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  1. Late Show NDA
    I promise to watch your jokes, but not tell anybody if I don't like your jokes. And I know this is a joke that I'm signing right now.
    (signature & date)

  2. If a Warren presidency looks like her rocky campaign, no thanks. Call for unity, make an attack🤔.
    Lose support, have a meltdown.
    Seems a little unstable if you ask me. Plus her policy has been wishy-washy as of late. Corporate Dems must've told her to tone down her M4A rhetoric or no $.
    SMH what happened Liz? Why did you get so desperate?
    Clinton presidency fever maybe?

  3. Eh, Warren's really dropped in my eyes. She's too competitive and seems to embrace populist rhetoric. That's never a good sign, especially when she's besmirching fellow Democrats based on nothing but rumors (and potentially lies). That's really disconcerting. The world doesn't need more populist liars

  4. Nice try Warren, Im not a fan of BloOmbErG, not even in the slightest…but she had a couple of your typical defamatory accusations that are oh so popular these days when trying to blacklist your opposition from specific demographics.

    ''He calls women fat brauds/ Horse faced lesbians'' …so?
    That's literally no different from calling someone a ''fat bloke'' or ''monkey faced gays''.
    If people are digging through your history and that's the worst thing they can find that you said about someone, you're doing pretty good for yourself.

    And the ''disclosure agreements'' Bloomberg has people sign…that's just part and parcel of being a billionaire, where everyone's trying to scam you for your money or blackmail you with release of personal information to the public etc.
    show me a billionaire without any discolsure agreements? There wouldn't be many.

  5. (sharing) New York Times: How Elizabeth Warren Raised Big Money Before She Denounced Big Money
    * Warren wooed wealthy donors for years, stockpiling money from fund-raisers, and has used $10.4 million from her 2018 Senate race to underwrite her 2020 bid.
    On the highest floor of the tallest building in Boston, Warren was busy collecting big checks from some of the city’s politically connected insiders. It was April 2018 and Ms. Warren, up for re-election, was at a breakfast fund-raiser hosted for her by John M. Connors Jr., a powerful broker of Massachusetts.

    Soon after, Warren was in Manhattan doing the same. There would be trips to Hollywood and Silicon Valley, Martha’s Vineyard and Philadelphia — all with fund-raisers on the agenda. She collected campaign funds at the private home of at least one California megadonor, and was hosted by another in Florida. She held finance events until two weeks before her all-but-assured re-election last November.


  6. cant stand Warren, but that was a public execution. I go back to Reagan and I havent seen a slam
    that hard in debate since Lloyd Benson told Dan Quayle " Youre no Jack Kennedy"…..

  7. What happened to American Democracy? Has it become American Doughnutcrazy? So cheap, we expect better discussions, come on Dems

  8. Trump has done a thousand times worse at anything bloomberg has done. Wish Warren would stop pummeling him. She SHOULD be talking about trump.

  9. No wonder your country is screwed up with people like Warren and Bloomberg, Donald Trump is basically laughing at you right now.

  10. Takedown? I thought she was a hostile screaming Banshee and he showed a superior temperament and intellect. Are Americans really that simpleminded?

  11. She is getting her ass kicked even with her rolling over for the aristcrats, she's getting thumped at the polls. She has lost any integrity she had.

  12. Apparently, Bloomberg was told by one of staff that she was pregnant and he responded “kill it”. What a pig. No wonder he’s got a stack of NDA’s. He’s just a reaaalllly rich copy of Trump. Please folks, let’s not make that mistake again. He’s not Presidential material. America needs someone with class in the Whitehouse. Bloomberg knows nothing about respect, diplomacy and integrity. He may be an astute businessman, but he’s nowhere near good enough to be President of USA. Americans deserve RESPECT.

  13. When your system used to find a manager involves prioritizing those
    who can beg the most cash and then spend it on endless TV ads,
    as opposed to good ideas and solutions to the issues.
    Expect to hire people who do not value money or spend it wisely.

  14. I do read these comments. I read these comments to reinforce to myself that I am not crazy and see things for what they are and from the comments so do most every one else here and further I might add "You go Uncle Bernie" all the way to the Oval Office just after it gets de-funked.

  15. Bloomberg may be just as bad as Trump. But I hope Warren also gets in trouble for what she said.

    As far as I'm concerned, the reason why Bernie is winning isn't because of the voters. It's because of arguments like this. Elizabeth Woman & Michael Blue-balls


  16. Pocahontas got paid $421,000 for a year and a half of teaching ONE COURSE at Harvard. Now BITCHES that “college costs too much.”

  17. I just love Elizabeth Warren ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋 she is so competent, smart, passionate and she has a plan.

  18. Vote Warren! Bernie scares people with that Socialist label; Liz offers the same platform, only better, because middle America, Hillary fans, and crossover Republicans will be more comfortable voting for her.

