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Decibel outdoor 2019 – Interviews with Atmozfears, Deetox & more | Hard News TV #6

Decibel outdoor 2019 – Interviews with Atmozfears, Deetox & more | Hard News TV #6

HARD NEWS: Today we’re at a festival
which a lot of visitors look at.. being a true highlight in a hardstyle summer. Here at the Beekse Bergen, it’s 3 full days
of banging to the hardest kicks… which makes everyone call it
‘the loudest festival on earth’. This is Decibel outdoor 2019! The very 1st edition of
Decibel outdoor took place in 2002… and ever since then it has grown into being
one of the Netherlands’ biggest festivals. It’s nearly impossible to
memorize the entire line-up… since over 250 artists & 25 stages
make it one LOUD weekend. There’s more than enough to do
at the Decibel campsite as well… and with loads of activities,
it’s 3 full days of non-stop partying here. HARD NEWS:
How many times have you visited Decibel? Definitely my 4th, maybe even my 5th time. 4th time. 1st time. 1st time. This makes my 6th time. It’s actually my 3rd time. HARD NEWS: And what do you think
of the Decibel campsite? The campsite is just total madness. So far, I think
it’s completely amazing. Everyone’s just
doing their own thing. You’re welcome
everywhere you go… you can visit everyone… and that’s just fantastic. The campsite is different
from all the other ones… you feel more free,
people are more fun. It’s just the atmosphere here… with the weekend visitors
that remain, not the Saturday visitors. It’s a lot more fun getting ready… for a night at the festival. We’re here next to the path,
laid down a nice hopscotch track. Everyone’s just so free, no one’s
strict or anything like that… you see hopscotch tracks over there,
running contests over here. People are playing stupid games… and even though it doesn’t make any sense… I like it so much! HARD NEWS:
Have you laid it down yourself? Most definitely,
stickered it on myself… going back to our childhood right? HARD NEWS: Well, should we play
a little game of hopscotch too? Definitely man,
go and have a good hop. HARD NEWS:
Boom! Nice man. Yeah, this is Decibel! HARD NEWS: And how many people
will you get hopping today? Countless of them! HARD NEWS: So, we’re walking
around at the Decibel campsite… and run into 2 familiar faces… with super powers
in beer and sausages! Well I can see the beer,
but where are the sausages? Sausages aren’t with us today
unfortunately, the BBQ’s off… the weather’s not too great, so BBQing
really wasn’t an option today. But luckily we still have beer,
so that eases the pain. HARD NEWS: Gentlemen, how many
times have you visited Decibel? Actually this is only our 2nd time… well no, really it’s the third. The 3rd! Officially it’s our 3rd time. The campsite is always sick,
right here in the woods… that’s what makes
the Decibel weekend. Now the festival grounds will
be opened for 3 days straight… they’ve definitely improved,
without a doubt. We will have one epic party! HARD NEWS: The Saturday
of Decibel has officially started… and today no less than
50,000 visitors will unite. You could say LIVE LOUD
is a complete city. With 14 stages, from the mainstage
to the raw hardstyle… and from the Pussy lounge to the terror… you can find it right here, next to
the water of the Beekse Bergen… the most beautiful
party location in the Netherlands! But, according to the organisation
there’s much more to Decibel. Decibel is a full weekend experience,
with loads of activities. For example the outdoor gym… a 24 hours Fiesta Bar… a Gamehall with a lot of different games… a karaoke bar… and you can even get married
to the raver of your life! HARD NEWS:
Gentlemen… Forgetting about the rain,
what do you think of Decibel? It’s amazing. Decibel is always amazing. It’s fun… it’s epic! Yeah I think it’s great. HARD NEWS:
Can you explain why? Do I even have to? It’s huge and still
has a great atmosphere. Sometimes you visit
these grim events… but at Decibel everyone goes wild… and I think that’s great. Look around you,
this really doesn’t need explaining! You’re with friends,
great music, having a drink. All of the stages are great, there’s
a good atmosphere everywhere. It’s a lot of fun. HARD NEWS: And which artist
are you looking forward to the most? Honestly I really don’t even care. Angerfist later on. ANGERFIST! Sefa. Killshot, Angerfist. Promo is always great. If you’d ask me tonight
to which artists I’ve listened… I would honestly have no clue. HARD NEWS:
He just presented his anthem… in front of 10,000 visitors at Decibel… and he’s standing next to us right now… of course we’re talking about
