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Dee Gomes Ft. Polo G – Forever ( Dir. by @WetVisuals_ )

Dee Gomes Ft. Polo G – Forever ( Dir. by @WetVisuals_ )

dan Fisher you crazy if you want to let
me become sauna apply pressure let me remind you nobody always smile on your face go away tell me the time in the place cut and
set it up I’m going deeper bistro turn the pressure we’re going around at the
round nine give it to you little you keep it low-key
don’t nobody norm set you know play it cool never question I thought we was
just friends but you jealous we can make it happen if you telling me you ready
I know you some different ongoing study on cuz I’m rushing with you have always
been my love I remember I always knew that you would be the one from the start
Wizkid I was trying to play a smart be careful with your luck cuz I’m giving
you my heart it just mean even got a know breaking us apart I Spit a shy face
give me energy a morning as a face I love you tell me what you said because
you see that too and I saw you as a poet that much is nothing than what you were
feeling screw when I actually reveal our Sophie you’d be down to what you told me
I was rushing maybe fair just like a fool say you don’t mean love you I saw
you don’t your cousin school any other focus on my payments steady praying for
me but I really I know you’re praying on my downfall
that’s why they get the help from Romeo God put some my close friends in the
paint ever since then my hobby feels so vacant
if you gave me give me one call if you can name me one call Jane Fisher you

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  1. I’ve had it too hard to handle because you can’t hack it I’ll slap your mate up in your face just to see if you back it because all I hear you do is just chat it

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