  19. 😆 😆 😆 Warren can only make the case for Bernie Sanders at this point. No one is voting for her and no one will. The more she tears into Bloomberg the better she makes Bernie look LOL

  20. Warren doesnt spend anything on wardrobe
    Has anyone seen her out of the black jumpsuit or 8 solid colored grandma sweaters?

  21. the first 5 minutes warren had torn him limb from limb, not a tall one but a big one, we go low because that's where michael bloomberg is #feelthebern

  22. While Warren did pounce on the jugular with Bloomberg, I find it quite disappointing that that's all people discuss about her performance. Have wits become extinct? Do people only notice the big unsubtle soundbite, like flies zapping on the lamp? Because that night in Las Vegas I think Elizabeth Warren showed class in a whole range of topics at various points of the debate (I'm not going to list them – you should watch the debate!). I didn't know much about her before the debate – I sure do now!

  23. Esta candidata é superior a todos os outros!! Mas parece-me ou será impressão .. que os Democratas querem a reeleição de Trump?

  24. so warren discriminates bloomberg for being short to raise awareness of him allegedly discriminating against his employees? honestly, that's disgusting. these debates show how immature some candidates are. a candidate who argues like that is not fit to be president. and she shouldn't be glorified for it. just imagine the outrage if bloomberg had called her fat on that debate.

  25. If what the NDAs are hiding is no big deal, why not release them? ALso, if they're just about bad jokes why have NDAs in the first place?

  26. Funny to remember that Sam Harris (who had previously stated his desire that Bloomberg would run for office) smugly dismissed Warren 'as finished' on the Joe Rogan show after her indigenous hereditary gaff last year. Er no Sam…you're fav Msr Bloomberg 'is finished'

  27. It was improper that Warren brought up Bloomberg's height. Wouldn't shake Bernie's hand at an earlier debate. She's got a 'nasty' streak in her.

  28. Shut up Colbert! "Reenergized her campaign"? Please. She kicked a corpse around the stage and thats great cuz Bloomberg is a POS but be real, so is Liz. But corps media gives corp centrists fawning coverage, despite all her pathetic lies. She has no path and she burnt all her bridges with real people. You should have told her to stop lying cuz we can all see her. Like this crap:

  29. "After her debate performance, Warren's campaign announced they had raised $2.8 million in one day." They also announced that Bloomberg was so impressed that half of that was donated by Bloomberg himself.

  30. Damn it, I know Colbert is a centrist and don't agree with all his views (I'm a Bernie supporter), but he makes me laugh hard at some of the things he says (e.g. "… She's going to hit (Bloomberg) again because he's clearly a piñata full of money", "…Let's talk about math, baby, let's talk about you and me" )

  31. I DO kinda like Mike, JUST as a funny little man (not defending allegations of harassment), and I don't think he was truly awful for New York, just a mixed bag. BUT I don't want him as president!

  32. The problem with Elizabeth Warren is not Warren, it is the media snubbing her, it is people who fear of a woman not being able to beat Trump, or men who do not want a woman as President, in my opinion. She seems to me the only candidate with the expertise, the proven capability to make big changes, positive changes for ALL Americans. She is unafraid, steady, willing to compromise when needed, such as in Medicare for all, she realized people were not ready and she cycled back. Please, look at the records of the candidates. Thanks for letting me put my five cents in.

  33. The safe way… We can't expect this liberal show to call out warren for all her sexist, trumpist behavior. But at least they SHOWED it is. They know how wrong it is. They just can't say (because feminists own their network)

  34. Every time I hear Bloomberg, Biden, or Buttigieg speaking I get a visual image of what is falling from the south end of a north bound horse. Feel the Bern!

  35. Says a lot about how much time you wasted playing M&B when you remember looters every time someone says ''tear him limb for limb''…

  36. Her smackdown was great but to say that it's helped her significantly is just wrong, she's been on a nosedive for months and this will only serve to slow her descent slightly. There will be a small bump in her numbers and then people will forget. She's already lost a huge amount of her original progressive following because of her change in stance and more recently her lies which are obvious to people who know the truth of those facts eg. her own more informed supporters.

  37. a billionaire that has had frivolous brought up against him which he settled out of court and got an NDA for… and horse faced lesbian is the funniest part, warren's polls are up because she was ballsy enough to say it

  38. Colbert and his professional class audience are out of touch, desperate, and might as well be voting for Trump at this point. If Sanders doesn’t hit the 51% threshold but has the majority of votes, superdelegates have already publicized (via a recent NYT article) they will attempt to strip him of the nomination. This will split the Democratic Party (maybe even destroy it), suppress turnout, and give Trump an easy path to victory. But yeah Colbert viewers let’s live in fantasy land, sycophantically praising every staged ‘Yazz Queen!’ Moment as if that erases Warren’s 4th/5th place finishes and her failures to win delegates.

  39. President: Bernie Sanders
    Vice President: Nina Turner
    Secretary of State: Tulsi Gabbard
    Secretary of Treasury: Elizabeth Warren
    Secretary of Commerce: Andrew Yang

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