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  1. wow valve, what a a amazing move when you know people already leave your dead game. First thing, I've had enough with your matchmaking algorithm that makes me 15 lose streaks because of thrower in my team. When you give me the same bad conduct player twice right after the match, I alrady know your dirty moves to force us into dotaplus so you will make more money. Guess what …??? I'll leave too because of this "buffed" patch

  2. Me in 2016 : Woah! Maelstorm bounce range is insane, why ? it just makes no sense.

    Dota2 developers in 2020 : Maybe let's reduce Maelstorm bounce range from 900 to 650… Maybe that makes more sense…

  3. A lot of heralds who cant get out of their ranks are crying here. Like the changes matter, if youre dumb, youre dumb. Thats it

  4. Can we just make all of the hero imba as f*ck?
    It will make all of the hero playable for every rank

    Nah, I hope the developer know what they are doing. Peace

  5. the reason lifestealer nerfed so BADLY, it because yesterday was tournament MAD MOON NIGMA win because his miracle plays lifestealer so broken

  6. I dont care whaterver gabens want for this game, but I always play Ability Draft. No interest to play rank or another type. Just Ability draft, bcs in AD mode we can see much combos, and u can never see it on rank mode

  7. Зашёл , поставил лайк и ушел , жду новых багов , надеюсь , что автор русский , ну или же он через перевод написал превью ролика (

  8. И это главные изменения? А не главные интересно какие? Птиц на деревьях в лесу , стало меньше сидеть на ветках

  9. snapfire's 3rd nerf if im not mistaken. the 2nd nerf is fine, quite balanced. now snapfire is just a useless hero without any real capability to really fulfill any role

  10. Я когда увидел тини, думал будет "Тос союзника можно отключить в настройках", но нет. Авиакомпания "Tiny" будет существовать вечно…

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