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De'Andre Hunter Official Highlights | Virginia Guard

De'Andre Hunter Official Highlights | Virginia Guard

Hunter off the screen got till he is a versatile player now he's a great play you can play the three in the hole he takes a guy outside it's slowly and gently beat him he's a really good really good boy everyone knows he's protected NBA I really think you can make a livin there because he's on the floor this is this is what I think has enhanced their game to London's ability in so many spots on the floor hunter table [Applause] [Applause] Hunter this pull-up jumper got it nothing but net unbelievable start deandre hunter has got the Wahoo's right back into this one quickly back to the rhythm [Applause] [Applause] black shares credit hunter right down the lane yeah you get into the middle third of the floor then the thing opens up went hunter facing the jumper is silky smooth DeAndre hunter what great defense by DeAndre gifts and distance against you talk about the difference in the game that's it put a steal by DeAndre hunter he'll try to get back and cut not the top by utter and it's back to a ten-point lead at a good start and there's a good plan for DeAndre hunt versus his career there's it Camacho gets it faces up gives a little jab and then goes straight up he basically could have shot that in a phone booth [Applause] sky mortar not their offensive rebound by hunter [Applause] Hunter escape to the corner quickly smothered and gets away from [Applause] for his hands in the air and skipped back to the defensive end [Applause] all the way took a victory lap before dropping and honored now has a dozen five Virginia they are allowing fifty two point four points per game hunter count it and one how often have you seen that at Virginia

Reader Comments

  1. Don't know why Lakers trade him to Atlanta but he's going to be someone in ATL. A young Jordan in my eyes.

  2. Lakers Fan make up yall minds either Hunter or Culver. On every highlight video yall say he's a Laker or Culver he's a Laker C'mon yall only getting one unless LeBron trade the pick 😂😂😂 Hunter to Cleveland.

  3. Lakers better not miss on this guy! He is the obvious pick! I believe he is the most NBA ready player in the entire draft. Polished game. Defenders would have to worry about his entire game. 3’s, mid-range, drive, slash, post up and pass.

    He doesn’t take dumb shots either. Stays within himself and knows his strengths.

    It’s like watching a fundamentally sound player from the 70’s. Smooth game.

  4. The last player I wanted the Lakers to draft this bad was Tatum and Hart PLZZZZZ FO smh you owe us!!!!

  5. If the Lakers trade this pick for anyone not named AD I will be furious. You can’t trade the number 4 pick for a good role player. Had they only got the 11 or 12 pick then that was the plan. But you don’t do that with the 4 pick.

  6. R.J. Barrett’s ceiling is Derozan and he has about a 70 percent chance of hitting that ceiling. Hunters ceiling is a tad worse than Kawhi and he has about a 40 percent chance of hitting that ceiling.

  7. Just trying to watch some highlights of the dude were supposed to get since my cavs not getting Zion or Barrett

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