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Don't do extracurriculars for the title!

Don't do extracurriculars for the title!

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I want to be talk I'm gonna be talking about high school extracurriculars and what they mean for the college application process so I'm going to touch on a few things that I wish I had known if I were in your shoes since the extracurriculars are a huge part of the college admissions process admissions officers take them really seriously and so should you especially if you're trying to get into a top-level institution so for a brief background some of my top extracurriculars were the National Honor Society president I did Student Council for three years I volunteered I was a volunteer basketball coach for a year I was on the debate team for a year academic decathlon for two years so oh and I did research over the summer at Washington University and st. Louis under one of my doctors so I mean I had a broad range of extracurriculars but here's the thing that I wish I could redo if I was in your shoes so first some of the extracurriculars I did because I thought the colleges would like them they didn't really interest me so like for academic decathlon let's say I did it one year and I was like okay with it but like it really wasn't something that I really liked but I knew I wanted to show commitment to an extracurricular for more than one year so I did it a second year and I didn't really like it again so that's just like an example of what I went through it's like I was forcing myself to do extracurriculars so that colleges would I don't know like what they saw but yeah I wouldn't do that so I'm gonna read something from I just googled Harvard and what they're looking for for extracurriculars and one of the questions they asked is what is the quality of your activities and do you appear to have a genuine commitment or leadership role that's the question you should ask yourself one what is the quality of it do you do it from multiple years at a very committed level so if you're only doing something for one year just so that it looks good on an application it really doesn't so don't do that a second it talks about leadership roles so if you're trying to get into a top-level college obviously they want leaders that are going to be the future leaders of tomorrow so they want people who are already taking advantage of those leadership roles try to do something that you're actually passionate about so if you like basketball you could be a volunteer basketball coach and that was something that I really liked and it shows leadership it shows that you are capable of guiding others and demonstrating the right way to do things if you are really into Spanish you could easily if your school doesn't have it start the Spanish club or lead the Spanish club so I mean there's a lot of things that you can do in order to show what you're passionate about don't just don't just go for class president because you think it looks good remember there's roughly 30,000 high schools in the United States and each one has a valedictorian that is probably going to be applying to one of the top schools so make yourself stand out don't don't do extracurriculars just because they have a good title do something that you're actually passionate about so now I want to read about so this was from my common app one of my school's Vanderbilt required a school specific essay about my extracurricular or one of my extracurriculars so this is what for the class of 2020 – this is what we had to write about and it says please briefly briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences so this is huge this is where Vanderbilt will comprehend or realize which applicants did their extracurriculars just for their titles because those applicants won't be able to explain and 102 or 150 to 400 words why they're passionate about that extracurricular so make sure that you actually find activities that you're passionate about so when schools like Vanderbilt and most schools ask you about your extra Clerk curriculars you can you can answer them and you can show your passions so yep that's the conclusion of my brief rambling about extracurriculars I just wanted to help you guys out and show you that that you shouldn't just do an extracurricular because of the title you need to do it because you have interest in it and do something that you can actually talk about and show that you really like to do so that it interests the admissions officers do something that will make you stand out something that you're actually passionate in and it will go a long way and impress the admissions officers so yeah thank you for watching and I hope this helped

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  1. I did make the same mistake when it comes to extracurriculars, kind of regret it, kind of not really, because it made me more aware of what I don't like and what I genuinely enjoy… (Pleaaase reactivate the channel, Quoran here that would really love to watch more videos of yours!)

  2. Do you mind if we were to talk privately about what you have done in terms of Essays. I am dreaming of going to GA Tech for Biomedical Engineering

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