreasonable in today’s climate
it’s crazy enough because you have access to this kind of guy there we
will talk again later this is an extraordinary vehicle
something exceptional we got it tried to tell us about it
comments what you would have thought and we hope you liked it we tell you
see you soon for many adventures on video of course

Reader Comments

  1. C'est officiel, le Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk est le SUV de série le plus puissant (vraiment) du Monde ! Lequel de tous ces gros monstres choisis-tu ?
    – Jeep Trackhawk
    – Audi RS Q8
    – Lamborghini URUS
    – Bmw X6 M
    – Porsche Cayenne GTS
    – Bentley Bentayga Speed
    – Alfa Romeo Stelevio Quadrifoglio
    – Audi SQ7

    Le choix est difficile non ?

  2. Je tiens à préciser que ce Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk est le plus puissant mais pas le plus rapide (Bentley Bentayga 306 km/h), pas le plus rapide en accélération en 0 à 100 km/h atteint en 3,7s contre 3.6s pour le Lamborghini Urus !

  3. C'est juste un gros 4×4 avec un gros moteur rien avoir avec le urus ou un cayenne qui ont de vrais qualités de sportive haute sur pattes

    Messieurs les ecolos ????

  5. Les commentateurs parlent en fins connaisseurs
    Pour la qu'est-il. : lequel est le mieux ?
    C'est une question de gouts
    Merci pour la qualité de ce reportage très professionnel
    La conclusion est très bien envoyé
    N'est pas madame Hidalgo ,Anne de son prénom

  6. pour moi c'est pas loin d’être celui que j'acheterais clairement j'ai toujours adoré même en '' normal " je le trouve sublime , le pull rouge c'est fait exprès pour confondre avec l’intérieur tonton wiki ? mdr

  7. J’ai hâte que tu sort une vidéo avec une CLA 45 amg shooting break ou une CLS 63 amg shooting break je kiffe grave les sportifs break surtout les Mercedes ils ont magnifique ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Belle vidéo est ce jeep est un vrai monstre il est vraiment très sympa au niveau extérieur est l'intérieur je suis fanne est le son du V8 je suis fanne honnêtement je préfère X6 m car j'aime le 6 cylindres de bmw

  9. Un Dinosaure ce Jeep…. il faut justement le sauver !!!!!!!!!!! Vraiment impressionnant , ca doit etre le kiff total de rouler avec !!! Merci pour cette video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pour moi mon trio .
    Stelvio Qv (mon cote Alfiste 🙂 )
    Et le Jeep Trackhawk
    Continuez les gars merci !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sympa la vidéo bravo !! Je suis heureux propriétaire d’un GC SRT de 2018, « le dragon », qui a été préparé. Je suis dans le Verdon, et ce n’est pas efficace qu’en ligne droite. Il a été rabaissé et franchement, c’est devenu un gros mammouth sur des rails. Attention à l’éthanol, ça n’aime pas trop, l’argent gagné dans les pleins seront plus que dépensés dans les sous ensembles qui seront à remplacer (bougies et autres). Mes insta: stefosaure83 et Drakevents

  11. À lire l’essai du Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk de 707 chevaux sur notre blog cars passion un essai raconté par Cyril

  12. Franchement dire qu'il n'est fait que pour les lignes droites, les gars sérieusement ? vous ne savez pas conduire ou quoi ? J'ai étrillé toutes les routes de la vallée de chevreuse avec et sur des routes hyper grasse (et j'ai même rouler avec dans les alpes italiennes sur la neige avec !!)… il faut avoir un peu de doigté, avec mais il se place quand on sait gérer sa masse, faut arrêter de dire qu'il ne fait que du drag race … certes tu enquilles pas les virages pied au plancher, mais tu peux te prendre un putain de kiffe en sachant le manier… et perso je l'ai rendu avec en conso 20.4 l/ 100 km … donc pas d'accord avec vous pour le coup !

  13. Il est vraiment énervé , et c'est le plus énercé des SUV ! Énooorme V8 de 6.2 L qui hurle à la mort , et compresseur qui sifle comme un fou ! Sans parler du look ! Mention spéciale pour le cuir rouge à l'interieur .

  14. Il est vraiment imposant et puis l'accélération est impressionante…pour ceux que sa intéresse en voici un preparé a 1000hp qui fait le 0-100 en 2.7secondes

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