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  1. There is an easiest way to do this.

    First, Just cut the bottle like the video how he cut the bottle (skip the sandpaper step).
    Second, Just force to put the cap on the cutted side (not at the cap placer).
    Third, Just get another cap of that bottle and put it to the cap placer.

  2. That's genius will be trying this myself. Also seen a guy do a similar thing with straws where you heat the end and crimp with pliers and fill up with salt pepper, oil etc and crimp other end small lightweight and completely waterproof. Great idea prefer your idea as it can be used over and over again 👍🏻

  3. With the salt and pepper storage, you can also put holes in a separate cap and swap when you're eating. Boom! Tiny salt/pepper shaker!

  4. Saw something similar containing potassium permanganate in one side and glycerin in the other (they catch fire when mixed) Might be worth a try… though you'd need to make a thicker separator and I'm not sure the smoke it produces would be good to breathe.

  5. cream, líquid repelant, a little of shampoo or lubricant, oil, cream desodorant (this is why I seach the vídeo)

  6. next time, cut out the rough pice of plastic from the milk, then draw, it will lay flat to the table and wont move! 🙂

  7. Nice one! Check out my video making these, they are tailor made for strike anywhere matches as a match safe.! MTFBWY!

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