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De'Andre Hunter: ACC Basketball's Top Performances

De'Andre Hunter: ACC Basketball's Top Performances

one of the reasons why this guy right here DeAndre hunter 15 points the game gives you six rebounds a game shoots a high percentage at every level and he's also one of their better defenders Cavaliers many teeth ranked Louisville Cardinals on the drive hunter seen enough finally took things under his own command Tony Bennett runs the play for DeAndre hunter to get a good look and he knocks it down get the sense Chris Mack doesn't have stuff like that or live while Colonel recovers the chance his furious Rachel this is what the two guys are getting to the pan [Applause] Griffith humbled revel in days actually she pretended opportunity for a three-point play back to a ten-point lead that this live is the dignity because he was too much responsibility on his plate very good on the ball defender as well [Applause] husband quietude at a good start and there's a good plan for DeAndre hunter he was he and it kept them in it early in didn't score much late in the first half with it starts with him nine points now in nine minutes for Hunter Board of any score probably not let's hide hunter puts in vitamin was giving it to huff here's hunter and he rattles one in from three so deandre now has 14 points but the Andre hunter has gotten the Wahoo's right back into this one quickly trailed by as many as 12 free throw here to get it back within two DeAndre hunter one of the ten semi-finalists for the Naismith Defensive Player of the Year three between the two of them and they're both mid-forties shooters that were falling not dropping down deandre hunter in a brew that's a long to put on the line pretty good ball movement here leads to the hunter three he switches him do not talk about him scoring at all it is suited for 753 from the 445 between almost 80 percent from the law it's a career high for DeAndre hunter 26 points

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