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Epic Golf Ball Race – Turkish Airlines

Epic Golf Ball Race – Turkish Airlines

I’m David Croft welcome along to the
Turkish Airlines Open Golf Ball Grand Prix 72 golf players racing for this
epic championship in for elimination races and won grand final the top five
winners of each race go through towards the final so let’s get going along our
196 meter course here we go then with our race one
highlights first five all qualify for the grand final and it’s a keen
competition Crocker and Noren Pepperell and Westward Molinari and Kaymer
going wide Shane Lowry trying to find some open space different routes
different tactics and the winner Kurt kisi our five lights on an away go uh go
full-speed trouble at turn one lots of balls being scattered over onto the sand
Miglia zone he really wants this but Hansen is the winner and the golf balls drop and a way down
our 196 meter track they go big confusion at the first corner justin
harding takes control everything’s changing second by second and just in
time Justin Rose takes it it’s graceful and their way brilliant
start there by Kellys Ahuja jordan smith her England and Miko kohonen for
Finland’s oh no and the start was good but it’s where you finish that counts
and I don’t think they’re going to be in the frame by the finish and he takes it
by a distance it’s lights out at all way we go big
smash going into turn one that leaves two golf balls outs in the
clear Justin Harding and here debt attorney horror behind them CC pan your
Kim laga grin Benjamin Herbert they all fancy their
chances – oh there’s a few golf balls they’re getting stopped in their tracks
Justin Rose and drea Pavan and CT pan that didn’t help them Ryan Fox coming
through now bunch of red balls that’s Hansen that’s rows that Schwab
and that’s tan ahora lots of passing lots of action but a long way clear
that’s golf ball number 61 Justin Harding and just didn’t reach of
the finish he’s such a long way clear the other golfers can’t even see in and our winner ladies and gentlemen it’s
the white ball Oh Justin Harding he let oats Hany hara and CT pan a
second and third lager gran and heavier come fourth and fifth he’s led for so long and fully deserves
his win Justin Harding wins the Turkish Airlines
open golf ball Grand Prix well done to hit a note Anna Hara who had our best
lap finishing in 4th place in our final hour top speed CT pan congratulations to
our champion thank you to all of our golfers

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