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Driving Our Future: Extracurricular Money for Teachers | Uber

Driving Our Future: Extracurricular Money for Teachers | Uber

my name is Jenny hawk Miller Matt Jenkins florencio Gonzales Corey Watson I'm a teacher at high tech early college in Denver Kings local school district it's about five miles west of downtown Austin criminal justice instructor Cole ranked high school and I recently started driving with uber teachers in general we do it because we love it there are very few days when I'm not excited about coming to school teachers they need a little more money I was just looking for a little part-time job driving for uber it's a dependable income teaching and I think driving are very similar she's certainly had the opportunity to share knowledge getting new real life experiences I get to pick what I want to work and bring in as much as I want to bring in uber takes safety to the next level rest assure I'm a teacher I'm a father of two don't worry you're good hands when I go out to drive I want to connect with the people out there it's just the perfect fit I can still be a great teacher and make both happen

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