none other than Atmozfears. Hey Tim, we can state you have
a special relationship with Decibel… can you explain
how this came about? ATMOZFEARS:
Well, it’s funny you mentioned it… because I met
my girlfriend here 5 years ago. Decibel was also my very 1st
big festival back then. I’ve tried to create the anthem
a couple of times before… and after a lot of trying I now
finally got to do one. So, for me
it’s like coming home. HARD NEWS: You just played your
anthem along with a sick show… what was it like? ATMOZFEARS: It was great to see
everyone participating… from the 1st first moment… in the Netherlands I don’t see all
of the hands go into the air a lot… so that’s a good sign! HARD NEWS: And in hindsight, what
did you think of creating the anthem? ATMOZFEARS: In my opinion,
I really succeeded in creating it. Often I work on tracks way too long,
so they’re never truly finished. But with this track,
I was like: ‘Done! Here you go!’ HARD NEWS:
You were at pace with this one? ATMOZFEARS:
Yes, and also musically… it was without a hitch for me. HARD NEWS:
Great man. In an earlier interview
you mentioned… you enjoy Decibel as a visitor too… where will we
find you this weekend? ATMOZFEARS:
At the uptempo! No haha. I really want to see
a bit of everything… something a little
different from hardstyle… which can influence me
musically in another way too. I want to be surprised. HARD NEWS: And what can we
expect from you this year musically? ATMOZFEARS: I’m saving
up a lot of tracks… and that’s all I’ll say on that subject. Furthermore,
I’m doing a lot of non-hardstyle… which is kind of hard
but not necessarily called hardstyle. It’s like the entire Decibel feeling, everything comes together into one thing. But, there’ll be more info about it soon… I won’t be doing it alone,
that’s another hint already. So yeah… That’s something
you can look forward to! At this Sunday, the campsite vibe
is right where it’s supposed to be… also for this year the organisation
is going bigger than ever… with a lot of activities,
pop-up parties… and of course
the infamous pool party! So, there’s more than enough
to enjoy today. With no less than 7 stages opened… which have all changed
their musical style… so the visitors are challenged to
explore… even more of the festival grounds. HARD NEWS:
By now it’s Sunday… What do you think
of the weekend so far? Yeah it’s great, the weather
wasn’t the best all the time… but most of all we had
a big and fun group… the atmosphere at the campsite was great,
just like at the festival grounds… so yeah I’m happy! Real nice party. Amazing. Awesome people. Awesome music. HARD NEWS:
And what’s been your highlight so far? Yesterday at the classics set of… The Pitcher! Yes The Pitcher, that was sick. The atmosphere was just
absolutely amazing! Classics with D-Block & S-te-Fan,
it’s awesome. Really nice. HARD NEWS: If you’d have to describe
Decibel in one sentence… what would that be? Worth repeating! HARD NEWS: Yes, at the Sunday we’re
standing here with The Queen of Raw… which of course is Deetox! How are you? DEETOX: I’m great!
I just played and it was epic… the crowd went wild,
so I couldn’t be more happier. HARD NEWS: By now you have
performed at Decibel quite a lot… what do you think of
Decibel as a festival? DEETOX: It’s sick… Every year it’s
one of my favorite festivals. HARD NEWS:
Can you explain why? DEETOX: It’s just the feeling
you get walking around here… the atmosphere is amazing. HARD NEWS: 2 years ago you also
had your comeback at Decibel… how do you look back on this? DEETOX: It’s still a very
special moment to me. Of course it was
a very difficult time… and to be on stage again after
a long time, at such a big festival… that makes it even more special. So many people visited
the set to support me… yeah it was just amazing. HARD NEWS: Will you be
visiting any sets yourself… or walking the festival grounds? DEETOX:
Well I want to walk around a bit… but I’m in the midst
of moving right now… I actually still have to paint haha,
so I think I’ll go home later today. HARD NEWS:
Of course that needs doing too. DEETOX:
Yes, life goes on! With its current expansion… Decibel shows why it truly is
the loudest festival on earth. There’s so much to experience,
and as a fan of the harder styles… you just want to cut yourself
into pieces to witness all of it. We’re saying goodbye to… these epic festival grounds
at the Beekse Bergen… and already can’t wait for next year. Thanks for watching
and see you in the next one. Bye!

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