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DRAGON RAJA GAMEPLAY Next Booming Game? Open beta soon! All Job Class Skill Preview, Open World MMO

DRAGON RAJA GAMEPLAY Next Booming Game? Open beta soon! All Job Class Skill Preview, Open World MMO

hello Arthurians! welcome back again to my
channel! Arthur Gaming!
ok guys in this video i want to try a new upcoming game called dragon raja, this game
is on close beta test and planned to release by the end of this february i think around
28february, anyway as you can see this game has woo it looks cool already, this game has
4 classes, the first is blademaster, the second is gunslinger, the third is assasin okay a
new assasin weapon i guess? i was expecting the assasin will use dagger,
and the fourth is soul dancer, lets try the blademaster now,
oh and you can also pick your gender, male, female and lolita wait what? since when loli
is a gender? anyway so this is the place where you can
customize your character which is something im not good at
and i’ll skip the video to the skill animation ok guys this is the first character that im
testing, blademaster actually i like sword user character because mostly their skill
animation is cool, holy did you see that? thats so cool, i think im in love already
anyway i’ll show you the rest of the character skill, enjoy! ok guys seriously, this game is really good
for mobile from the graphic, the gameplay, its all good, and its planned to release on
27 february or something, something that i would look forward to! okay thats it for today
video, thank you guys for watching and see you guys next time

Reader Comments

  1. I hope it has a good open world and it doesn't play itself just like most of the new rpg now in mobile its freaking trash
    Edit: loli?! Woah yep I'll definitely try this one

  2. Hello. As a beta tester for the CBT. I can answer some questions.

    1. The game does have auto as a feature, but it is however optional.

    2. The game is open world with a lot of places to go, but you do have to teleport too that map location. Rather then feel the joys of a 'No loading' travel.

    3. The game is not pay-to-win. You can unlock outfits/weapons' through missions, but it is however pay-to-customize as far as some accessories/hair/dye go. So, create you're characters wisely.

    4. The game will be global on the 27th of this month.

    5. Leveling is easy through grinding. You can advance without paying any money and the rewards are great.

    6. For Android, Snapdragon 660 processor. 2GB ram. Is recommended. However, my device has a Snapdragon 450 processor with 3GB Ram. The game can in fact run. You will just not have the ultra graphics setting.

    7. The game is 6GB, but might as well say it tops out at 7GB. So, make sure you have the space.

    8. Dragon Raja will add more playability after release for those of you who do not have it available for you're country.

    Any further, questions. Feel free to ask.

  3. Finally a new game video. Nice.. So a question. Are you still gonna continue play LA? Now LA is so boring, same old concepts, event after event, just bunch of new custumes & furnitures. no more hyped about LA contents anymore. Waiting for Code Live release 🙂

  4. Kenapa sih laki2 suka banget pake chara hode, niat nyari player yg pake cowok mau liat costume2nya eh gk nemu :v

  5. Pingin main tapi ada temenya apa nggak yah:(
    Di life after cuma asik di farstar sama nancy doang bang jadi bosen hmmm

  6. Overall its perfect. graphic, storyline, also it has many things to do. You can go relax at sauna, salloon,playing basketball. Have a many different vehicle. Can be a chef as well. Except when pvp, idk if im lag or what. Sometimes i need to click the button two times or more its kinda delaying the animation. Maybe it's because still on beta. Lets just wait for 27 feb for release.

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